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[APP][5.0+] FairEmail - Fully featured, open source, privacy oriented email app

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Do you mean changing the host name? That's not possible with the Outlook wizard. Or do you mean changing the email address [email protected]365.com?
Re done the wizard and select outlook, put email/password, and let FE manage it.
Everything was the same, just the host change to o365. (Not domain sorry)
Will provide a screen if you like.


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Aug 1, 2010
@O_DoC thanks, but that is the manual setup and not the Office 365 / Outlook quick setup wizard. The default is to use outlook.office365.com already.
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@O_DoC thanks, but that is the manual setup and not the Office 365 / Outlook quick setup wizard. The default is to use outlook.office365.com already.
Ok but that worked for me for a long time and keeping working well without issues aldaylong.

From the last time you told us the recheck connectivity (can't remember when exactly but a few months/weeks ago).

Sorry if was not what you expected.
Tell me if I can help.

PS : at some customers outlook platform, they change all o365 account recently to set MFA mandatory. If could be a root cause, as all people who do not setup any 2steps (like the MS authenticator app or else) was stuck outside etc.
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I would like to believe that, but:

"User reports indicate no current problems at Outlook"
I'm sure you don't need my though to figure out that, but if nothing had change on FE side and it already worked well before, these issues are obviously on MS side or something between user devices and mail servers.

When one crush his finger, people complain about the hammer instead of the one actually holding it.

FE is a good damn tools but still a tool.
It can do a lot of things and so much better than the others but can't be the answer for average Joe,...and even less for all the Karen outside.

You'll never get rid of those kind of people, but could ignore them, and focus on the huge majority of satisfied users and community support.
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Sep 18, 2020
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Although the app is still unavailable for new users, I have just released an "emergency" release in the Play store (and on GitHub) to explain what it going on.
@M66B: Note that there's a newly-reported MS security issue with AutoDiscover. See, eg https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ne...odiscover-bugs-leak-100k-windows-credentials/. If the flood of complaints about Outlook authentication failure began only in the last day or so, this might be the reason.

MS has definitely done something in the last day that breaks IMAP access to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. FairEmail and Aqua Mail Pro (on different devices) began reporting authentication failures for the same MS 365 account starting about 24 hours ago. Both had been working fine before that.

This morning I tried to add the same account to two other email apps, and they can't connect, either. I tried a different MS account with similar results. The accounts are fine; Outlook / web browser on a Windows PC are not having any trouble accessing them, but those are not using IMAP.
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Oct 26, 2020
I have always had issues with Microsoft accounts and third party apps. From calendars to email apps, cloud systems, you name it. They are just an appallingly run company.
For my own business, we have set up entirely different mail servers and run entirely on Linux with no issues. On Android our staff use FairEmail.

@M66B fear not, the time of big tech will end and there will be users lining up at your door....

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    @M66B A small improvement idea. I don't know if it's a good idea or even feasible, but maybe the snackbar in the composer could show only when the Android heads up notification doesn't show? Otherwise you get 2 simultaneous notifications for the same message.
    There is no way to check if there is a heads up notification, unfortunately.
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    Stopping with improvements wouldn't be fair to the people appreciating my effort, so I will keep improving the GitHub version and reduce the Play store updates to once a month.
    Since it happened too many times to me that I answered a message while a new message arrived making the answer less useful, the next version will show a bottom notification when a new message arrives in the same thread as you are composing a message for. Tapping on 'Show' will open the conversation, so you can quickly check the new message.
    Version 1.1761 fixes all reported problems, including my failures as reported by @Dark_Eyes_

    A documented reason why privacy friendly apps are pretty important:

    The most common tracking library on Android is Google Play Services (in 87.3 per cent of apps)

    None of my apps contain any tracking library!
    Version 1.1725 1.1726 is available on GitHub now.


    The changelog is part of the app now.
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    Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android


    See here for a description:


    See this XDA article for some screenshots:

    See here for more screenshots:

    Frequently asked questions:

    This XDA thread is about using the latest version of FairEmail.

    For support on authorizing an account you should consult the documentation of your provider, see also here.

    Off topic comments are allowed as long they are related to FairEmail and are in the general interest of the followers of this thread.

    Discussion of purchases is not allowed here, please contact me via here instead.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FairEmail, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/M66B/open-source-email/

    Version Information

    Created 2018-08-02
    Last Updated 2020-11-18
    It is time for a new, modern, open source, privacy friendly email client for Android.

    I have just released a first alpha version for feedback on the design and features.

    Not for production use yet!

    Most of the stuff basically works, but be prepared for crashes and error notifications.

    Safe email is a working name, but it is for several reasons not a convenient name, so suggestions for a name are welcome.
    I have just released alpha version 0.15


    With a bit of luck the next version can be a beta version.

    I am putting a lot of effort into this project, so thanks are appreciated.
    I have just released alpha version 0.10


    I have put many hours into developing and debugging this release, so thanks are appreciated.

    This version is still not suitable for production, but all basic functions are present now. The goal is now to stabilize this version into a first beta release, so please let me hear what problems you have.

    Edit: due to database changes you'll need to setup your accounts/identities again.
    I have just released beta version 1.745


    The changelog might seem uninteresting, but in fact displaying messages has been rewritten to introduce inline displaying of original messages. I spent about two days developing and testing this, so at least a "thanks" will be appreciated.

    Some background: normally the web view cannot be used in a scrolling list (of messages in a conversation) and although there exist several workarounds for this, none were satisfactory. However, I had a completely novel idea (as far as I know) about how to approach this without the usual edge cases (hopefully) !

    To do: investigate if using a dark background is feasible (setting the background dark is simple, but the challenge is to modify the message so that everything is still readable). I will consider to add an option to always display original messages.

    Please report any problem you discover, so it can be fixed.