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Mar 2, 2017
Hay, i am experiencing a bug whereby one app is muted while the other app sound continues. As soon as i pause the latter, sound from the other app starts working(Audio Focus ignored on both apps). [Oneplus 6t running PiXeN Os 11]

Edit: SeLinux issue xD... Didn't know my kernel was enforcing(First time). 😂
Pretty sure you want enforcing. Permissive is huge security risk and breaks safetynet.... Then again Idk how android 11 would work. on oos android 10 oneplus 7 pro. Tell me if you get app working on enforcing lol


Dec 9, 2014
Love this app! Now i can play and listen music at diffrent volumes.
Works very well on a Motorola E5plus, hannah, lineage, android10, magisk22.0

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    ***Disclaimer!!! Experimental software applied MIT Opensource License,I am not responsible for any side effects (if any) or damages (if any) caused by this application. Uninstall it in magisk will remove all changes by this software

    Brief Intro
    This is a magisk module, apk included, it is used for adjusting the application volume individually(available for multiple playing, you need to ban Audio Focus permission for some app to achieve multiple play)

    1.app volume control
    2.left/right channel volume control
    3.float window




    1.You need Magisk 20.2 or higher installed(Canary not recommended)
    2.Download and flash the module
    3.Module has 2 modes to install, use volume key to choose when installing module
    • Default
      This option will try setenforce 0 on boot as unexpected binder operation is banned by SeLinux
    • Try enforcing
      This option will do nothing with the SeLinux as the module has added sepolicy.rule to try add allow policy for my binder
    *I strongly NOT recommend the over modified system to install this module,Ex. EMUI,etc
    This software may work better on system like AOSP, LineageOS, DerpFest, etc(MIUI is suppoted after a huge amount test)

    Download module
    module has been added to magisk module submission issue,
    Github release:https://github.com/Alcatraz323/audiohq_module/releases
    Apk file is also available on GooglePlay and Coolapk

    Open source
    The xda article about this app states (emphasis mine):

    So how do I go about actually forcing two or more apps to play audio simultaneously (for example twitch+Spotify, YouTube music+YouTube, etc)? I could find no way to do that inside the app

    That part of article is misunderstanding, I don't provide any API to let you play multiple audio same time, but you may use some permission manage software like AppOps to ban both applications' AudioFocus permission to achieve that. Also some player support to ignore audio focus by itself such as netease music player
    Anyone tried this on oxygen os yet?
    Great module !
    I'm trying to install the app via Playstore, but it says it's not available in my region. Could you please release it in Brasil?
    Supports Android 11 now
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