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Jun 13, 2010
I'm testing your browser. And unfortunately I have found a bug right away. If you open a blank page (about:blank) and hit 'bookmark', the app crashes immediatelly.

And what I really want, is a possibility to keep the Desktop View between restarts.

I hope I found a solution. I just released an update. Please read thre following post. If you still have problems feel free to report them here.

Thanks for trying my browser.

Hm, nothing seems to have changed.

The app still force closes. And no setting for "Desktop View".


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Oct 27, 2015
I can't get my head around on how to import Bookmarks. I tried importing Bookmarks from a html export and it doesn't work 🤔


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Aug 10, 2012

I just want to release the next update soon. Here is the changelog for the next version:

v 8.6 (WIP)​

  • new: play audio on background
  • new: Quick toggle to keep screen on
  • new: Option to keep screen awake
  • updated: Privacy Policy
  • updated: translations
  • improved: MaterialYou theme
  • improved: search in history, bookmarks, ...
  • improved: close open tabs dialog after making selection

You can download the latest debug-version here:


Please report back, if there are any issues. @h-cspu: Is the issue still there in the debug-version?

I also updated the OP, since the last feature changes.

Gaukler Faun


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Aug 10, 2012
I can't get my head around on how to import Bookmarks. I tried importing Bookmarks from a html export and it doesn't work 🤔
You can only import bookmarks, which are exported from FOSS Browser. It is more backup/restore thing.

To import bookmarks from another browser, you can try the following steps:

  1. Backup your bookmarks inside FOSS Browser.
  2. Edit the backup file (located in Documents -> browser_backup). It should be possible to add bookmark-entries in the backup-file. Of course, you must use the same format as the backup-entries.


Jul 7, 2014
i was not sure if it was better to post it here or on github...
so i am linking here the issue i just posted
nothing major, but for some reason when i try to log onto kodi webserver i get only the username field and not the password field

i linked also a screenshot that hopefully explains better what i mean

link to github issue

as always, super thanks for your work, much appreciated

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Oct 27, 2013
ok , total noob here to FOSS Browser.
how do i make "StartPage" the 1st thing i see when i open the app?
(went through the settings and i guess i'm too thick , too old , too new , too etc. to get it)
any help much appreciated.

Oswald Boelcke

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ok , total noob here to FOSS Browser.
how do i make "StartPage" the 1st thing i see when i open the app?
(went through the settings and i guess i'm too thick , too old , too new , too etc. to get it)
any help much appreciated.
Sorry that I didn't changed my system language to English prior taking the attached screenshots but I hope they're are understandable.

I've created my customised StartPage URL in regard to my desired StartPage behaviour, then went into the FOSS Browser settings => browser settings => startpage pasted the copied URL into the field.

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    "FOSS Browser" is a fully free (as in freedom) open source Android software. The intention is to provide a simple and lightweight, but powerful and privacy-friendly browser with a modern user interface. - Your privacy - your data.

    Wiki | Releases | Changelog | Privacy | License | Code of conduct | Contributing | XDA | Help translating on Crowdin

    Get it on F-Droid | Donate


    FOSS Browser uses the latest [Material You](https://m3.material.io/) design libraries. Following system day/night mode and a wallpaper based theme are just two features of this new library. The UI is optimized for one-hand-use. All UI-elements are at the bottom of the screen.

    More features:
    • Play audio on background.
    • Keep screen on.
    • Open links in background.
    • Restore tabs on restart.


    FOSS Browser uses profiles to protect your privacy. For each profile you can enable or disable: AdBlock, JavaScript, cookies, fingerprint protection and much more. Profiles can also be saved for domains ("github.com" ⇒ Trusted website). This saved domains always overwrite the current profile. So, for example, "github.com" will always open with the trusted profile, even if you are browsing in the protected mode.

