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[APP][5.0+][ROOT][2020.12.21] LiveBoot (Logcat/Dmesg Boot Animation) v1.84

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Oct 4, 2020
Hi, sadly it's not working on Redmi 4 - rooted, SuperSU v2.82, save logs enabled, granted all permissions and force user set to ROOT, enabled superSU during boot, i can't think of any other solutions... works on test run but not on boot, also there's no /system/su.d
Any ideas?

Edit: Solved, I switched to Magisk latest stable version and installed Init.d via the app on Playstore "Init.d-Installer".
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Sep 4, 2016
San Antonio
@Chainfire just wanted to thank you for so many fantastic apps & amazing development. It works as perfectly on my Oneplus 6t as it did on my old LG when it was in beta... along with 500 fire paper, flashfire, of course SuperSu, & a few others. Completely worth paying for pro on all of them. Thank you too for the detailed explanations about libsuperuser & how it works etc. Learning so much


Moderator Emeritus / Senior Recognized Developer
Oct 2, 2007
v1.84 released. Should be on Google Play at some point (who knows with that review process they have now). Or grab the APK from the first post.

I had to dig up an old Pixel2XL to flash Android 11 and root it with the latest Magisk to fix this up. @ianmacd tested it on his Note20 Ultra (you can thank him for nagging me to fix this). Beyond that, I don't know how it'll work for y'all.

The resolution problems likely still exist for those whom reported those earlier. I have nothing to test that with, nor am I particularly inclined to. Enjoy, or not.


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Aug 31, 2009
Thank you for providing your sauce to the Open Source Community! :love:

"Opening the source: It does some neat tricks, others could learn from it. It's not really in active development anymore (and hasn't been for years), but now and then people nag me to fix it when it breaks, and sometimes I do. Now you can fix it too!" https://github.com/Chainfire/liveboot#opening-the-source

The whole description on GitHub ist fun to read. I will buy the Pro version to say "Thank You!" for the work you put into this sauce! :) https://github.com/Chainfire/liveboot#open-source-but-in-app-puchases

@Chainfire - Please consider to allow the adding of a build to F-Droid, which would give your work a wider audience! :) https://github.com/Chainfire/liveboot/issues/1
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    [APP][5.0+][ROOT][2020.12.21] LiveBoot (Logcat/Dmesg Boot Animation) v1.84

    Que ?

    LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen. Output configuration includes logcat level, buffer and format selection; whether to show dmesg; the amount of lines that should fit on your screen, whether word-wrap should be employed, and if output should be color-coded. Additionally the background can be set to transparent to overlay the existing boot animation, which looks awesome during boot.

    A feature is built-in to test your current configuration without rebooting. The lines shown in test mode may be limited and relatively static, this does not reflect exact boot time behavior as much as it just shows you that it works and how big the text will be.

    Note that LiveBoot will only show up after the data partition is mounted. If you need to enter a decryption key or pattern at boot, it will not show up until you have done so.


    This app does not only require root, it requires specifically SuperSU version 2.40 or newer, or a recent Magisk, due to how the boot-time code is launched. Alternatively, the app will try to function for otherwise rooted firmwares that support init.d, but this is not officially supported and it cannot be guaranteed to work.


    Officially the app supports 5.0+ and newer. Regardless of version, the app may work on your device or it may not. I've gotten it to work on a bunch of my own devices on various firmwares, but not on all. Even if the test run functionality works, this does not necessarily mean it will actually work during boot. It usually does, but not always.

    This does indeed also mean I cannot guarantee continued operation - even if it works for you today, it may fail your next firmware update. If that is an issue for you, then you should definitely not update to Pro.

    The risk of bootloops is extremely low, but not completely non-existent. Should a bootloop occur, removing either the app's APK or /system/su.d/0000liveboot through recovery should fix the problem.

    Unless you are using SuperSU in system-less mode, the app writes to /system, as such your firmware must allow this. There is no recovery-based install option at this time.


    There's an in-app purchase to upgrade to Pro, which supports my developments, and unlocks the transparency option as well as logcat buffer and format selection.

    Of course, if you have one of the paid variants of the old live logcat or live dmesg boot animations from all those years ago installed, this will also enable Pro mode.

    Like some of my other apps these days, if you don't have Google Play but still managed to install the APK, this will also enable Pro mode.

    Last but not least, if you simply don't want to pay for it, there's also a button to enable Pro mode (the 'freeload' option)


    If /system/su.d/0000liveboot.script or /su/su.d/0000liveboot.script or /sbin/supersu/su.d/0000liveboot.script exists (chmod 0644, not 0700 like other files in /system/su.d/ or /su/su.d/ !), this script will be run instead of logcat and dmesg, and its output will be shown in white (stdout) and red (stderr).


    Google Play

    or see attachment below

    (1.14: 7646; 1.20: 5826; 1.30: 3999; 1.40: 1512; 1.50: 16710; 1.60: 25034; 1.70: 9446; 1.81: 2564, 1.83: 23762)

    Why ?

    I always liked the old logcat and dmesg boot animations on 2.x. Unfortunately the code doesn't port well to newer Android versions. They were starting to cause more issues for users than they were provide coolness, so I pulled them from Play (together with a number of other apps) some time ago.

