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Thanks, but that was not how today felt unfortunately.
It's exactly because of that
- you're a top dev/ingénieur/désigner/entrepreneur -
that those people sent that.

Your work is to far beyond their reach
Basic users are frustrated because despite FE is so recognized but they've unable to understand / use it properly - because it need a few neurones at least more than for those bullshit fancy app based on data usage massive robbing.

Others email devs/compagnies could be jealous of quality or just like to cut the user base loss that avoid them to make money (email app, marketing, communication, etc companies).

Do you even wonder how much unethical companies your excellent work could anger by allow us, your users base, to upgrade our privacy without all their 'dark pattern' or spy process, whose process which certainly were sold at an insolent price.

Ok, we're are far not enough compared the millions sheep users out there, but they also know that every possible options that not in their 'mindset' need to be 'kill' in the egg asap.

Adding your personality which is human, dedicated, ethic, but sensitive to criticism - they could find a path to reach you and down your involvement.

As said, FE is top quality, you could stop add new features for long time, it will still above the others (of course with bug fix to avoid any unwanted behavior).

If that company which offer you a interesting project opportunity is really want 'the Marcel', just ask :
more money
more liberty (in respect of any NDA)
side advantage like free paid time for you own private project

You'll see how far a company will go if they're motivated.

Ones will always surprised each time he asked for things he did not allow himself to think of - impostor syndrome - and the company will complied with smile.

Take some time
Take some rest
Project yourself


Jan 4, 2011
Sorry if it has already been discussed, but where can I find a description of all the in-app icons meaning? Thank you!


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Aug 28, 2015
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In addition: today I was approached by a company pretty desperately seeking an Android developer because the seven (!) developers which were hired before couldn't even fix the compilation of an app. If I combine that with the way how I am harassed about daily by providing a basically free, proper functioning, very complex app, I might be doing something completely wrong. Edit: in other words, it might be me who is insane.
You are not insane. You are a sensitive gifted developer with a conscience.

Allow an octogenarian like me to tell you that when you're my age you will like what you see in the mirror. That is a priceless gift for someone as sensitive as you are.

You would not be happy in the unscrupulous world of commercial developers.


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Nov 26, 2011
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You are not insane. You are a sensitive gifted developer with a conscience.

Allow an octogenarian like me to tell you that when you're my age you will like what you see in the mirror. That is a priceless gift for someone as sensitive as you are.

You would not be happy in the unscrupulous world of commercial developers.
80+! I would have never guessed that. You're blessed.


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Dec 17, 2005
You could also consider to use a template for this.

I little undocumented trick for XDA members only: you can use these placeholders too, but please be aware that it won't always be correct (which is why it isn't a public feature):

Hi Marcel, tried this in a template. But whether firstname nor lastname was put in after selecting the template. Anything further to do to get it running?


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Mar 17, 2016
Hi Marcel, tried this in a template. But whether firstname nor lastname was put in after selecting the template. Anything further to do to get it running?
As we have stated earlier in this thread, if you are on a template and use it with long press to compose, it obviously can't work because at this point there is no recipient defined at all.
As another participant revealed, to compose, you must first recreate a blank mail, then select the recipient, and *then* insert your template via the three-dot menu. Then the placeholders will be filled in correctly.


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Aug 1, 2010
From today on I will reduce the time I am putting into support too. It is pretty pointless if the other side is more often than not impatient and jumping to conclusions. There will be an exception for people here who have been around longer and for people who ask nicely.

A new voting round for Play store reviews would be appreciated as well.


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Aug 7, 2013
I'm currently using following rule for autmated reply. Is it possible to exclude some email address within this rule? Like sender don't contain?


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Aug 1, 2010
I'm currently using following rule for autmated reply. Is it possible to exclude some email address within this rule? Like sender don't contain?
What you can do is create a rule with a lower sequence number matching the sender, with the do-nothing action and 'stop' enabled.

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    Google responded with:

    I completely understand why you'd want that. However, I’m not able to provide any more detail or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me.