    More privacy features:
    • Build in AdBlock, which updates automatically. You can decide which content to block. AdBlock hosts are taken from Steven Black - AbBlock hosts.
    • Third-part-cookies can not be enabled.
    • Enable or disable Android-autofill.
    • Delete browser data (on app exit).
    • Choose between different search engines (or set a custom one).
    • FOSS Browser itself doesn't collect any data: Privacy

    Bookmarks filter

    Organize your bookmarks with filters. You can set custom names for each filter. Long press the bookmark icon in the toolbar to get fast access to your favorite bookmarks.


    You can assign over ten different gestures to the toolbar and the toolbar buttons. Each in four directions. So you have up to eight different gestures to control FOSS Browser. Supported is for example: load last website, switch tab, reload, open bookmarks, ... and many more.


    Backup all your important data (bookmarks, history, trusted websites and so on) on your SD-card. You can also back up FOSS Browser settings.
    • Github-Releases: Here you can find latest app-releases. These are debug versions.
    • Github-latest: Here you can download the debug version with the latest changes. It is like an alpha version for the next update ...
    • F-Droid
    Dear FOSS Browser community,

    I'm aware that with the last update I'm annoying a lot of users. Some lost their bookmarks, some are missing features, they are used to. Indeed I was afraid to release that update. It's not easy to make this step as developer. I'm only a small independent developer with a small community. I believe in free software. Free software would be nothing with the community. So let me explain, why I did this step.

    Main inspiration for " FOSS Browser" was "Ninja Browser". I liked the bottom orientated layout, the search on site functionality and opening links in the background. I removed all I didn't want and added some things from my other apps.

    The next step was a simplified UI. I decided to move all menus and dialogs in in so called "bottomsheet dialogs". This is a android native method to show things moving in from the bottom of the screen. With the new "Overview" it is possible to move the old "StartPage" together with the "tab overview" in such a dialog. Now you can reach all important content in one layout. And this layout can be shown, without opening a new tab. Now all incoming views are handled the same way. The UI is more consistent.

    Also the old tab preview used a custom layout. This layout caused many other layout problems. Now, using the native "bottomSheet dialog", I have less layout troubles, less code and less bugs.

    Another important point is, that I'm making this app mainly for my use. So if there are two ways I'll always will prefer the one, which I like more. I tested the new layout for several weeks. It's not the same like the old one. But you'll get used to it. At least I got.

    Some of your points of critic are already on my to-do list. The next step will be the more individual implementation of gestures. Separated for the floating action button and the adressbar. Swiping up to open overview and switching tabs by swiping left and right will also be an option.

    Last, but not least, I'll have to say, that I'm not a learned developer. All I'm coding I learned on my own from tutorials or documentations. I don't have the knowledge to upgrade a database without loosing some user data.

    At the moment there is nothing more to say. Thank you for all your support. The journey will go on. I hope with you.

    Regards and a happy new year
    Gaukler Faun
    Here is the promised test release. Please make a backup before using (I recommend OandBackup). It is possible that you will lose some data. Things to do before official release:

    - new help dialog
    - update screenshots
    - bookmark import and export
    - what you tell me ...


    - the overview tab is now also a dialog displayed from the bottom
    - tab preview is integrated in the overview
    - bookmarks and login data are now in one tab
    - bookmarks filtering and sorting
    - gestures on toolbar and navigation button are now handled the same way
    - new options for gestures in the settings
    - ...

    Thanks for testing and still following this thread. The show must go on!

    Gaukler Faun
    Update v 5.7

    As promised ( along time ago) here's the update. It took longer, but there are some changes:

    ### v 5.7
    - new: delete indexed databases and local web storage
    - new: Spanish translation (thanks to Herman Nunez)
    - new: confirmation dialog before making backup
    - new: delete separate lists (Startpage, history, ...)
    - new: show unsecured connections and try reloading secure
    - new: search engines (Startpage DE, Searx)
    - new: notification when download or screenshot complete
    - new: block remote content
    - improved Chinese translation (thanks: lishoujun)
    - removed: Snackbar (replaced with toasts)
    - removed: request desktop site
    - removed: build in file manager
    - fix: some strings (thanks: gr1sh)
    - fix: some urls opening search results

    Thanks for your input and for using "FOSS Browser"!