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[App][5.0+] K9-Mail Material Design (open source) [Discontinued]

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Oct 10, 2011
Moto G 5G Plus
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Nov 2, 2015
For months the notifications work randomly, I set not optimize in the battery settings and I went through all possible settings, plus I am rooted. And this, on two different terminals, one with android 6 and the other android 7. I stopped insisting since I discovered FairEmail.

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    Since I don't have the time too support this project. At the moment I will not longer support or update this project.


    • What's the best open source mail client? - K9
    • What's the the problem with K9? - The design.

    Because of that I decided to fork K9 and give it a material design. I used the most recent stable release (5.010). I only changed the theme to material (see screenshots). I didn't remove or add functions.

    The app is, as you know, complete open source. So here is the source code of my fork.

    Changelog (K9 Githubsite)

    Apk download for install
    Hey guys, I was considering to create some pull requests to this fork but in the end there were too many things that I disliked so I startet a new fork from scratch:
    K-9 Mail Material Fork
    Also there are some problems about maintaining the current fork imo.

    I'm feeling a bit sorry for Gaukler_Faun who made this idea real first and I don't want to steal the show.
    But I went a different approach. I choose to port K9 to the Android support Library v7 appcompat, so that the minimum SDK version stays untouched. Some other stuff I did:
    • added theming options to choose overall app color theme and switching between light and dark style
    • rewritten parts of ContactPictureLoader to get nicer round contact icons
    • changed typeface in message list
    • changed animations when opening/closing messages in message list
    • changed most icons to Googles official material design icons + I created a material app icon inspired by Gmail
    • added Floating Action Button to message list
    • updated the dependencies and the android build tool to it's latest version
    • underlying libraries and mail logic classes untouched
    • many more, see my commits

    Download first APK from here. Please don't post bugs and stuff in this thread. Use github or PM me. If I see the need I create a new thread on xda.

    Maybe there is a chance me and Gaukler_Faun can merge our forks, but tbo this would probably result in more work for both of us.

    I'm still considering whether I release this fork on any store. This project was for my personal purpose in the first place.

    PS: For all of you who are wondering, there are plans on side of the K9 Mail devs to switch to a new design in the official app. There is already an first repository with design concepts. But all I can say is that, after seeing the code, this will take some time. I won't expect this to happen within the next year.

    Edit: v5.207.2 ready to download. Fixed the bug that caused theming options not been saved.
    Edit May 15: v5.207.3 released! See Link for changes.
    Update to v 5.202

    Finally it's there. Thanks for your patience. Download in second post and later on xda labs.

    Gaukler Faun


    Fixed bug where BCC header line was accidentally included in sent messages
    Fixed problem with getting the list of IMAP folders
    Always show subject in message header when split mode is active
    Hide crypto status indicator in contact dropdown when no crypto provider is configured
    Fixed button to expand CC/BCC recipients in dark theme
    Fixed various crashes

    More information:
    Update to v 5.203

    Hi, since Newton mail really got a piece of crap (sorry for these harsh words but cloudmagic was just wonderful) I was looking for an alternative...
    I am really happy with this nice ui mod of k9mail. One question though: would it be possible to add some more editing of the font? I would like to set some stuff to bold writing...

    Gesendet von meinem ONEPLUS A3003 mit Tapatalk
    No chance of adding new features. I only theme to material design.

    Loving the app so far. One thing though, when you delete an item from the notifications it pops up with a holo themed confirmation dialog
    I can't confirm this. For me it's working fine. Perhaps new version solves the bug.

    Amazing app, I've switched over from regular k9. Only issue is in the message view, the reply/forward button is missing from the top panel. It only displays when the phone is rotated in landscape. Is there any way to force this button to always display? Thanks
    No. No chance.

    Update to v 5.203

    Fixed bug with pinch to zoom gesture
    Added setting for disabling 'mark all as read' confirmation dialog
    Update full text search index when removing messages
    Fixed display bug when replying to messages using dark theme
    Don't hide Cc and Bcc if 'Always show Cc/Bcc' is enabled
    Allow sending signed-only PGP/INLINE messages
    Don't save drafts when message could be sent encrypted
    More bug fixes

    More infos:

    Download, as always, in second post and soon on XDA-labs.

    Gaukler Faun