    We highly recommend you pay attention towards User Data policy.

    If you have a different question about the Play Developer Console, please let me know

    So, I turned up the volume a bit:

    Every message you've sent so far has been avoiding answering questions you are required to answer according to EU regulation 2019/1150, which is about transparency and fair business. I hope you are aware that each evasion makes legal arguments accordingly stronger. It can result in legal trouble for Google as a company, but can also cause trouble for you as an employee or contractor because you failed to escalate a problem when that was clearly necessary. So, I am asking you again to be fully transparent and to answer these simple questions:
    1. Which contact info is being sent?
    2. When is it being sent?
    3. To where is it being sent?
    If you can't, you should escalate to someone who can.
    I use this Mail Client since a year or so as free version and it's a giant. I rated a 5* today and hope this helps a little bit. Regarding the 3 or less star receptions, I have to say that these are very rare and most times from simple people, you can't avoid this. The rating is at 4.8 and HELL, this is fantastic. I don't know, if any other app with many ratings and such a good sum exist anyway. Please, @M66B , don't make so much pressure for yourself. All the best to your girlfriend and you. Have a nice day. YOUR APP IS AWESOME !!!

    I hope your phone call on Tuesday works better, @M66B. Talking to a real person on the phone makes a huge difference compared to writing letters. But you should prepare a cheat sheet with several keywords and key arguments on it before the call. Because trust me, Google will be prepared to face you and you will need to argue well even if put under some form of pressure or if the person on the phone tries to control the flow of your conversation. I wish you good luck and thanks for doing this!

    I am prepared, I only want answer to three simple questions:
    1. Which contact info is being sent?
    2. When is it being sent?
    3. To where is it being sent?
    I am not going to argue or pressure anyone and just see where this goes.
    Wouldn't it be better to remove @Dr-Bob as a whole. Dr-Bob was clearly created yesterday with the sole purpose to escalate this situation and to get on Marcels nervs. It reminds me off this Mr kouch, Chef koch character(i don't remember the exact name) in the XprivacyLua thread a couple off years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same person.
    He will open a new account and it would continue. I mean really, only ignoring helps.
    Thanks very much for your concerns. As much as @M66B Marcel is and has always been friendly and polite, we don't want to appear like a "XDA police". We don't censor XDA but we evaluate every post we become aware of against the forum rules and only against these rules; if a post violates the rules it gets partially or completely removed. And our policies task us to more mediate than to moderate i.e. we start with a friendly conversation, friendly and polite like Marcel, to give everybody a chance to be a valuable member on XDA. Most of the times we succeed with this approach but sometimes we don't achieve this objective. And it's different from case to case, how quickly we do realise that this objective will never been achieve.
    Maybe it is a dumb question. But did Google properly understand that you don't think you violate their Code? Maybe you should sprinkle an "allegedly" into your 3 points. Sure it would make no sense to ask Google where, when and what is sent if "you coded the malicious feature". But the people responding are probably not the best paid people. And I think they have to answer to a lot of dumb and malicious people.
    We have a saying in Dutch which translates like "Who demands who proves". In other words, if you accuse someone, you need to present proof. Why should I prove I am innocent? That's the world upside down.
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    The balance

    The few euros I receive in return for what's being offered and the fun of developing things are no compensation for the thousands of questions I answer every month, for unfair Play store reviews and for stress about unclear Google requirements.

    The verdict

    I have not reached a conclusion yet, but the question I am asking myself is why I would continue with the project. Maybe it is the moment, with a sick girlfriend, but I currently don't see it.


    GitHub only version: 98% of the audience will be lost.

    Strip down the app: more bad reviews

    Paid support: more bad reviews

    Stop answering questions: more bad reviews

    Bad reviews will shift the balance only in the wrong direction.

    Core problem

    Google. There is no sensible way to appeal in case of bad reviews or alleged violations of Play store policies.

    People. They are generally pretty demanding and on the other hand everything should be free.

    Myself. An old and grumpy developer, who maybe should retired.

