[APP][5.0+][v3.6.10] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

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Dec 28, 2013

Try any or all of these:

- on your Android device, turn WiFi off then back on
- reboot your WiFi router (and any eventual intermediate network switches and/or WiFi repeater)
- make sure your WiFi router firmware is up-to-date
- on you WiFi router, look for a setting called IGMP snoopping, and if you find it, disable it.
- restart miniDLNA
Rebooting WiFi router did the trick. Thanks!


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Nov 10, 2022

Problematic stream is a HLS stream while the working one is a SHOUTcast stream.
HLS can be tricky to play as it is not natively supported by many external renderers.

To which renderer are you playing to (assuming external renderer) ?
When you play the HLS stream, does the 'Now Playing' tab indicate HLS as format below the seekbar, or mention FFmpeg ?
If the former, you can try to force BubbleUPnP to use FFmpeg for decoding by changing 'More > Gear icon > Renderer settings > (pick your renderer) > FFmpeg audio decoding' to 'All audio formats'.
Thanks that fixed the problem...

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    BubbleUPnP on Google Play [current version: 3.6.10, released on October 8th 2022]
    BubbleUPnP on Amazon appstore [current version:, released on October 18th 2022]
    BubbleUPnP latest APKs, Google Play version (notably for side-loading on Android TV)
    BubbleUPnP latest APK, Amazon appstore version (notably for side-loading on Fire TV)
    BubbleUPnP 'Audio Cast' Xposed Module. Only needed for Android < 10. (current version: 1.1, released on April 28th 2021)
    BubbleUPnP Server home page (download and documentation) [current version: 0.9-update44, released on October 31th 2022]

    BubbleUPnP home page

    Stream all your music, videos and photos to various devices in your house:

    • Chromecast
    • DLNA TVs
    • gaming consoles: Xbox, Playstation (from XMB)
    • UPnP/DLNA renderers: XBMC, WDTV Live, other Android devices, ...
    • various HiFi gear from Sonos, Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo and many more
    • local Android playback

    BubbleUPnP can access your media from a lot of sources, including:

    • UPnP/DLNA media servers: most NASes, XBMC, Plex, Twonky, Serviio, Windows Media Player and many more
    • local media stored on your Android device
    • cloud media: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Music, Google+
    • SMB Shares
    • WebDAV (ownCloud, NextCloud, webserver...)
    • media from other apps such as web browsers and file managers, using Share/Send
    • captured audio from most other apps. Requires Xposed (root)
    • Shoutcast radio (with XiiaLive)

    BubbleUPnP is a versatile app packed with many features for you to discover, some of which are:

    • extensive Chromecast support: play incompatible Chromecast media with transcoding (*), subtitles, audio/video track selection (*)
    • fast and secure Internet access to your home media while on the go, from mobile and WiFi networks (*)
    • playback queue, editable playlists, scrobbling, sleep timer, various shuffle modes
    • integrated full screen image viewer and controller
    • media download to your SD Card
    • ...and much more!

    (*) Some features are provided by BubbleUPnP Server, an optional software that can be installed on any machine on your local network to provide additional services. To learn more about BubbleUPnP Server, visit https://bubblesoftapps.com.

    Some features are restricted and can be unlocked by purchasing the BubbleUPnP License app.

    If something is not working, you can record a log file and mail it to me at [email protected]:

    - launch the app
    - go into More > Gear icon > Control
    - Enable "logging to file" (at the end of the page).
    - IMPORTANT: Exit the app (More > "X" bottom left icon)
    - restart the app
    - run the app and trigger the problem to troubleshoot
    - exit the app
    - email me the files found on internal storage:

    On Android 10 and below:


    On Android 11 and higher:

    /Documents/prev_com.bubblesoft.android.bubbleupnp_log.txt (if present)

    You can access them with a file manager app and share them to your email app for sending them.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to not restart BubbleUPnP until you have sent or saved the log file as it is overwritten on app startup.
    BubbleUPnP 1.6.8 and BubbleUPnP Server 0.6.5 are available

    Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions, bug reports, logs etc.

