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[APP][7.0+] Custom Navigation Bar - Customize your own navigation bar

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New member
Sep 19, 2017
I got lucky, I'm still using the same Titanium Backup version of this app and it works on Android 10 for me. I re-install the back-up, grant root permissions and then I close it. Once I open it back up it's at the Main Menu.

This has always been one of my "must-haves". There's a few apps I love to use fullscreen on. Anyway, I hope another app/hack that's similar comes along someday that was as reliable as this one was. I loved this app.

would you like to share that Titanium Backup file? I used to back up this application, but it was deleted.


Senior Member
Jun 2, 2019
How do i make this app work on MIUI 11? I granted the permission through ADB but the compatibility test fails (no next arrow).
I have a Redmi 8, I tried disabling the MIUI optimization and it still fails.
Any other ways of changing the navbar without root? I just want to make it smaller, nothing fancy.

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    So the Android O preview brings navbar customizations to SystemUI Tuner. I had an idea to make it better and also available for Android N!

    Today I'll be introducing navbar customization for Android N, WITHOUT ROOT.

    - Add custom buttons to your navigation bar
    - Customizable navbar layout
    - Tasker integration for contextual navbar
    - Easy to setup
    - No root or xposed required

    - Not working on ResurrectionRemix, Beanstalk, AospExtended or anything that uses DirtyUnicorns smartbar (Need testers)
    - Not working on Touchwiz (S8 is partially supported), EMUI, LG UX
    - Working on Android 7, 7.1, O preview
    - Working on LinageOS
    - Working on Nexus devices
    - Working on Sony Xperia devices

    From Google Play™

    Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

    - Chinese
    - English
    - Thai

    Want to help translating the app to your language? Read here

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Custom Navigation Bar, App for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 0.3.2
    Stable Release Date: 2017-04-18

    Created 2017-04-17
    Last Updated 2017-05-14
    0.5.8 - May 6, 2017
    - App Shortcuts for Android 7.1
    - Fixed immersive mode
    - Theming support
    - New button actions (Tasker event, Toggle profile, Launch application, Expand notification drawer)
    0.4.3 - Apr 24, 2017
    - Added an option to normalize button size
    - Added more button overrides
    - Added immersive mode control
    - Fixed icons disappearing after restart
    0.3.5 - Apr 19, 2017
    - Improved key code selection by moving frequently used keys to the top
    - Added more icons to choose from
    0.3.4 - Apr 19, 2017
    - Added an experimental feature which allows replacing back, home, recent keys
    - Better intro screen to help users set up the app
    0.3.1 - Apr 18, 2017
    - Will automatically grant permission if su access is given
    - Attempt to fix icons disappearing after reboot
    0.3.0 - Apr 18, 2017
    - Initial release

    Beta changelog
    0.6.0 - May 6, 2017
    - Custom layout editor
    0.5.7b - May 3, 2017
    - Bug quickfix
    0.5.7 - May 3, 2017
    - Added button to expand notification
    - Added more icons
    0.5.6 - May 2, 2017
    - Fixed a crash from formatting error
    0.5.5 - May 1, 2017
    - Fixed a bug that broke themes from other packages
    - Initial custom theme support
    Theme documentation can be found below.
    0.5.4 - Apr 30, 2017
    - New theme system
    - Fixed themed button icon size
    0.5.3 - Apr 29, 2017
    - Added launch app button action
    - Finally fixed the app icon and added a rectangle variant
    0.5.2 - Apr 29, 2017
    - Added more themes
    - Long pressing a theme will now show the app providing that theme
    0.5.1 - Apr 28, 2017
    - Added toggle profile as button action
    0.5.0 - Apr 28, 2017
    - Added tasker event plugin, allowing button clicks to trigger tasker
    0.4.5 - Apr 27, 2017
    - Fixed immersive mode logic
    0.4.4 - Apr 27, 2017
    - Added app shortcuts for Android 7.1+
    0.4.1 - Apr 21, 2017
    - Bring back experimental feature to beta channel
    0.4.0 - Apr 20, 2017
    - Added theming (very experimental)
    The latest beta release (0.5.0) will include Tasker event plugin, which allows you to trigger Tasker event when pressing button.
    This is a heavily requested feature, so I will post a tutorial here about how to use it.

    1. Configure a custom button as you would, but this time, set button type to "Tasker event" instead of "Keycode".
    2. Open tasker and press add in profiles tab
    3. Select "Event"
    4. Select Plugin -> Custom Navigation Bar
    5. Click on pencil icon to edit event
    6. Select the profile you have the button set up. If you set up the button you want in "Navigation bar" section of the app, select "None"
    7. Select the button that you have set up. If the option is greyed out, check if you done step 1 correctly
    8. Save the event and add an action for that tasker profile.

    When pressing the button first time, if a dialog pops up, select "Custom Navigation Bar" and press "Always"

    But remember, this is a large feature that requires many changes in the application code base. It might be buggy or breaks something.
    And thanks for all your kind supports. :)
    Kindly write the command here which we need to give to grant permission, tried both terminal emulator and adb, but unable to do it,

    I'm guessing it's this:

    adb shell pm grant xyz.paphonb.systemuituner android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

    Thanks for making this app, OP. Check out my series of tutorials for potential uses of this: https://www.xda-developers.com/tag/android-o/

    As for how to add custom icons, I figured it out here: https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-add-custom-icons-to-the-navigation-bar-in-android-o/ and OP implemented it in his app ;)
    I've posted an article about this here: https://www.xda-developers.com/nav-...ck-nougat-all-along-and-it-never-needed-root/

    Prepare to get a lot of attention towards your app in the morning when the blog mill starts rolling ;)