[App] [7.0+] Ruthless Launcher (2020) - simple yet feature rich.

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Feb 8, 2010
Southern California
It's the best for 60Hz screen refresh rate device. For newer one, it's a little bit lag in app drawer (90Hz or higher)
Interesting. With the Black Friday price drop I'm considering getting the Pixel 7 (which has a 90Hz refresh rate). I doubt I'd swap out the launcher on it right away, but my OP6T is running smoothly enough that I may wait a while on a new phone purchase. It still does pretty much everything I want/need it to do.


Dec 23, 2021
Good launcher, free. Consumes little battery. I ask the developer if possible in the next update to include in the Widget At Glance, in addition to the date, notifications and the music player, also the clickable time and the battery percentage without weighing down the Launcher. An option is missing to lock the desktop


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Jan 19, 2018
Good launcher, free. Consumes little battery. I ask the developer if possible in the next update to include in the Widget At Glance, in addition to the date, notifications and the music player, also the clickable time and the battery percentage without weighing down the Launcher. An option is missing to lock the desktop
No update since Apr, seem like it's been abandoned. So sad...it's a good launcher.


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Aug 14, 2013
I don't know if anyone can help but, sometimes when I scroll the app drawer I accidentally trigger some motion that causes the drawer to switch to my hidden apps. I can't figure out why this is happening as it seems to be totally random as to when it appears. Is there anything I can disable to prevent it from doing this?

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    Ruthless Launcher is a lightweight, yet feature-rich launcher based Amir Zaidi's Shade Launcher.


    Parity with the latest Play Store release of Shade. Everything, including Grids, Accent Colors and Smart Unread are all included.

    Supports Adaptive Icons Packs

    Choose from the thousands of icon packs to customize your Home Screen. Make it truly yours.

    A smarter way to display your most important notification

    Smart Unread displays your topmost notification right in the Glance widget. It also displays weather information as well as music track information and you can skip tracks by double tapping the track

    Customisations? Fam, we got you covered

    Change everything from fonts, icon shapes and sizes, app launch animations, custom grids, swipe gestures and more.
    Oh, you live for that minimal aesthetic? Disable whatever components you don't need and enjoy that awesome wallpaper.
    Absolutely love your setup and want to share it around? Backups, what's not to love about them.

    Love News Feeds? We do as well

    A simple swipe to the right and BAM! For Google's Feed you'll need the Pixel Bridge add-on: https://telegra.ph/Googles-News-Feed-Addon-08-02
    Also, other custom News Feed apps like Homefeeder are supported too.

    Have prying eyes snooping around? ?

    You can hide apps by long pressing an app's icon in the app drawer and by dragging over to the top right corner.
    Want to quickly access your hidden apps?
    Just type in the word 'HIDDEN' et voila!
    Still want more? Secured Vault allows you to lock sensitive apps with your on-device biometrics. (Hardware compatibility varies between devices)

    Don't like ads?

    We got you covered, this free app contains no ads and no feature is hidden behind any sort of pay wall.

    Get Ruthless Launcher from here:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shubh.ruthless
    Is this app open source? I thought it should be as it's based on Shade, which is open source.
    Its not open source and it's not a requirement either. I don't open source it cuz I don't want paid copies of my work. Its a thing where people make paid apps from other people's work. I don't charge anything for my app and keep it ad free also.
    From your description:

    Shade launcher is Apache licensed. You may freely make modifications to it, but, if you distribute the modified product, you must distribute the modified source.

    You don't make this code open source - it is open source. You are just in violation of the license. You may feel that the justification of the apache license is to prevent people from making paid apps from other people's work (which the license doesn't preclude), but that is not what the license says. Look at Paragraph 4 of the NOTICE file that is distributed with Shade launcher.

    No skin off my back, as I've moved on, but you ought not misrepresent what you are doing.
    Read apache license yourself, I can legally ship the app without open sourcing it and it's not a violation of license.

    According to the license I just have to mention what modification I have made and ship the product.

    If you want to act smart, do a proper research or don't spread your misinformation

    Hyperion and nova launcher along side shade and others are also based on launcher 3, which is Apache 2.0. Tell me where is the source code of those? Are your saying they too are violating license? I know your would say yes cuz you haven't read the license yet.

    Here is a information on the same from fossa.com

    Apache License 2.0 vs. the MIT License​

    These two OSS licenses are extremely similar. One exception is that Apache 2.0 requires users to state any significant changes they make to the original code. They don’t need to reveal their source code, but must include modification notifications.

    Legally, the main difference between the two is the express patent license. While there is some ambiguity about whether a non-explicit patent license exists under MIT, there is none when it comes to the Apache License 2.0. The language of the license makes the grant of patent rights extremely clear.

    well detailed link :- https://resources.whitesourcesoftware.com/blog-whitesource/top-10-apache-license-questions-answered

    Also, got more issues? Ask developer of shade launcher, he will probably ignore you though. I am doing everything legal and that explanation was something which I made so you and other users can understand, with app being free and no advertisement I don't make anything either way, but i absolutely don't want paid copy of my work and hence I don't open source my years of hard work, got a problem with it? Just don't use my app and first do proper research next time before spreading misinformation.
    Congratulations on your work, great launcher! It worked on my A-307GT.
    Good Luck :cowboy::cowboy:
    Please give 5 star ratings on play store if you like the app :)
    hello, is just me or there's no option to hide the search bar in the latest version? I checked the FAQ and it says that the option should be in "Dock -> Show Search Bar" but I don't have that option, I just can change the widget type and the search provider but not disable it.
    I still have that option...try to uninstall and reinstall and see if it can help.