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Nov 7, 2012

Here you can test my new app Android:

Title : Anti Mosquito

Anti Mosquito is a free application that allows mosquitoes to escape by emitting high frequency sounds inaudible to humans!

The application is very simple, you can activate or deactivate the anti mosquito with a simple On / Off button.

You have the choice of the frequencies among these:

- 8 kHz
- 10 kHz
- 12 kHz
- 14 kHz
- 15 kHz
- 16 kHz
- 17 kHz
- 18 kHz
- 19 kHz
- 20 kHz
- 21 kHz
- 22 kHz

It is normal that you will not hear certain frequencies, but the application emits a sound that is noticeable by mosquitoes.

✪✪ How does it work? ✪✪

1) Press the On / Off button to activate the mosquito repellent
2) Choose the frequency sound you want the application to emit by clicking on it
3) At this time, the anti mosquito is operational and will loop a high frequency sound
4) To stop the anti mosquito, simply click on the On / Off button
5) When you want to switch to another frequency, first press the frequency that is playing and then press another frequency
5a) Example: I pressed the 10 kHz frequency to activate it. If I want to test the frequency 12 kHz, I first press the frequency 10 kHz to stop it, then I press the 12 kHz frequency to activate it on it.

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sospc95.Anti_Moustique

Install it and test it



Dec 21, 2020
Sounds nice. I never knew that you can use a simple android app to fight against mosquitoes. I am living near the forest, and in the summer we are literally attacked by mosquitoes. My dad bought a Mosquito Magnet to deal with them, and this thing seems to help. By the way, I have an interesting question. What should I do if I have an iPhone? Are there similar apps on the IOS system, or you can use these apps only on android. I am really curious about this. I am waiting for your message.
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