[APP][5.0+][ROOT]FDE.AI v12-lite - Powerful AIO Android devices optimizer

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Dec 30, 2011


Jul 8, 2007
people! don't waste your money on this app. it doesn't work. be reasonable - a 3 megabyte program cannot take into account all the nuances of the entire variety of devices. the author indicates a list of changes in the link to the github. you can check for yourself that most of the files in your os simply do not exist. also you can just do a few benchmarks and make sure nothing happens and sometimes the system slows down. do not forget to uninstall the program when benchmarking "without fde". do not look at positive reviews on 4 pda - negative reviews are deleted there. Thanks for attention.
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    WARNING! ROOT access is required for this app!

    This app automatically modifies wide range of low-level system parameters using ROOT access. By using this app you agree with any possible risks.

    FeraDroid Engine (FDE) - an All-in-One ultimate optimizer for all devices running Android OS. All parameters are individual for EVERY device depending on it's hardware/software characteristics. All parameters are very balanced - you may gain performance without increase of power consumption AND reduce power consumption without losing performance. FDE.AI is totally compatible with very wide range of devices and Android OS versions.

    As you may notice from the app name "FDE.AI" - can tell us that it has a basic AI inside. AI will learn how do you use your device, check out current usage scenario and adapt some system parameters in real time to give you best usage experience. No personal data is collected or sent anywhere.

    FDE.AI - very universal Android OS optimizer. Very wide-range settings of OS and Linux kernel are configured, still being cross-platform utility, maximally compatible with all devices. FDE.AI applies configurations depending on hardware and software of device, so that in the end every device is configured individually. All applied changes are systemless (system partition is not touched). Some app features may not be supported on various CPUs/kernels.

    Make a backup of your data just in case before installing this app. Don't use any other All-in-One tweakers with FDE.AI or things may get bad!
    If you already have FDE (magisk) module installed - uninstall it before using this app. If you use custom kernel - make sure it doesn't block any optimizers, otherwise app will not even start.

    HERE or on Google Play

    News channel and support group in Telegram:

    Docs & all related info

    Thanks to all guys, who contributed, helped, tested my work.. You all are wonderful, amazing, smart, super cool, beautiful people!

    What's new:
    — Based on v12.1.1 Pro
    — New simplified UI
    — Android 12 related fixes
    — Better swipe-to-refresh library
    — App graphics optimization
    — Added screen state listener
    — misc.
    — Dropped support for x86/x86-64 arch
    — Added Legacy GPU turbo support for some Broadcom VideoCore, PowerVR and Tegra GPUs
    — Added support for GPU bus frequency boost for Adreno GPU (while GPU turbo)
    — Fixed foreground app detection on Android 11
    — Fixed Legacy GPU turbo for some Mali GPUs
    — Enhanced Exynos CPUs support
    — Enhanced MIUI support
    — Fixed Qcomm post boot script bugs
    — Improved AI state reports
    — Heavy games boost enabled by default
    — BG apps auto-kill when playing heavy game enabled by default
    — New "aggressive AI" option - always enabled (read AI info for details)
    — Improved GPU turbo logic
    — Updated machine learning rates
    — misc.
    Has the paid version been removed from play store?
    I can only find the lite version.

    Yes, it was permanently removed - now it's back, all good.
    may i ask why the preload feature is removed? i thought that feature was useful for those who has big RAM and want to gain additional boost of performance or smoothness
    Bump of this thread. Updated docs & info. Pushed v9.2 free version.
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