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Jun 9, 2010
Thread cleaned!!

Well now, that was fun! After reading through the last 6 pages, I have cleaned the thread of all the disrespectful posts and replies I could find, and edited a few others.
Just a friendly FYI, while I understand the feeling of wanting to reply to disrespectful and rude posts, the XDA Mod Staff would be most grateful if you would just report these matters
and allow us to respond accordingly, rather than replying and creating a larger brush fire for us to extinguish. (y) ;)

Let us please return to "On Topic" and polite discussion out of respect for the Developer and his thread shall we. I thank you all very much for your cooperation, and a pleasant day to all.

-Regards: Badger50

First things first. Somebody had to do the swiping job finally xD

But more important is that I can hardly believe there's no single person around here without internal connections in Google.

What happened is disgustingly unfair, this app is one of a kind and it deserves more than disrespectful template responses.
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Feb 12, 2015

You've been walking the ledge of quitting your projects for months if not years so it's not as big of a suprise you pulling the plug.
The way you pump out updates, FAQ-pages, support... is unseen especially considering it's just 1 man behind the scenes.
So i can easily understand why you feel your work is worth nothing less than 5 stars. However, there are always people who believe their drink should have gotten that 1 icecube extra witch is definitely worth a 1 star rewiew.

In the past i've paid for the pro features of Netguard, XprivacyLua and Fairmail and i feel i've gotten more than i paid for, you don't owe us anything.
Ultimately the choice to quit is yours and yours only.

As for reassons to not quit the project, there are plenty. This data-sick, advertise-addict world needs to be balanced by people with skills and motivation like you, no wonder companies like Google would like nothing more than to ban your work.
Don't give trolls like Dr-bob a.o. their way, they are only out to demotivate you and kill your projects.

I don't know if it's inappropriate me saying this, if it is i will remove it in the blink of an eye. The most influence-rich person in contact with Google i can think of is @topjohnwu

Witch ever choice you make, Marcel, i wish you the best...

Kopke niet laten hangen Marcel!!!
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Nov 22, 2011
How does one solve this missing possibility to talk about such issues with the app store owner ?
Do we need to sue the gatekeeper as such to get the option to talk with humans and get individual answers that are precise and not some standard text block?
I am sure we can find a few non profits that are willing to help as it is a perfect case to do something for customers.


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Apr 7, 2021
Yep, this would install fairmail, but the question is, whether the pro features are recovered by this
There are two methods:

1. Donate 5€ and activate the same way any GitHub / F-Droid user did so far. It still works

2. Activate as stated above without paying anything by selecting pay method "none"

Also See:

Note: before going for the activation link, you should configure your email account to receive emails. Because the activation process requires you to receive an email AFAIK.
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Oswald Boelcke

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Please understand that mainly Google caused this "event". There is some good news though because a real human contacted me outside the usual Google "flow". There will be a phone call Tuesday.
Goedemorgen, Marcel. I hope your girlfriend is getting better and that you don't suffer too much from all the recent events and the current situation.

I just like to share with you what Mike Kuketz (as far as I'm aware you both have been in personal contact already; and for those who don't know Mike, for me personally he's the very best privacy expert in Germany and also part-time working für the "Privacy Protection Officer of the German state Baden-Württemberg") posted on his Mastodon. Translation:
"About 90% of the apps in the Google Play Store are comparable to spyware. Does Google do anything? No. But with the open source email app #FairEmail, Google suddenly unpacks a spyware policy. You can't imagine something like this... "


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May 21, 2022
I registered just for posting this. First a big THANKS for what you did for us! I am using FairEmail on multiple devices which I am responsible for, so I am very sorry for what happened to you. That's completely undeserved.

Being a developer of open source software myself, I know how frustrating and demotivating negative feedback can be. Fortunately I am not relying on Google, but I have had my share of bad experiences too. Some of them killed all motivation for quite a long time. But always eventually the developer in me kicked in and I started developing again. Fingers crossed that you find a way to overcome the current situation somehow too. And all the best to your girlfriend!


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Aug 1, 2010
Marcel, I don't want to patronise you!
It was already written here yesterday that we simply have to ignore this person, otherwise he will post here forever.
No matter what you write to him, he will always give a contrary opinion, just to provoke.
Please let me keep believing that there is some good in such persons ...


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Feb 12, 2015
@Dr-Bob I've removed the post you made 8 minutes ago. Please refer to a message by my esteemed team mate @Badger50 in your inbox/conversations.
Wouldn't it be better to remove @Dr-Bob as a whole. Dr-Bob was clearly created yesterday with the sole purpose to escalate this situation and to get on Marcels nervs. It reminds me off this Mr kouch, Chef koch character(i don't remember the exact name) in the XprivacyLua thread a couple off years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same person.


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Jun 9, 2010
Wouldn't it be better to remove @Dr-Bob as a whole. Dr-Bob was clearly created yesterday with the sole purpose to escalate this situation and to get on Marcels nervs. It reminds me off this Mr kouch, Chef koch character(i don't remember the exact name) in the XprivacyLua thread a couple off years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same person.
They did


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Aug 1, 2010
Google responded with:

I completely understand why you'd want that. However, I’m not able to provide any more detail or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me.

We highly recommend you pay attention towards User Data policy.

If you have a different question about the Play Developer Console, please let me know

So, I turned up the volume a bit:

Every message you've sent so far has been avoiding answering questions you are required to answer according to EU regulation 2019/1150, which is about transparency and fair business. I hope you are aware that each evasion makes legal arguments accordingly stronger. It can result in legal trouble for Google as a company, but can also cause trouble for you as an employee or contractor because you failed to escalate a problem when that was clearly necessary. So, I am asking you again to be fully transparent and to answer these simple questions:
  1. Which contact info is being sent?
  2. When is it being sent?
  3. To where is it being sent?
If you can't, you should escalate to someone who can.

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    When moving messages from the Inbox to other folders I use the recently used folders, the 5 indirect folders and the three quick (direct) folders which are very useful. I understand that the 3 quick folders are generated from recent usage.

    When moving a message I accidently cleared the 3 quick folders by touching the delete button. I know that this was my fault and the quick folders will be regenerated, but it would be useful to be asked to confirm the deletion (or at least have this as an option).

    A confirmation would require a dialog on top of a dialog, which is something I am trying to avoid.
    The app will 'learn' the most used move targets again, so I don't see this as an important thing.
    You can find an option for this in the privacy settings of the app.

    Please read this FAQ:

    Thank you.
    I understand.

    FairEmail is not just a privacy app. It is also an educational one.
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    Assuming the starting point of no on-device Google Account...

    Q: Which of these Fair Email Google mail server options is "most" private?

    1. 2SV/2FA (using any of a half dozen secondary methods), or,
    2. What Fair Email terms "GMail (Android)", or,
    3. What Fair Email terms "GMail (OAuth)".

    Note Marcel knows the answer, so he can instantly nip this tangent in the bud by answering that question in a single word... (where I suspect the answer is undoubtably #3 but others strongly think it's #1 apparently, so I could be wrong - but it's NEVER gonna be #2.

    The desired single word answer is "none". Google scans all your messages and you can only hope that the gathered information isn't used in an un-private way. Option 1 (assumed to be app passwords) and option 3 do not send extra information to Google. Option 2 requires an on-device Google account. You can control the sync options of a Google account via the Android settings. If these options work as expected and are turned off, no information should be sent to Google. This applies to all other Google services and apps, like Maps and Drive, too. You'll need to go into the settings and turn things off and trust that Google honors this.

    I expect to see no more messages about this subject anymore, with no exceptions for anyone. If you want to continue discussing about this, you should create a new XDA thread for this.
    The next version will have optionally VirusTotal integration, so you can check attachments easily:

    Version 1.1941 is available on GitHub now.


