[APP][6.0+][NO ROOT] Android Auto Apps Downloader - The all time favourite apps on Android Auto, painfree

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May 31, 2018
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Jun 26, 2013
Hi to all, i just bought Peugeot 308 Active Plus but no connectivity between Android Auto and AAAD apps!
Thanks in advance

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    Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD) is an app for Android Phones that downloads popular Android Auto 3rd party apps and installs them in the correct way to have them in Android Auto.

    For the first time in 3 years, now users with non-rooted Android devices can enjoy these apps made for Android Auto, and Android Auto Apps Downloader does it all for you. Simply select an app you want to install on your phone and the download will begin. Once completed, install the given app with the classic Android interface and you can start enjoying the app you’ve just installed for Android Auto.


    No need for a PC.

    Android Auto Apps Downloader can be easily installed on any Android phone and the whole installing process is just on the phone.

    No need for developer options.

    There’s this common misconception that enabling “unknown sources” or “disable ANR” make those apps work. I don’t know who started this, but it’s totally irrelevant. Debug USB? No need for that either.

    No need of grabbing APK and do manual installations.

    Android Auto Apps Downloader will always download the latest version of the software for you!

    No root needed.

    The main goal of this app is having the listed apps in Android Auto with a pain free experience and, most of all, without requiring a rooted phone. If you are rooted, you might want to consider AA AIO TWEAKER, which has an alternative root method to patch the apps and it has a lot of other cool features!

    Android Auto Apps Downloader is free and can be downloaded from GitHub. Offers in app purchase. The free version of the app allows up to 1 download every 30 days. With the PRO version you can enjoy the full experience and download as many times as you want, forever!

    • Android 6.0+ phone
    • That's it!

    Download From GitHub (source code will be live soon!)

    Why the heck do I need this app? Can’t I just install the apps by myslef?

    Well yes, you could, but they would not appear in Android Auto. Since the beginning of 2018 the custom apps for Android Auto are blocked by Google, but AAAD installs them in a special way in order to actually see the apps on Android Auto. And no root is needed! Call it magic, if you will.

    I have a warning from Google Play Protect warning me about your app! Is this app a malware?

    Of course AAAD it’s not a malware. Google Play Store does not like apps that install other apps and apps that have IAP (in app purchases) not managed by Google. You can see yourself that this app basically doesn’t require special permissions. Also, I’m planning on releasing the source code soon!

    Why only those apps? Where is YouTube? Where is Netflix? Where is Instagram?

    Not all apps are compatible with Android Auto. You can’t just pick an app and sledge hammer it into Android Auto. I’ve included basically almost every Android Auto app known to date, and the only responsibility of AAAD is to make them available in Android Auto.

    How do I update the apps installed from AAAD?

    AAAD will always download latest version of an app. If one of the apps that you've installed through AAAD gets an update, you can open AAAD and download the update. At the moment, there's no update checker, but I'm planning on making it!

    Will you hold my bank account/credit card informations?

    Of course no. The offered in app purchase is solely processed by PayPal and none of the informations are held or shared with me.

    Will this app be available on the Play Store?


    I have a problem with an app installed by AAAD. Coyld you help me out?

    Any software installed by my app is provided "as is" and I'm not responsible for any malfunctioning. If you are in this case, please seek help from the software's author instead.

    I have a problem with this app. Could you help me out?

    Write an email to [email protected]

    Sir how do I download this app????

    If you are on mobile, you likely will have a little dropdown menu named "Assets", from there you can see the package (APK) to install the app. Download and install. If you are on a PC, you might see the "Assets" menu already collapsed and from there you can see the APK.
    Don't waste your money with this app! Google is going to always find a way to stop every method people will find to circumvent AA restrictions. It will be fairer not to ask for money for "products" that will cease to work in only a few weeks.
    Relax. It's just a few bucks.
    I don't mind supporting a developer with a great idea. Even if it's not permanent.
    He still did the work, so why not pay the small price to enjoy it while it lasts.
    Hi everybody, for me the touch works on my car screen using Screen2auto, but when I am on the s2a launcher and press any app then I have black screen ( on the cell phone the app runs ok)
    Oneplus 8 pro , no root
    Yo tras instalar app AAAD y Carstream no me aparece en Android auto. ¿Qué puede ser?

    After installing the AAAD app and Carstream it does not appear in Android auto. What can be?