[APP][5.0+] Clyma Weather - a simple, multi-source weather app


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Aug 15, 2013

Simple. Multi-source. Accurate.

No more inconsistent weather reports, with Clyma

Clyma is a simple and clean weather app that uses multiple weather providers to source data, instead of just one, with consistency in mind.

Great. Another weather app. What's different?
Remember the last time you checked 3 different weather apps/sites and got 3 different results? Clyma was built to solve this inconsistency problem by using 3 separate reputed providers together (Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap and WeatherBit) together to calculate an accurate value for the weather.

Download Clyma for free on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kdb.weatheraverager.

  • 3 reputed weather providers
    No more inconsistency, with data sourced from 3 separate, independent and reputed weather providers (Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap, Weatherbit).
  • Weekly forecast
    Daily weather forecast for the next 7 days so you can plan ahead for the whole week
  • Clean, simple and beautiful design
    Bold colours and dynamic animations for every weather condition for a pleasant surprise every time you check the weather.
  • Multiple themes
    Choose from multiple themes, including dark theme and black theme for OLED screens. Clyma also supports system-level dark theme on Android 10 and above.
  • Homescreen widgets
    Get the latest accurate weather right on your homescreen, in a total of 3 different sizes (Clyma Pro)


Planned feature updates:
  • Hourly weather forecasts

Download Clyma: (coming soon to XDA Labs)

It's still early days for this app, and this being my second Android project after a long break, feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to send me any feedback here or at [email protected]

XDA:DevDB Information
Clyma Weather: Simple, Multi-source and Accurate, App for all devices (see above for details)


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.3.0
Stable Release Date: 2020-06-01

Created 2020-04-27
Last Updated 2020-06-01


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Aug 15, 2013

Version 1.3.0:
  • Clyma is now available in 10 new languages: Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Serbian, Turkish & more. Thanks to all our amazing translators (Settings > About > Contributors)! Want to see Clyma in your language? You can help translate Clyma here or from Settings > About > 'Help translate this app'
  • Added Beaufort wind scale
  • Reduced app size by 11%
  • Added in-app update support
  • Added ability to refresh weather with location turned off

Version 1.2.9:
  • Added option to help translate Clyma (Settings > About > Translate). You can now help translate Clyma into different languages!
  • Added hourly cloud cover, "Feels Like" temperature, chance of rain, and wind gust to hourly weather section
  • Fixed humidity calculation bug
  • Updated open-source licenses
  • Other miscellaneous bug-fixes

Version 1.2.7:
  • Fixed crash on opening app after more than a day
  • Better compatibility for screen readers

Version 1.2.3:
  • [NEW] Hourly forecasts are here! Check out hourly weather forecasts for temperature, humidity, precipitation and much more!
  • Fixed weird font bug
  • Fixed weather icon in "Today" section not updating
  • Fixed decimal point precision for pressure values
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Support for 24-hour time format
  • Added UV Index
  • Bug-fixes

Version 1.1.12:
  • Fixed This Week section skipping days
  • Widgets can now be resized vertically
  • Fixed UI behavior for long location names
  • Other bug-fixes

Version 1.1.10:
  • NEW: View precipitation info, sunrise and sunset times and more in the Today section
  • Fixed "Can't load search results" errors when adding locations manually
  • Added summaries for the day and upcoming week
  • UI improvements
  • Various bug-fixes
  • Updated open-source licenses

Version 1.0.20:
  • Improved accessibility (added content description to menu icon)
  • Fixed video not setting demo theme after closing
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Oct 26, 2008
Nice design.
Promo code for me please.
Thank you

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Mar 3, 2011
Very nice app with attention to detail

Giving away 50 promo codes for Clyma Pro exclusively for XDA members, only for a limited time! :)

To get one, simply reply to this thread demanding a promo code and I will DM you one!
Very nice app and the thing that got me to like it when I first started the app was the location permission background; the use of a map as background is such a nice touch to the app. It shows me the attention to detail :)
Also, a suggestion on the navigation; if you have more than 1 location, wouldn't it be easier to swipe to the left or right to navigate through the different cities added? Or did I miss something/is this a Pro function?

Ohh and I would love a code please :)

Thanks in advance
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