[APP][5.0+]FREE Mini OBD2 Plugin for Android Auto - Use Torque with AndroidAuto

Emil Borconi

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Feb 18, 2008
Tg. Secuiesc / Kezdivasarhely
This is a small and free app which will allow you to use Torque with Android Auto.

To use this app you need to have the following:
  1. An Android Auto compatible head unit
  2. Torque Pro installed on your phone
  3. An OBD2 reader

How to use?
  • Download and install the app on the phone
  • Start Android Auto (without connecting it to the car), open About, tap the "About Android Auto" header 10 times till you become a developer, from the top right menu, select developer options and enable unknown sources, close AA.
  • Open MINI OBD2AA FREE and select up to 4 pid which you want to display on your AA screen.
  • Close MINI OBD2AA FREE and connect the phone to your AA compatible unit
  • When Android Auto starts on your unit select the fifth tab on the right, then by pressing it again, you will see an app selection. Now choose MINI OBD2AA FREE

Is there a Pro version with more features?
Yes there is one, here. Pro version will offer the following extras compared to this free version:
  • Up to 15 gauges instead of 4
  • Options to Import/Export settings
  • Option to display speed camera warning in Android Auto (you need to have CamSam Plus installed on your phone!)
  • Notification warning of low fuel/warm engine
  • Notification of PID alarms from Torque
  • Customization possibility of the Gauge style
  • TPMS screen

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Jan 17, 2014
Great App!

Now, I only need support for the VW-Connect ODB device for Torque... or some Xposed Module for VW-Connect that can expose the ODB data as a plugin for Torque.

Thank you!
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Jan 21, 2018
I tried it today on my hyundai ioniq electric and when I press onto the app button to choose mini obd2 the screen goes black before sélection menu and app crash

Torque pro works well in standalone.

My android auto version is the 2.9from January 4th 2018


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Apr 12, 2018
Hi @Emil
I have few people interested with you project who want to try first.
Is the free version works with non rooted phone?

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Sep 1, 2013
Hi. I tested the plugin following the (simple) installation and couldn't get it to work. torque is working alright with the OBD2 but when I go into AA, the fifth button only shows me the option to leave AA and go the (in my case Kia Niro's) head unit.
Any ideas?

I am using a
-rooted S7 edge
-android auto 3.7.584044, (developer mode enabled)
-Torque Pro v1.8.205 working in the background indicating the OBD2 is connected
-Mini OBD2AA free with 2 gauges set up (Revs & HBATT).

Riccardo Piovano

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Jun 17, 2020

Hi everybody, I downloaded last week obd2AA and then torque pro, but I was forced to uninstall obd2AA because it prevented Android Auto from working properly and mirroring the phone on the car's screen. Now how can I do to re-download obd2AA without paying again and being able to use it without problems? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. Thank you.