[APP] AntiSpamSMS : sms spam block, filter


Apr 8, 2010

Can Search In Android Market (search words = "anti spam" or "airplanez" or "antispamsms")

homepage : antispamsms dot textcube dot com (can't use outlink ㅠㅠ)

* English Locale Support
* Korean Locale Support
* Filtering Order : Allow My Contacts -> Allow(user typed) -> Block Not My Contacts -> Block No Phone Number -> Block(user typed) -> Block Inconsistency Number -> Block Known Spammer
* Unlimited(maybe) user typed Allow, Block count

* main features
+ Usable Regex.
+ Allow My Contacts
+ Block Not My Contacts
+ Block No Phone Number
+ Block Inconsistency Number
+ Block Known Spammer - Custom Spammer Path(For Not Korean User) >=0.82
+ SMS/Block Notify(sound, vibration)
+ Backup/Restore Setting
+ Remove Symbol1 : ASCII Symbol, Graphics Character, white space
+ Remove Symbol2 : Enclosed Character(Alphanumeric, CJK)
+ Remove Country Code : +82, +86
+ Case Insensitive option
+ Do Not Save Spam Option >=0.82

* Allow/Block Add :
+ By user direct
+ from example
+ from sms number
+ from sms text(contents)

* Regex util :
+ simple regex add button
+ check regex
+ check regex with user input
+ check regex with sms number
+ check regex with sms text(contents)
+ menu for regex meta character and input

* manage spammed SMS util / view :
+ delete from spam list
+ copy sms number or text
+ Recovery from spamed list to SMS box
+ Add Allow number from spamed list
+ update user typed block data from spammed
+ spammed reaons show / update use typed : User Typed, No Number, Known Spammer, Inconsistency, Not MyContacts, Blocked Words
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Senior Member
Jun 1, 2006
mytischi, ru
Hi, airplanez!

Yesterday I bought the full version. Can you add incoming Anonymous call rejection? It is very necessary function. I guess I dont understood the description, because the expected to see this feature in the program.

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