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[APP][Android 4.4+][ROOT] EX Kernel Manager

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Oct 13, 2011
Selamlar. Bu program ile ayarlanabilen sistemlerinlerinin görünümü nasıl olabilirim? pencere var mı. Should Zram be off?
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Dec 22, 2007
I have a pixel 3a XL with Android 10 build QQ1A.191205.011 from two years ago. It has ex kernel and ElemntalX and also Magisk 20.4 and the app is 23.0. I haven't taken many Android updates and have one that says 270 days late that is 1.3 GB. Is it possible to install this update or will that do something to affect root? I don't know much about all this and don't want to have to go through any process where I have to connect my pixel to a computer because I haven't been able to get it to connect for a while. I just installed this ElementalX to try to extend my battery life, so just wondering if I should take the update? Thanks
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    EX Kernel Manager

    I get a lot of feature requests and questions for this app, so I've decided to make a thread here. Feel free to make feature requests, report bugs, ask questions or post useful information and feedback.

    EX Kernel Manager (EXKM) is the ultimate tool for performance tuning, maximizing battery life, tweaking color, sound, gestures and other kernel settings. EXKM gives you total control over your hardware with premium features and a beautifully optimized material design user interface.

    *** Your device must be ROOTED to fully use this app

    *** Universal! Compatible with all kernels and all devices.

    *** Works with stock kernel, however, some advanced features such as wake gestures, color and sound settings require a custom kernel

    Fully supported on the Google Pixel, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One m7/m8/m9, HTC 10, OnePlus 3/3T, Asus ZenFone 2, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, Moto G4/G4 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and many other devices.

    Includes instant powersave mode and performance mode. Including widgets and quicksettings tiles (on Nougat)

    Dashboard: your homepage within the app, Dashboard summarizes your current settings and shows real-time CPU and GPU frequencies, temperatures, memory usage, uptime, deep sleep, battery level and temperature, governors, and i/o settings.

    Battery Monitor: the most accurate way to measure battery life. EXKM's Battery Monitor is designed to show battery statistics that you can use to improve battery life scientifically. EXKM Battery Monitor measures % battery use per hour and gives separate statistics for screen off (idle drain) and screen on (active drain). It automatically measures only when the battery is discharging so you never have to remember to reset the stats or create markers.

    CPU Settings: easily create, share and load CPU governor profiles for maximum battery life. Adjust max frequency, min frequency, CPU governor, CPU boost, hotplugging, thermals and voltage (if supported by kernel or hardware)

    Graphics Settings: Max frequency, min frequency, GPU governor and more.

    Advanced Color Control: RGB controls, saturation, value, contrast and hue, Save, load and share custom profiles. (requires kernel support, most custom kernels for Qualcomm devices implement this driver)

    Wake Gestures: sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep, haptic feedback, camera gesture, wake timeout and more (requires kernel support). Asus ZenFone 2 gestures are fully supported.

    Custom User Settings: This feature allows you to add any kernel setting you want. Kernel settings are located in the /proc and /sys directories. Simply navigate to the desired path and you can quickly and easily add the setting to the app where it can be changed on the fly or applied at boot. Plus you can easily import/export your custom settings and share with other users.

    Memory Settings: adjust zRAM, KSM, lowmemorykiller, and virtual memory settings

    Sound Control: adjust speaker, headphone and mic gain. Supports elementalx, fauxsound, fanco sound control, and others (requires kernel support).

    CPU Times: Show CPU frequency usage and deep sleep, and optionally sort by most used frequencies.

    Update or Install ElementalX: Get notified and quickly download and install the ElementalX Kernel on your Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One m7, HTC One m8, HTC One m9, HTC 10 and OnePlus 3.

    Kernel Backup: save and restore kernel backups

    Many other settings: i/o scheduler, readahead kb, fsync, zRAM, KSM, USB fastcharge, TCP congestion algorithm, last kernel log, magnetic cover control, memory settings, entropy settings and much more!

    Other features: configurable, one-click Powersave mode and Performance modes, CPU temperature notification, language chooser (English, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese), theme chooser, auto-powersave mode and more!
    Just got the new update from the Play Store. Liking the little visual differences, the graph behind the current frequencies, the little coloured wheels for battery and ram. Just finishes the look off a little bit better. Not noticed any functional differences yet but I've only had a quick glance through. Any specific functional differences between the new version and the previous?

    I made a lot of changes under the hood, optimizing code and improving things like device detection, and showing more info on the updater screen. There is also the advanced and simple modes, for people who are overwhelmed by a lot of settings. I have a lot more changes planned over the coming weeks.
    I built a bunch of kernels today, all now available through EX Kernel Manager

    Pixel 4/4XL:
    -November security patches

    Pixel 3/3XL:
    -November security patches
    -restore sound settings

    Pixel 3a/3aXL:
    -November Security patches

    Pixel 2/2XL:
    -November security patches

    Essential PH1:
    -November security patches

    HTC U11:
    -initial release for Android Pie

    Pixel/Pixel XL is now end-of-life from Google, so no updates
    Soon. Actually, 3.08 is the one you guys should be waiting for. It's way faster and has a really cool new feature.