    While working on the next generation of Mobile ODIN, I've started using some techniques that I realized could be used to bring this back. Aside from being as cool as it is, this app actually serves as a testbed for these techniques.


    The code is launched by a daemonsu bootscript immediately after /data is available. It then pulls an overlay surface from SurfaceFlinger through native code. It proceeds by running Java code that spins threads that catch logcat / dmesg / script output with libsuperuser. That output is then rendered by the Java code with OpenGL to the surface and shown on-screen.
    SAUCE AVAILABE AT GITHUB - https://github.com/Chainfire/liveboot


    2020-12-21 - v1.84

    - Android 11
    - Removed links to Google Plus (hehe)
    - (c) 2020

    2019-12-31 - v1.83
    - Android 10

    2019-03-13 - v1.81
    - (c) 2019
    - Fix script reinstalling every launch
    - Fix display not working on some Pie ROMs
    - Fix test run not working on some devices

    2019-01-06 - v1.80
    - Magisk: support /data/adb paths
    - Magisk: delay startup if /data not available
    - Fix script uninstall not working
    - Use librootjava's Daemon mode

    2018.11.16 - v1.70
    - Android 9.0 Pie support
    - Improved 64-bit support
    - Fix files dir not existing automagically
    - Migrated libcfsurface from C hijacks to Java reflection as much as possible (4.2 --> 5.0 minimum support)
    - Magisk support
    - Adaptive icon
    - Updated compile and target API levels
    - (C) 2018

    2017-09-11 - v1.60
    - Add compatibility with Android Oreo
    - Add compatibility with SuperSU in SBIN mode
    - Fix toolbox/toybox detection on 64-bit, could cause animation to keep running

    2016-12-20 - v1.50
    - [email protected]: stop animation when Android is up
    - (C) 2017

    2016-10.30 - v1.40
    - Android N 7.1 file-based-encryption support

    2016-05-19 - v1.30
    - Android N Preview 3 support

    2015-10-30 - v1.20
    - Android 6.0 support

    2015-01-03 - v1.14
    - Force remove old boot scripts before placing new one
    - Added another watchdog to prevent the animation from never quitting
    - (C) 2015
    - Note: some devices need SuperSU v2.42 or newer to work

    2014-12-21 - v1.13 - BETA
    - Use alternative shell if default not available (fx HTC One m7, m8)
    - Workaround b/7188322 hack (fx Shield Tablet)
    - Fixed minor script issues

    2014-12-20 - v1.12
    - ProGuard (reduce APK size)

    2014.12.20 - v1.11 - BETA
    - Added option to disable logcat color coding
    - Another possible fix for premature exit

    2014.12.20 - v1.10 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
    - Possible fix for only showing for two seconds during boot on some devices
    - Fixed some typos
    - Made logcat buffers configurable (pro)
    - Made logcat format configurable (pro)
    - Made word wrap configurable
    - Added option to darken the background
    - Added option to save logs
    - Added reboot option

    - Added capability to use init.d if not using SuperSU, but this is not officially supported. It might make the app work on more firmwares, but it should be noted that init.d behavior differs between firmwares, and unlike su.d provided by SuperSU, no guarantees are made as to the state of the /data partition or SELinux policies when init.d scripts execute. Therefor it is impossible to officially support - it might work, it might not, and this will differ between firmwares.

    2014.12.18 - v1.05
    - Fixed number of lines being interpreted as hexadecimal
    - Fixed various load and display issues on 4.3 and 4.4

    2014.12.17 - v1.00
    - Initial release
    Here's another test version, let me know if that helps.

    Script uninstall now also works properly, sorry about that.

    I'm running DeluxeROM 9.4 (Oreo 8.0) on my Note 8 with the latest unofficial release of Magisk. LiveBoot seems to install and the test works fine but doesn't seem to do anything during boot.

    I'm not sure where the scripts have copied to or if I need to do something in Magisk to get it working...

    I see this in the Magisk Logs:

    Exactly the same behavior. Nexus 5X, 8.1 (November stock image), Magisk 17.3. Magisk log shows
    post-fs-data.d: exec [0000liveboot]
    but nothing is displayed, only the stock boot animation.

    PS, "test run" works fine, but starts approx. 20 seconds after clicking the menu item.


    Tried LiveBoot v1.70 but it's not working on my LG (H910) V20 phone running Nougat 7.0. Hopefully it will in a future update? I'd be happy to test.


    On pixel 3xl. It was working initially, now nothing when I restart. Occasionally works when I power off.
    Uninstall through the app does is not working either

    It will not work on redmi note 4 10.0.1 stale rom..
    I liked this app on soo many other devices, installed via play store.
    My device is unlocked and magisked 17.1

    not working on samsung j200gu 5.1.1 stock rom touchwiz :( test run works but when i reboot it only shows the standard bootanimation please help :(
    Here are attachments for more details

    Update: It worked using v1.60. Before I installed the v1.70 I had a back up so i wiped my data etc then restore it and then instead of v1.70 I used v1.60 and it worked like magic! :victory: