[APP][6.0+]Compass of Chance

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May 2, 2022
The compass does not point to the north, but will show the path to adventure!
Can't decide where to go or tired from the monotony? Trust fate and try your luck! This compass will take you to an accidental place, not only at your native city, but also anywhere in the world. You do not see any map or target, you just have to trust the compass and go into the void. Your point is unpredictability, it can be anything: an unfamiliar cafe, a central museum, a store or even an airport.
The most important thing is not to be afraid to meet chances, they turn into the embodiment of desires!

You can try it on Google Play: Compass of Chance
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P.S. Need your feedback =)
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    The idea sounds interesting, so maybe I will give it a try. :)