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May 31, 2021
Create short and interesting videos 🎨

📱 Name of Play Store: Undervids - Video Editor & Video Maker, Tools


🌈 Key features of Undervids:

🔥 Video Reverse

✦ Create reverse videos, or vice versa, return reverse videos to the original.

🔥 Video Cutter
✦ Cut video as you need.

🔥 Video Cropper
✦ Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video.

🔥 Video Rotate
✦ Rotate video by 270° or Custom.

🔥 Video Joiner
✦ Combine two videos into one!

🔥 Video Converter
✦ Convert videos to formats: avi, flv, mkv, gif, mov, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3gp.

🔥 Video Mixer
✦ Create videos with music

🔥 Video Mirror
✦ apply different mirror effects in video

🔥 Video Mute
✦ Remove audio from videos

🔥 Slow Motion Video
✦ Slow down video in 8x

🔥 Fast Motion Video
✦ Speed up video in 8x

🔥 Video Compressor
✦ With this application you will be able to reduce the size of your video files UP TO 75% OF YOUR ORIGINAL SIZE.

🔥 Video to GIF
✦ Take GIF from videos.

🔥 Video to MP3
✦ Take MP3 from videos.

🔥 No Watermark
✦ Undervids will never add a watermark to your video.
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Jan 7, 2021
Nowhere can I find an editor to adapt the video format for TikTok. Can I download an editor to expand the settings. Another way is to select the aspect ratio, enter the width of the video, and the tool will automatically set the height of the video. You can put the entire video in the selected frame and change the background color or completely fill the frame so as not to leave empty space. That's in your program, I looked it up https://www.joincombo.com. But what should I do so I don't have to use multiple editors? I only want to have one so I can do everything in one window. You can put the whole video into a selected frame and change the background color or completely fill the frame so as not to leave blank space. Maybe you can advise?
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