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[App]: Always On Display - All AMOLED Devices

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Nov 20, 2011
Realme X2 Pro
See the screenshot


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    Greetings all,

    What is it ?
    I found this application in the Goole Play store which simulates the "Always On Display" feature for all AMOLED devices.

    It is basically turns all pixels in AMOLED screen into black except the selected pixels for the clock. Yes it works with all kind of screens however it causes battery drain for non AMOLED screens.

    - Doesn't work well with fingerprint as you need to tap the home button every time you need to open the screen
    - Doesn't work with 3rd party lock screen apps.

    Please note that I'm not the developer, I just know the developer and I can communicate with him issues.
    or you can directly do so in the comments section in the Play Store

    Download Link:

    All I really want is a way to wave over the proximity sensor like the og moto x

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    Do you use greenify or any apps like that?

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    I have done but the drain tends to be the same either way.

    Amplify has had a good impact on my phone but at the moment i don't use that either, for me it's really about the apps that want to constantly update, so facebook, twitter etc.
    Nice app, but could have more customization options, such as changing the battery icon and much more! But i liked of this app ;)