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[APP][5.1+]PowerTube - fast video downloader based on youtube-dl

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Thank you for building a "kick ass" awesome apk.
I paid for AD removal option as your time and efforts are well worth it and more.

may I ask, is there any Hope that we can download our PAID FOR content? I have about 17 movies in my youtube account, but haven't figured out how to save or download them. (Google play MOVIES - let's one download to 3 devices, but no More.)

If you find a way to download our collections, I would gladly donate again and honestly, it's worth at least 10 -20 bucks or more!!!!!

Google play movies that are download to ones tablet/phone/devices,,, show up as a weird file format with hundreds of little files -only YouTube can decode these-

My reason, is to save a local MP4, of movies I have paid for

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    download your favorite videos with PowerTube


    • All function free no need pay
    • Supports downloading from a large number of sites (powered on youtube-dl)
    • Supports downloading ALL resolutions including 1080p, 1440p, 4K and 8K
    • Supports downloading audio
    • Supports downloading playlists
    • Multi-thread fast download
    • Supports downloading multiple format
    • Supports downloading 60FPS and HDR video
    • Supports resuming paused downloads
    • Supports download HLS
    • Supports download DASH
    • Small app size

    App engine
    Based on open-source youtube-dl and AMELI

    How to download video
    1. Open browser or app
    2. Find video
    3. Click SHARE and tap to PowerTube icon
    4. Select format and start download ;)

    Download app:
    XDA Labs
    Make it optional, please. I hate thumbnails from videos stuck to my music.
    You can disable this feature

    this is really great app which i like a lot
    but there is issue with latest version 4.4.8 (103) popup message KEEP showing with unfortunately app stopped

    Yes I know about this problem it will be fixed in the near future.
    This is really really REALLY great. I use youtube-dl and FFMPEG on my desktop a LOT. I have always wanted an app just like this. I immediately paid to remove ads.

    Do you think you could give it "Share" functionality, so you can Share a link to PowerTube from another app? For example: on reddit, most videos are DASH (very annoying). If I am in the Reddit app and see a video, I click Share, PowerTube is one of the options, and it will send the URL directly to PowerTube, which will then download it?
    Just an idea. Loooooove this app. So excited.

    Well, this is an interesting app. Do you have something for MP3 files?
    Thank you for your feedback, the app can download mp3 from YouTube and other sites.