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Oct 20, 2015
Xiaomi Redmi 1S
Xiaomi Redmi 2
I came from years of Viper4Android user and I just found out Wavelet recently. While V4A offer full control of the EQ and other features, most of the times I got overwhelmed and the lacks of tuning knowledge making my listening experience worse.

I really appreciate Wavelet and its simplicity, it so simple it blows my mind, AutoEQ is a godsend making my IEMs sounds damn good with only small tinkering.

I really appreciate your works and passion, thats why I bought the Pro version to show my support for the development ;)

However I have small issues, Reverberation is not working for me. I'm running Android 12 with Legacy Mode turned off for Spotify.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Nov 22, 2011
I just installed the FULL version of Wavelet on my S20 Ultra Snapdragon variant running One UI V4.1 & using Spotify with Jabra Elite Active 65t Buds - It's quite an impressive app!
Like @mark.dx I don't know if Reverb is working for me & not really sure what to expect it's effect to be.
I take it that it's not advisable to use Samsung's Adapt Sound with Wavelet?
When I say Impressive - I mean it! I was a long time V4A user & Wavelet isn't giving anything away to Viper 👍


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Nov 22, 2011
This is weird. I've noticed just today that if I Toggle on the "effects", the volume drops to almost zero, but not all the time?
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Snapdragon variant running One UI V4.1
adb permissions granted.
Anyone else, or any ideas?

Virtualizer seems to be the culprit?


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Nov 22, 2011
K - I've been using Wavelet for a few days now, and I've got a couple of other pretty basic questions (sorry).
I've turned off Samsung's Adapt Sound, (I'm guessing that is the right thing to t?).
I'm not sure if I should be using Jabra's Sound+ at all?
Also it wasn't clear to me if I should be using both AutoEQ and the Graphic Equalizer, but I'm thinking, no.?
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Snapdragon variant running One UI V4.1 - Jabra Elite Active 65t buds.
Periodically, I'll notice that the volume drops off considerably, I had initially thought that it was the use of the Effects, but now I'm not sure?
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Nov 22, 2011
Hey hey.
So I've recently bought some IEM's. And bought the app USB Audio Player Pro.
Now I already had Wavelet for a while and always worked perfect with Tidal and my wireless Sony XM4' earbuds.

But now, when I run either Tidal or just files stored on my phone with UAPP, Wavelet seems to stop working.
I can change whatever i want, but there's no change in sound. Same in Legacy mode.
If I dont use UAPP, Wavelet works fine.

Seems Wavelet won't work for me with UAPP. But i cant find if this is a common issue.

Anyone know what might be going on ?

So summarize of the stuff i use:
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Exynos)
Moondrop Kato
UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro)
Simple cheap USB C to 3.5 Jack DAC / adapter from UGreen
Wavelet (not working in this setup)

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Long time user (full version)... greatly appreciate the work into developing this app.
Been using Wavelet with all my headphones...Sony XM3/XM4's and even BeyerDynamics.
Just purchased the newly released Sennheiser Momentum 4 and was wondering if a AutoEQ will be available for it?
I'm currently using the Momentum 3 wireless AutoEQ with a slight personal adjustment.


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Nov 22, 2011
I guess i probably better should email the UAPP developer.

EDIT: I did and got my answer.
They're simply not compatible because of the way UAPP works :)
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    Headphone specific equalization

    Wavelet may be the most powerful equalizer for Android to date that doesn't require root or an unlocked bootloader. It is capable of processing audio system wide and supports optimal equalization settings for over 3300 headphones. That's way more headphones to choose from than the Sonarworks and Dirac android apps combined have to offer.
    Supporting this many headphones has been made possible by Jaakko for letting me use his awesome AutoEq project.

    The app features a minimal UI with plenty of options for customization:
    You can use AutoEq to equalize your headphones to the Harman standard. The graph visualizes the compensation applied.
    There's a 9 band graphical equalizer you can use fine tune the result or set up when your headphones don't appear to be available in the database.
    The effects section offers effects such as bass boost, virtualization and reverberation. There's a bass tuner option too to give your beats that little extra thump, or reduce bass if you're not a basshead.
    At the bottom you can find the gain controls. There's a limiter allowing you to reduce dynamic range and a channel balance feature for when you find one channel playing too loud or if you just want to reduce the overall output volume.