    BubbleUPnP 1.6.8

    Video transcoding enhancements with BubbleUPnP Server (requires upgrading to BubbleUPnP Server 0.6.5)

    • transcoded video preserve embedded subtitles (mostly found in MKV). MX Player must be configured to use the H/W+ or S/W decoder to allow to select subtitles
    • when playing a transcoded video, ability to choose interactively audio/video streams to be included in the transcoded video (when there is more than 1 audio/video stream)
    • added ability to download transcoded videos (as MKV), preserving all audio/video tracks and subtitles of the original video
      Transcode quality can be set in "Settings > Network And Settings > Video transcoding", in the "File downloads" transcoding section.
      Requires licensed BubbleUPnP.

    New features

    • added Google Music auto playlists: "Thumbs up" and "Last added" (needs a Sync to appear)
    • added exit button to rich JB notification. Exit the app the same way than Menu > Exit
    • added option Settings > Library > Play displays Now Playing. If enabled, play actions in Library immediately switch to the Now Playing screen
    • added option Settings > Now Playing > Keep screen on. If enabled, the screen is kept on when device is plugged to power and on the Now Playing screen. Enabled by default
    • added "Music > Artists > All Albums" local media server folder, listing all albums sorted by album artist
    • added "Show metadata" action in context menu of album folders in Library (useful to see long titles)
    • added instructions for playing tunein radios from the Android web browser, in Settings > About/Help > Tips > Interacting with other apps
    • added ability to edit an item's metadata (title, album, artist) with context menu > Edit metadata in the Playlist tab and in a saved playlist folder (in Library).
      Useful to rename items having missing or incomplete metadata that have been sent to BubbleUPnP from third party apps (ex: tunein). This feature must only be used for items that will be added to a saved playlist. It *does not* modify metadata on the server
    • show album composer in album lists in Library, if composer is present and Settings > Display > Item size is set to Medium or greater
    • downloading a video also downloads the external subtitle file if present
    • local folder search also searches album name and artist instead of just title

    Bug fixes

    • fixed subtitle URLs sent by recent versions of Twonky (7.x) not recognized
    • fixed download of non-media items (such as subtitles) giving an error
    • fixed Stop (long-click on Play/Pause button) sometimes triggering playback of next track
    • fixed "Settings > Display > Multiline items" not working properly in Library album folders
    • fixed lock screen controls not showing when playing videos to external renderer
    • fixed current LAN renderer lost when network connection switches from WiFi to mobile data or no network
    • fixed error when playing podcast sent from Share action of Doggcatcher
    • fixed broken playlist track advance on some Roku renderers
    • fixed images displayed from Wild Media Server being low resolution (workaround WMS bug)
    • fixed Search action not available on phones, in Library folders containing items only, such as playlists. Now available under menu > Search, allowing local search of these folders
    • fixed possible crash when playing a video to a remote BubbleUPnP instance
    • fixed obscure crashes, some of them involving old versions of Android

    BubbleUPnP Server 0.6.5

    • added support for transcoding videos to MKV instead of MPEG-TS in a number of cases. MKV is automatically used when embedded subtitles must be preserved, and
      for transcoded video downloads (both require Android BubbleUPnP 1.6.8+). ffmpeg must have been compiled with MKV support
    • fixed proxy media servers not discovered by Windows Media Player
    • added option -useNumericIpInStreamURL to force the server to return numeric ip stream URLs instead of a hostname.
      This may be required for some specific renderers to accept to stream from a media server via tethering. This setting is forced if the browsing
      client is a Samsung TV, which requires it
    • fixed small CPU spike every 30s on slow NASes
    • fixed stream URLs becoming invalid if browsing large number of items (more than 3000)
    • fixed Sony SA-NS310 renderer recognized as a media server instead of a renderer
    • fixed proxies not carrying the X_MS_MediaReceiverRegistrar service
    • libshine is used for mp3 transcoding if compiled in ffmpeg (useful on slow NASes as it uses way less CPU than libmp3lame)
    • added missing Standby action support for OpenHome renderers (simply stops playback)
    • fixed transcoded images rarely failing to load due to low read timeout
    • Windows installer: updated ffmpeg to 1.2, added ffprobe, updated Java installer to 7u21
    Finally, it's there!

    BubbleUPnP 1.8.0 is available on Google Play, bringing Chromecast support.
    BubbleUPnP Server 0.8 is available as well, providing transcoding support.

