[APP][5.0+] Floating Volume 1.2.1 [27/12/2018]

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Adam Myczkowski

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Aug 29, 2015

Floating Volume is a simple open source Android 5.0+ app that allows you to control media, ringer, alarm and in-call volume, and switch between ringer modes within the floating interface.


Main features:
  • Themes: Default, Dark and Custom - choose between a range of predefined colors
  • Save last position of floating interface (head and volume interface positions are independent)
  • Start/stop service directly from quick settings tile
  • Volume control interface can be movable or fixed in centre
  • Show and hide dialog controls
  • Choose between 3 different dialog styles
  • Change icon opacity


Bug reports and feature requests welcome!

For bug reports please create an issue under project's github repository.

Source code: https://github.com/MyczkowskiAdam/FloatingVolume

XDA Spotlight: Floating Volume

XDA Labs
Google Playstore (Paid)

XDA:DevDB Information
Floating Volume, App for all devices (see above for details)

Adam Myczkowski
Source Code: https://github.com/MyczkowskiAdam/FloatingVolume

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.2.1
Stable Release Date: 2018-12-27

Created 2018-04-21
Last Updated 2018-12-27


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Adam Myczkowski

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Aug 29, 2015

27/12/2018: 1.2.1:
  • Allow to disable ringer mode changer (targeted at Android Go as this feature is unavailable)
  • Close volume dialog automatically after set period of time
  • Allow to change size of the floating icon


07/12/2018: 1.2.0:
  • Fixed crash on Android 9.0+
  • Fixed start on boot Android 8.0+
  • Updated drawables and launcher icon
  • Updated volume dialog styles
  • New Android Pie volume dialog style
  • Smooth animations when volume dialog is movable
  • Fix volume dialog in centre, left or right of the screen
  • Updated About app screen

18/09/2018: 1.1.1:
  • New app icon
  • Add ability to start on boot automatically
  • Fix floating head not being placed in last saved position
  • Touch outside the dialog to close it
  • Overall improvements

13/06/2018: 1.1.0:
  • Choose icon opacity
  • Permanent voice call bar
  • Fixes and improvements

7/06/2018: 1.0.9 beta:
  • Reworked themes - now Default, Dark and Custom - choose from a range of predefined colours.
  • Touch the image next to volume bar to mute and unmute given stream.
  • Add notification seekbar. NOTE: Unless your system supports ringer and notification as separate streams, value will be the same for both.
  • Fix issue of vertical bars being transparent on < API25.
  • Fix for devices running lollipop.
  • Fix bug of service being killed after a while, now runs in foreground (you can disable the notification in settings).

11/05/2018: 1.0.8 beta:
  • Added splash screen
  • Added about app section
  • Properly handle voice call seekbar show/hide events (Needs READ_PHONE_STATE permission)
  • Further improvements

03/05/2018: 1.0.7 beta:
  • Add new dialog style
  • Properly theme the app
  • Some more optimisations

30/04/2018: 1.0.6 beta:
  • fix for untouchable bubble issue.
  • add options to show and hide dialog controls.
  • add new (slim dialog) option.
  • If seekbars are not to be shown don't register broadcast.
  • Optimise layout.
  • Fix bug on rotation.

29/04/2018: 1.0.5 beta:
  • Hopefully fix issues on arm64 devices
  • Initial support for API21 devices

25/04/2018: 1.0.4 beta:
  • Fix dialog not touchable on android O >
  • Properly manage runtime permissions
  • Remove some redundant code
  • Update gradle
Issue of dialog not being touchable should be fixed now, if still present, leave me a PM
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Apr 2, 2016
What device and android version are you running? Did you try granting the permisions manually in settings?
Sky Elite 5.5 Octa, running marshmallow 6.0, arm64 . Thanks for the quick response

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Sky Elite 5.5 Octa, running marshmallow 6.0, arm64 . Thanks for the quick response
The permissions are blacked out and inaccessible. I could try turning on marshmallow permission manager but I don't think it'll help

Adam Myczkowski

Senior Member
Aug 29, 2015
Can you start the service or is the button not working? If you can which bit isn't working, the icon head or the actual volume dialog?

Edit: Try granting the permisions manually in settings, it must have something to do with your setup, tested on couple android 6.0 devices and worked fine after you've granted permissions. It needs both "display over other apps" and "do not disturb" permissions to start the service
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Adam Myczkowski

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Aug 29, 2015
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Apr 2, 2016
Apr 2, 2016
Yep forgot to do that, I'm sure that's it thanks so much I'll try now ?

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Nope it's all been done I'm stumped on it...
Check the screenshots


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Adam Myczkowski

Senior Member
Aug 29, 2015
Oki thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. :angel:

I think its related to device's architecture, app confirmed working on android 6.0 7.0 and 7.1.x arm devices but seems like arm64 devices have an issue with it, had another report of the same issue on op3 (arm64) on 6.0. I will try to get it to work in emulator and send you a debug apk to confirm if it's working soon :)
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