[APP][5.0+]Edge Screen - For better Android experience

Which edge panel do you want for next version?

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Jul 28, 2017
Will definitely test it out. It looks like a nice idea.

Please send me a redeem code

Please can I have a promo code

Good job. Promo code please.

Can I have a promo code please?

Can I have a promo code please?

Looks awesome, can I get the promo code...

Thank you very much. Please find the promo code in your inbox.


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Aug 11, 2015
Great app.

Just installed the app on my op6. So far it's great app with bunch of day to day features.

Would be more happy if I get a chance to use the app with out ads!

Please send me the promo code


Oct 22, 2014
I'm really interested in using this to it's fullest extent. Does the promo unlock the other edge panels as well as getting rid of the ads? The Google drive edge will be really handy as will the file manager! Also, I would really like a promo code!

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    100 PREMIUM CODE (FROM 11 May to 31 Dec). Please check this link to get promo code.

    Greeting XDAers,

    I'm here to introduce you my latest Android app - Edge Action

    Please let me talk a little about Edge Action.

    What is Edge Action?

    Did you know about Samsung Edge? Right, almost of you know about this, it's flagship model of Samsung, Samsung Edge has edge service that allow you swipe from edge to use some features. It's so cool, but what happen if your phone is not Samsung Edge? It's Edge Action time, with Edge Action, your phone become Samsung Edge.

    What's inside Edge Action?

    Currently, Edge Action provides 9 edge panels and counting. They are
    • Apps edge: access your favorite app quickly, easily.
    • Contact edge: access your frequency people in your contact list. Call, text or email to them in one tone.
    • Quick Setting edge: allow use control some quick setting such as turn on/off flashlight, wifi, bluetooth, data, airplane mode, volume up/donw...
    • Virtual keys Edge: replace your hard keys by virtual keys. Forget your home key, back key, power key or recent apps, screen capture, screen recorder.
    • Calendar Edge: create, manage your event, meeting or appointments.
    • Music Edge: listen music at anytime with powerful music player.
    • File explorer Edge: Manage your files with cut, copy, rename, and share, delete operations.
    • Calculator Edge: A simple calculator - make your work faster
    • Spotify Edge: Control your music at anytime with spotify integrated player.
    • Google Task: Manage your tasks easier and faster
    • Voice Recorder:: Record audio quickly
    • Many other tools like compass, browser bookmarks, shortcut, ruler, weather, worldclock, ...

    How it works
    You swipe from left or right to use edge panels, tap anywhere outside of edge panel to close or you can press back key to close edge panel. Edge Action also provides a setting to change background by using picture in gallery or from inside picture.



    How to apply promotion code?
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Tap Menu -> Redeem Code -> Enter your promo code to activate
    3. Open Edge Action -> Shopping cart icon (top-right corner)
    4. Click on Remove Ad price button.
    5. Enjoy

    Dear all,

    I am so sorry for late reply.
    Edge Action is growing up with more features. It means I have a lot of work need to do and maintain. I'm just a solo developer, so sometime I'm busy to reply you guys.
    As I mentioned before, the promo codes is limited, I get only 500 codes per quarter from Google. All the code of 3rd quarter (06.2018 - 09.2018) has been used.. that's why I cant give you anymore.
    Today, I got new promo codes for final quarter, so I will give you the code from Monday.
    Please kindly understand for me.
    I'm really appreciate about your support.
    Donation or give me a positive feedback on Google Play or just give me a try will help me keep movitation to make Edge Action better.
    I totally love this app! Edge screen really gets things done fast. Can I please get the promotion code to get rid of the advertisements though? I'd really be thankful!

    Nice app. Promo code please

    Interesting app! Can I have a code, please? Tia

    Wysłane z mojego MI 5 przy użyciu Tapatalka

    Could you please sent me the prom-code,
    It would be glad to test and respond more feedback to help the app better


    Could you please send me a promo code please, Thank you in advance.

    Beautiful app @alticode! Can I try it better with a promo code? Thank you so much!

    Would love to try this out! Promo code please.

    Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk

    Thanks for your support. I'm really happy to know you guys love Edge Action.
    However, I have used all of code in this quarter, we need to wait to next quarter to get new codes. I will inform you once I get new codes.
    I hope you could give me a try without code.
    Been waiting for this app and I love it. Send promo code please..

    Nice app! Thanks

    Great app, been waiting for long time
    Can i get a code to enjoy this experience please ?

    I'd like a promo code please.

    Promo code pls

    Apologies in advance in case this has been mentioned, but landscape view does this...

    Looks awesome, can I get the promo code...

    Thank You for your app.
    Do You think It could work together the side gestures in a xiaomi device with the latest miui?
    I try and I'll report You if It conflict with the ui or not.
    May I have the code please?

    I would be more than grateful if you could send me promo code!

    Sorry for late reply. Please check your inbox to receive the promo code.
    Awesome app! Send me a redeem code please :)

    Woo, didn't know that. Would definitely try it, Please provide me the promo code.

    Please code Thanks

    SM-G955F cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi

    Can I have a promo code please

    Only thing I miss from my s7 edge.

    Can I have a code?

    Nice app. Promo code please.

    This app looks good! May I please get a code? Thanks

    I been waiting for this app. Can I have a Promo Code

    Can you access this from either side of the screen yet?

    will test and report :) promo code plz !

    great app, i cant wait to try this app, please send me a code, thanks

    i will give it a try. please send me a code :)

    Looks awesome brother, I will definitely give it a try. Thanks.

    Result looking forward to trying this! Sounds great.

    Thank you very much. I have sent you the promo code via PM. Please check inbox and let me know if you need any helps.