    All the details in this G+ post

    BubbleUPnP 1.6.10 will be shortly available on Google Play:


    • support for playing "All Access" tracks. For All Access tracks part of a Google Music playlist to be playable, the track must be part of your Google Music library
    • better buffering when the local renderer is using its own decoders (FLAC on older Android, ALAC, WAV, LPCM) to avoid potential audio skips
    • the local media server "Filesystem" folder now lists and loads supported playlist file formats (m3u and many others) as folders
    • added Settings > Local Media Server > Allowed remote clients, to specify clients that can remotely browse based on ip address
    • added Settings > Now Playing > Scale cover to fit > On (Keep aspect ratio). Will scale cover to fit to width or height, keeping aspect ratio
    • "Show metadata" context menu action on a video item now shows long description sent by some media servers (for example, movie summary)
    • Display > Show track numbers now apply everywhere a track title is displayed (Now Playing, notification, widget)
    • Display > Show thumbnails doesn't show the "no cover" image in Library when disabled (makes more room for the title on super small screens)
    • added UPnP search query listing all tracks whose artist match the query string
    • trim additional whitespace between words in UPnP search queries (useful with some custom keyboards adding extra whitespace)
    • the local media server "Filesystem" folder lists .mpo files (associated to image/mpo)
    • workarounded again Xbox 360 100% volume bug on track change, hopefully for good this time
    • fixed UPnP device discovery not working with bluetooth network connectivity (tethering) and failure to fetch devices from BubbleUPnP Server on bluetooth
    • fixed " and ' characters not displayed correctly on some renderers (T+A, Pioneer)
    • fixed some Sony BDP devices not listing BubbleUPnP as a media server in all media sections
    • fixed local media server "Filesystem" folder not listing some subfolders in some cases
    • fixed a few crashes
    • other minor changes
    BubbleUPnP is available in the Google Play store:


    • 4x1 and 4x2 widgets resizable horizontally on ICS+
    • rich notification on Jelly Bean with volume control
    • gapless playback (beta) support for the local renderer. Requires Android Jelly Bean. Must be explicitely enabled in Settings > Local Renderer. Changing this setting requires an app restart. The local renderer will play gaplessly if controlled by a gapless aware controller: BubbleUPnP 1.6.0+, JRMC, foobar2000 (foo_upnp 0.99.41).
    • support for controlling gapless renderers (all Android versions). tested renderers: local renderer (locally or remotely controlled), JRiver Media Center, foobar2000 (foo_upnp 0.99.41). Can be turned off in Settings > UPnP Tweaks > Enable gapless control
    • OpenHome local renderer (beta). Allow to control the local renderer remotely without requiring the Control Point to remain running for track advance (the playback queue is stored on the renderer side). Must be enabled in Settings > Local Renderer > OpenHome renderer. Appears on the network with the same name than the local renderer, with (OpenHome) appended
    • video subtitles support for local and external video renderers. For Android playback with subtitles, MX Player is required for either local or remote playback. For important information on this topic, refer to Settings > About/Help > Tips > Video and subtitles
    • support for third party equalizer / DSP apps applied to local renderer music playback (Now Playing > Menu > Equalizer)
    • slideshow to external renderer through the fullscreen image viewer, now able to control external renderers and providing a better UI for this purpose
    • added ability to exclude folders when the Local Media Server is browsed remotely (Settings > Local Media Server > Content > Exclude remote folders)
    • reorganized Settings screens
    • Now Playing screen uses cached covers on mobile connection
    • improved D-PAD navigation (GoogleTV)
    • improved accessibility
    • attempt at a workaround for error 501 on some Sony renderers
    • fixed app sometimes exiting after inactivity delay while local media server is busy streaming files
    • fixed Local Media Server and Renderer possibly disappearing after 30 mins in some external Control Points
    • fixed thumbnails sometimes not displaying (most likely happened on fast devices like the Nexus 7)
    • fixed searching local media server for videos not working
    • fixed local renderer and local media server not being disannounced on the LAN on Android shutdown or reboot
    • fixed layouting bugs
    • fixed rare ANRs and crashes
    • many other fixes and UI tweaks