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[APP] ADW.Launcher v1.2.0 by AnderWeb is out! (I am not the developer of ADW.)

What is your preferable Launcher

  • ADW.Launcher

    Votes: 905 53.0%
  • LauncherPro

    Votes: 689 40.4%
  • HelixLauncher

    Votes: 8 0.5%
  • Home++

    Votes: 5 0.3%
  • Ahome

    Votes: 2 0.1%
  • Default Stock Launcher2

    Votes: 68 4.0%
  • Others Launcher - Please specified

    Votes: 29 1.7%

  • Total voters
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Inactive Recognized Developer
Dec 1, 2008
So now, if I understand this correctly, I could change from Launcher2 and ADW Launcher and have the same setup on my screens? Basically not having to customize each version, yes??

it makes it a system replacement. whether or not your prior configuration will mesh well with it, i am unsure. most likely having to re-add your widgets..


Senior Member
May 7, 2010
I was wondering if you could work on making the animation for the app drawer flying in more smooth like LauncherPro.. If you do this will be the best home replacement in the entire world:D


Senior Member
Jun 20, 2009
I know Ander is busy working on the Market version and fixing these bugs and all but I'm hoping that he will release the ZIP file versions like rc3 since my G1/Dream LAGS whenever I use a "home replacement" launcher (this is the reason I got rid of LauncherPro).

I had installed 0.7Final and noticed that whenever I chose 'Phone' to dial it would take anywhere from 5-10seconds to bring up the dialer (LauncherPro took 5-10seconds as well).

I know Dr. Cloverdale was gracious (thanks again good Doctor!) enough to pull out the HDPI res files for us and created an MDPI only zip but when I tried flashing that version it still took consistently 3-5 seconds for the dialer to appear. (I know I'm sounding nitpicky and ungrateful and I do apologize as it is not my intent to become one of these sniveling a-Holes that seem to be really demanding on here.)

I'm still using RC3 ADWLauncher since it has the best response time (for me and my G1/Dream). When I select the Phone icon - it takes 2-3seconds to load the very 1st time but after that it is either INSTANT or takes 1 second MAXIMUM! WOOT! :)

This is why I'm hoping that Ander Webbs will continue to create the flashable ZIP versions for us G1/Dream owners. Our hardware I believe just can't handle the simple rerouted name in the code.

Again, Ander Webbs thank you and yes, I am following you on Twitter! Please let us know when you have released RC4 or whatever the flashable ZIP file will be called. I will gladly donate some "beer" to you!


Senior Member
Mar 23, 2007
BTW...I hope everyone asking for features here has sent in a donation. I did and darned if it didn't feel like the right thing to do! <GRIN>

Things I would like:

Previews to be launchable from double-tapping home key or other options. I just single home key for other things. Pinching to invoke it would be good too.

Previews to space out a little more in the three and five screen modes.

Previews to zoom into individual screens with pinch like SenseUI

App Drawer to be able to turn off LBAR and RBAR icons when in App Drawer.

App Drawer to offer dots to the left and right like home screen instead of the dots at the top.

Kermit Woodall
Managing Editor


Senior Member
Aug 27, 2007
Thanks guys. Yes I already use AppsOrganizer but before I shell out the $1 does FolderOrganizer allow you to rename home screen shortcuts like BetterCut does? Or just folders?

I am pretty sure it does allow you to rename the icons. I am actually using this more than Bettercut now. BTW, thanks to the Dev of this program for fixing the issues with Bettercut!


Retired Recognized Developer
Oct 13, 2009
Auckland, NZ
I am pretty sure it does allow you to rename the icons. I am actually using this more than Bettercut now. BTW, thanks to the Dev of this program for fixing the issues with Bettercut!

BetterCut still doesn't work with CM5071, ADW072... :confused:

FolderOrganizer can let you..

Thanks guys, just bought it and, although it take a million steps to create custom shortcuts it can indeed do it and I love the error free integration with ADW. :D


Senior Member
Jan 22, 2008
Re: ADW Launcher v0.7.2 Final is out at Market Store (Fully support Froyo!)

Would any one have the apk for version. 71 , cause the updated version is fc's like crazy, never a had a problem before the update.. thanks in advance

HTC Incredible