    Besides a series of small improvements and minor bug fixes, VirusTotal Integration was added. Please see this FAQ for more information about configuring and using this new feature:

    (181) How do I use VirusTotal?

    Note that the app hasn't been restored in the Play store yet. For the latest status updates, please see here:

    That guy really needs his email. I wonder who he thinks will maintain the app after he killed you 🤔
    Given the messages I just received I am pretty sure this guy is reading here.

    To this guy: I am doing my best to hold this project together and what you are doing isn't helping, on the contrary. Instead, if the app is dear to you, you can better help and complain to the right people, mainly Google.
    Using a Gmail account in FairEmail will inevitably leak your IP address, and thus your rough location, but nothing else, except the obvious: the messages you receive and sent and their meta data (sender, receiver, subject, etc).

    Note that it is not a good idea to use a VPN to hide your IP address because you'll probably run into "Please log in via your web browser" at an inconvenient moment.

    For HOTP and TOTP I recommend FreeOTP+.

    I think enough has been said about the privacy aspects of a Google account now. Whether a Google account on your device is a privacy concern or not is off-topic here. If you want to keep discussing about this, please create another XDA thread for this. You can leave a link to the created thread here if you wish.
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    Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android


    See here for a description:

    See here for screenshots:


    Frequently asked questions:

    Please read this before requesting a new feature:

    This XDA thread is about using the latest version of FairEmail.

    For support on authorizing an account you should consult the documentation of your provider, see also here.

    Off topic comments are allowed as long they are related to FairEmail and are in the general interest of the followers of this thread.

    Discussion of purchases is not allowed here, please contact me via here instead.
    How was the call with Google today, Marcel?

    Google was pretty friendly and cooperative and told me the favicons are indeed the problem, and it can/should be fixed by updating in the privacy policy to "disclose how your app accesses, collects, uses, and shares user data":

    Privacy Policy​

    All apps must post a privacy policy in both the designated field in Play Console and within the app itself. The privacy policy must, together with any in-app disclosures, comprehensively disclose how your app accesses, collects, uses, and shares user data, not limited by the data disclosed in the Data Safety section. This must include:
    • developer information and a privacy point of contact or a mechanism to submit inquiries
    • disclosing the types of personal and sensitive user data your app accesses, collects, uses, and shares; and any parties with which any personal or sensitive user data is shared
    • secure data handling procedures for personal and sensitive user data
    • the developer’s data retention and deletion policy
    • clear labeling as a privacy policy (e.g., listed as “privacy policy” in title)
    The entity (e.g., developer, company) named in the app’s Google Play listing must appear in the privacy policy or the app must be named in the privacy policy. Apps that do not access any personal and sensitive user data must still submit a privacy policy.

    Please make sure your privacy policy is available on an active URL (no PDFs) and is non-editable.

    So, I have updated the privacy policy and added this new table:


    I am not sure if it covers everything, so feedback is more than welcome. @mkasimd maybe you can take a look?

    Note that I have also enabled BIMI, Gravatars, Libravatars and favicons for the Play store version again.

    The short term goal is to release a Play store test version (and associated GitHub version) and to get the update approved. I will think about the next steps after this has been accomplished. Given the huge number of supportive messages I received (much appreciated!) the project will be continued in some form in any case.
    Version 1.1900 is available on GitHub now and in the Play store test program after Google's approval (which is the main goal of this release).


    My girlfriend is slowly recovering too :)
    It is time for a new, modern, open source, privacy friendly email client for Android.

    I have just released a first alpha version for feedback on the design and features.

    Not for production use yet!

    Most of the stuff basically works, but be prepared for crashes and error notifications.

    Safe email is a working name, but it is for several reasons not a convenient name, so suggestions for a name are welcome.
    I have just released alpha version 0.15


    With a bit of luck the next version can be a beta version.

    I am putting a lot of effort into this project, so thanks are appreciated.