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Apr 11, 2021
This is brilliant! Is there any chance you could take a look at Audify Music Player? It only lets me control via phone rather than car screen. I'd be happy to donate toward the cause.


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Jan 21, 2008
Interstella 5555
So I've used AnyAutoAudio for Radio Caprice app.. All in all it works fine, I can see the song names, etc.. but in some occasions it stopped working.
Outgoing call from AA did that, and some sequence when I'm turning off the car and trying to connect the next day.
I guess that the app is no longer mantained and updated.. It's a shame, a really good app.


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Apr 11, 2021
This is brilliant! Is there any chance you could take a look at Audify Music Player? It only lets me control via phone rather than car screen. I'd be happy to donate toward the cause.
Nevermind. I realized there was a newer version and everything is perfect! Best app ever!!!

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    So I was tired of not being able to use the audio apps I normally use in Auto and decided to try and do something about it. This app is the result :fingers-crossed:

    How does it work?
    By using the notification listener permission, the app is able to access the media session of any audio app that is running. This is then passed to Android Auto, which makes it possible to control as any normal Auto app. This also means that it is necessary to run the audio app(s) first before running Auto.

    I have several ideas for future features, but would like some feedback first and get rid of bugs. Take it for a spin!

    - Setup AnyAutoAudio from the app
    - Open and run music app(s)
    - Run Android Auto from phone or dashboard

    Latest progress update & ideas for the future:


    Install AnyAutoAudio directly from apk:

    If downloading the APK directly you need to allow unknown sources in Auto,

    - In the Android Auto app, tap the Hamburger menu.
    - Tap About.
    - Tap About Android Auto header 10 times, until a toast appears thar says "Developer mode enabled". Now you can access developer mode by selecting the overflow menu dots on the top right of the handheld screen.
    - Select Developer settings from the overflow menu and check unknown sources.

    Source: https://developer.android.com/training/auto/testing/index.html#phone

    Release notes

    - Startup tutorial
    - new settings interface
    - FAQ
    - Feedback
    - Analytics
    - Pinned apps (browsing)

    - No more need for app list! Just run the music apps and open Auto.
    - Issue with controls not responding should be fixed
    - Lots of bug fixes

    - Apps already with Auto implementation is filtered out
    - Queue implementation
    - If audio app is destroyed, just pause
    - Smaller app size
    - Error include audio app name

    - System apps now allowed in app selection.
    - Basic voice control implementation. So far only "play music" seems to work ("pause", "play" etc. fails on Google's side)

    - First alpha release
    - Basic control and metadata
    Progress update!

    First of all, thank you all very much for the kind words and help you have given me! :D

    I have been working on bits and pieces of the app and believe I have found the way this development shall go ahead.

    There will be two apps, the normal on Google Play and a advanced on XDA Labs. As Google has a lot of restrictions, it is not possible to get the deep level access to music browsing that is wanted, so I am able to achieve this by having an "advanced" version on XDA Labs. I have already developed and tested this feature, and it works! I will need other bits finished before a release though. It will be a simple feature that opens the music app itself and upon music selection goes back to Auto. So if you use dashboard, the phone will change app and if you just use the app, it will just change. Simple and easy :)

    The first post has already been updated with a link to XDA Labs, but here it is (I even created the image :victory:):


    I do know there still is bugs, and I will attend them throughout the whole process :)

    The ideas I have for the future in general:

    - Proper settings UI
    - Intro screens
    - Feedback option
    - FAQ screen
    - Analytics (minded on the dual app solution)
    - Proper voice implementation
    - Search in app if possible (requires each music app to allows this)

    - Pin music apps in auto
    - Launch music apps from auto, and return on music selection! (Yay!)
    Hi everyone! A long overdue update:

    The development is still going strong, there have just been some vacation and work taking my time. Also, even though this is an alpha release I want to minimize the bugs as we’re closing in on 2k active users on the Play version alone. Even though I have to pull it from Google Play, more on this:

    From the first release of this app, every time I have uploaded a new build to Google Play there have been some issues with the build. Within Android Auto, Google only allows audio and messaging apps. Sometimes they would give me a limited approval, other times they would reject the build. The weird thing was that when it got rejected, I could just create the same build with a new version number and then it would be approved when I tried again or a little later. After getting the app released the first months this way, it became clear it wasn’t viable when I wanted to push small bugfixes.

    So I decided to reach out to Google, they looked into it and found that apps that allow other apps to play in AA are not allowed. So no point of keeping it on Google Play as I can’t update it. You can read their answer below.

    Thank you for contacting the Android Auto Team.

    I see that there is some confusion as to why your app, AnyAutoAudio (dk.jonske.AnyAutoAudio), did not qualify for Android Auto.

    After further investigation, we found your app does not qualify for Android Auto as we are currently only accepting two types of apps:

    • Audio apps that allow users to browse and play music and spoken audio content in the car.
    • Messaging apps that receive incoming notifications, read messages aloud via text-to-speech, and send replies via voice input in the car.

    Here are some specifics regarding this issue that are present in your app:

    Your app is not a media app but a tool for other media apps. Your app allows other media apps to play in the Android Auto UI and does not play media of it's own. This functionality is not approved for Android Auto.
    After you address the matter mentioned above, please submit a new version of your app and our team will gladly review it for you.

    I hope I was able to provide you with some clarification. If you have further questions or concerns please reach out to us again. We will be glad to help.
    So what’s next?
    From now on, only the XDA version will be updated. The advanced version are almost ready to go, I have been using it for over a month now and believe it is ready for a release next week. It is awesome!
    I know this is a long post for a change. But for those that are interested, I wanted to share it with you

    Finally, you guys are awesome! Firstly I can see you are great at helping each other when I have been away and as always, thank you for the kind words here, on email and etc. I will get to answer the post here, that have been unattended.
    Dev love <3
    Hi all, the annoying play update is fixed and a updated have been pushed to XDA to set a higher app version :)

    I was using AnyAutoAudio with no problems then received a message telling me it was removed from google play. I came here to download the new apk and not it will not install, getting the message that the file is corrupt. Can you help me either with an older version that will install or a non corrupted version of the current apk. I really depended on this app to play my audio books through Android Auto in my car. Thank you.

    Hmm, is this happening both from XDA Labs and the website? You can find all previous versions here http://jonske.dk/archive.html
    I tried this with Apple Music on a Samsung Galaxy S9. It caused my Android Auto to freak out and it kept rebooting / refreshing the Android Auto interface on my car. It was an endless loop of my screen flickering until I closed out the AnyAutoAudio app. I will definitely keep an eye on this app for an update.

    Same thing is happening with Apple Music on my S8.
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