    Input is welcome.
    I paid for this software and donated several times, so what would I gain by trolling? I share my opinion with you and get trolled by you because you don't like it? It is much sadder how grateful my money is accepted although I would troll. Would you rather be lied to and cheated instead or how do I have to imagine this? Honestly, I do not care if you like my opinion or not. I stand by it and think my part.
    I feel responsible, but what is your problem exactly? The app as-is works fine and it will keep working fine for the foreseeable future. I even published an update in this thread yesterday for an ugly problem introduced in recent versions. Please tell me what is wrong and I will see what I can do. Please be nice and you'll be responded to in the same way. There is already enough hate on this planet.

    Please understand that mainly Google caused this "event". There is some good news though because a real human contacted me outside the usual Google "flow". There will be a phone call Tuesday.
    On special request by PM of OP, Marcel aka @M66B, I have to inform you as follows:
    Can you please write in each XDA thread that the GitHub repos have been restored?
    Marcel, I know you can't respond here but personally I hope that this isn't your final decision.
    Thread re-opened on request of OP @M66B who allowed me to share his PM with you:

    Can you please open all threads again?

    This is to give people a chance to discuss and to help each other. It doesn't mean I will resume development though.
    I have just sent this to Google:

    "I’ve reviewed your appeal request and found that your app, FairEmail, privacy aware email (eu.faircode.email), (APK Version: 1898, Track: Open Testing), still violates Google Play Policy"

    Why exactly is the app still violating a Google Play Policy? I would like to receive an answer in an individualised manner and drafted in plain and intelligible language, as required by EU regulation 2019/1150 article 11.1c


    This means that you need to be 100% transparent and need to tell exactly what is wrong.

    I think calling the app spyware and malware is either slander or bordering slander. The app really is not spyware or malware. In fact it is the opposite because it is meant to help people protect their privacy.

    I don't think there will be a proper response, but at least I can try.

    Version 1.1899 was approved in the Play store test program today, but that doesn't say me much because this happened before after a few random changes too. In other words, this problem can return at any time.
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    Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android


    See here for a description:


    See this XDA article for some screenshots:

    See here for more screenshots:

    Frequently asked questions:

    This XDA thread is about using the latest version of FairEmail.

    For support on authorizing an account you should consult the documentation of your provider, see also here.

    Off topic comments are allowed as long they are related to FairEmail and are in the general interest of the followers of this thread.

    Discussion of purchases is not allowed here, please contact me via here instead.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FairEmail, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/M66B/open-source-email/

    Version Information

    Created 2018-08-02
    Last Updated 2020-11-18
    It is time for a new, modern, open source, privacy friendly email client for Android.

    I have just released a first alpha version for feedback on the design and features.

    Not for production use yet!

    Most of the stuff basically works, but be prepared for crashes and error notifications.

    Safe email is a working name, but it is for several reasons not a convenient name, so suggestions for a name are welcome.
    I have just released alpha version 0.15


    With a bit of luck the next version can be a beta version.

    I am putting a lot of effort into this project, so thanks are appreciated.
    I have just released alpha version 0.10


    I have put many hours into developing and debugging this release, so thanks are appreciated.

    This version is still not suitable for production, but all basic functions are present now. The goal is now to stabilize this version into a first beta release, so please let me hear what problems you have.

    Edit: due to database changes you'll need to setup your accounts/identities again.
    I have just released beta version 1.745


    The changelog might seem uninteresting, but in fact displaying messages has been rewritten to introduce inline displaying of original messages. I spent about two days developing and testing this, so at least a "thanks" will be appreciated.

    Some background: normally the web view cannot be used in a scrolling list (of messages in a conversation) and although there exist several workarounds for this, none were satisfactory. However, I had a completely novel idea (as far as I know) about how to approach this without the usual edge cases (hopefully) !

    To do: investigate if using a dark background is feasible (setting the background dark is simple, but the challenge is to modify the message so that everything is still readable). I will consider to add an option to always display original messages.

    Please report any problem you discover, so it can be fixed.