[APP][5.0+] Quickimgur - A lightweight Imgur client, focus on upload and get link!


Dec 7, 2019
I have been using the Imgur official app for a while, although it is very functional, the features I use most often only upload and copy the link.
Fortunately, Imgur provides complete API and clear doc, so I decided to use it to implement a more simplified version - Quickimgur.
I started learning android dev a while ago, this is my first own regular android app, hope it will be a bit useful. :)

Quickimgur has 3 features:
  • Quick to upload
  • Easy to copy the link and share the image
  • Categorize upload history (help you to make your meme library or something)
Support 3 way to upload your images
  • Camera
  • Album (Android SAF UI)
  • Image URL
  • Your Imgur account

After the image uploaded, it will auto copy the link to the clipboard.
If you wanna copy another one, just click the item.

If you have been signed in, you can also import all images or any album from the account.
* This app uses web sign-in provided by Imgur, please use Imgur official account to sign in first, because the third party is usually unusable (Google and Facebook are not available now).

If you don't like list mode, you can switch to grid mode through the button at the top right.

Categorize your images!

Quickimgur can open the image URL and most of the Imgur URLs, after opening, you can add it to Quickimgur.

Click the thumbnail to watch the original image, the viewer's UI is just like "Google photo".

Google play
Quickimgur is completely free and no ads!

If there is any problem, please let me know. :laugh:
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