    Wavelet can be downloaded here from Google Play.
    Features displayed vary on the mode you're using and what output device is connected.
    I strongly recommend checking out the README and read up on legacy mode to help you get the best experience

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Wavelet, App for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 22.07
    Stable Release Date: 2022-07-04

    Created 2020-05-11
    Last Updated 2022-07-05
    First impressions - awesome work! Nice UI and my headphones were recognized. I could only get legacy mode working but the graphical EQ is nice to have if the headphone correction isn't quite tuned for your ears. I think this is going to be a popular audio mod/app...looking forward to further development. :good:
    Thank you! I put a lot of thought in the design.
    Legacy/regular mode is the best solution I could come up with to cope with the finicky audio sessions design Android has implemented. If it works or not depends on the music player you use and if your device manufacturer allows processing the global audio session or not. Sometimes both modes work and in the worst case nothing might work

    Can you explain how this app is able to apply EQ effects without having root access or being a system app? What kind of APIs are you using? Thanks!
    The app makes use of standard libraries Android provides. Most of them are available since Android 2.3, but the DynamicsProcessing library is relatively new and allows for much more customizability. It allowed me to build the equalization and gain control features.
    Default mode listens for audio sessions started by music players and applies these effects to them. Legacy mode applies them system-wide (session 0), but this may not work on all devices.
    20.06 update rolling out right now!

    Hi all,

    I want to thank everybody for the incredible amount of positive reactions and support. It's truly amazing. A big thank you to the people who pointed out some early issues as well.
    I started rolling out version 20.06 gradually. It contains important bug fixes and some exciting new features, so updating is highly recommended.
    This article published on XDA covers all you need to know about the update.

    Beta test is now open!

    Hi all,

    I just opened the beta track for everybody interested in testing Wavelet. By joining you will receive early bug fixes and maybe bugs I haven't encountered myself despite testing.
    This track is not meant for feature requests, but for helping me out catching bugs before I implement them to stable.

    Joining is appreciated!
    Do you mean that wavelet is not applying any effects to any of the music players?

    Did you disable battery optimisation? Battery optimisation stopped wavelet from detecting music sessions for me... @pittvandewitt maybe you can ask the user to disable battery optimisation for the app when it is opened for the first time...

    Ps I use a OnePlus 7... So your phone can work differently
    Thanks for the heads up. I will instruct users to do so when this occurs again. This is a major issue plaguing a lot of devices from Chinese vendors: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/122098785

    I'm using this app on a OP6t with a BT Bose QC30. Normally there is a short clipping effect at the beginning of the new songs, but it can be avoided by using legacy mode. Its a very simple and nice app!
    Thank you! What you hear is the driver initializing, something that can not be avoided.

    Hi Pitt. I downloaded today on my Redmi K20 Pro and it works with Creative Outlier Air flawlessly . l purchased full package right after for support as well please keep up the great work !

    Only one minor issue: When I switched bluetooth from Creative OA to Bose Soundlink speaker, Wavelet recognizes new device ( Bluetooth connected ) but it decreases volume to point of tiny sound overall. So I need to manually turn Legacy mode on and volume comes back ( tested on Spotify & Soundcloud )

    Could you explain how this happens and can it be improved in future ?
    Thank you for your support! I have no idea how it happens and I'm unable to reproduce it. Do you have both devices connected at the same time? Could you share a screenshot of how you have both devices configured?

    thanks hope it gets fixed, also wondering if this helps when you have an LG phone with quad dac
    That won't help. But it seems like Deezer fixed the issue, which is great.

    Please read the readme in the op... The player has to send the broadcast for wavelet to detect... Maybe Plex amp doesn't send a broadcast
    Your assumption is correct. A feature request to the developers of Plexamp was made about a month ago.

    I don't know how but wavelet has started detecting the headphones I use... Have noticed it for the first time... Will keep you posted...

    PS I'm using an OnePlus 7 with OOS open beta 15
    I know how :)