[App] aodNotify - Notification Light / LED for S10, NEW: Notification preview!!

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Jun 15, 2012
First of all, Jawomo really did a nice job!
With the last update I'm using the pro version 1.50.
It seems to be running fine on my OnePlus 8pro, except....

My problem occurs using aodNotify together with "Energy Ring - Universal Edition!" (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=you.in.spark.energy.ring.gen).
Unfortunately aodNotify uses the energy ring provided by the energy-ring-app as notification, even though I selected only a simple LED dot.
Resetting aodNotify completely and selecting the LED dot notification, it seems to work correctly for a few days.
But then after a while it uses both energy ring and LED dot as notification together.

Hopefully you can fix this...
Many thanks!

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    You need a notification light / LED for your Galaxy S10? With aodNotify you can easily add a notification light / LED directly to Samsung's Always On Display!

    You can select different notification light styles and show the notification light around the camera cutout, screen edges or even simulate an notification LED dot in the statusbar of your Galaxy S10! As the notification light is integrated in Samsung's Always On Display it has minimal battery consumption and doesn't drain your battery like other apps which keep your phone awake!

    If you don't need the Always On Display, the app can also activate the Always On Display (AOD) only on notifications or show the notification light / LED even without the Always On Display!

    With the notification preview feature you can directly see if you have important notifications without waking your Galaxy S10!

    • Notification light / LED for Galaxy S20, S10, Note 10 and others!
    • Low energy notification preview (android 10+)
    • Activate Always On Display (AOD) only on notifications
    • Charging / Low battery light / LED

    • Notification light styles (around camera, screen, LED dot)
    • Custom app / contact colors
    • ECO animations to save battery
    • Interval mode (on/off) to save battery
    • Night times to save battery
    • Minimal battery consumption

    • LED - 3.0%
    • LED & INTERVAL - 1.5%
    • LED & ECO - 1.5%
    • LED & ECO & INTERVAL - 1.0%
    • ALWAYS ON DISPLAY - 0.5%

    Other apps use up to 5-10% per hour!


    • Samsung may block this app with future updates!
    • Please check if the app is compatible before updating phone software or always on display!
    • Altough we never experienced any screen burn in issues on our test devices, we recommend to not keep the notification light / LED active for a long time! Use at you own responsibility!

    "Samsung Galaxy" is a protected trademark of "SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS"
    Uploaded aodNotify 2.50

    Hide the AOD
    You can FINALLY hide the AOD if you only like to see the lighting effect! Please see details on setup in the app. Enjoy!

    Lighting effect:
    • Hide the AOD
    • Eco animation fixes
    • Fixes and optimizations

    • Updated translations
    • Fixes and optimizations

    More features to come soon..
    Next update will have an exciting new option to hide the AOD, so only the lighting effect will be visible :)

    Stay tuned, coming soon...
    Uploaded aodNotify 2.52

    Contact colors
    Colorize lighting effect depending on content of the notification!

    LED dot effect
    You can now simulate an LED by showing an LED dot effect in the statusbar!

    Hide the Always on Display
    You can now hide the AOD and only show the lighting effect! Activate in settings > AOD operation mode > Show never

    Lighting effect:
    • Different styles for screen on/off
    • LED dot effect
    • Hide the AOD / Show never
    • Eco animation fixes
    • Fixes and optimizations

    • Fixed DnD & Night time bugs
    • UI reorganized
    • Updated translations
    • Fixes and optimizations
    FYI, support will be off for some days now, but will be back soon!

    Taking some time to recover and think about new projects.
    Please keep posting your questions and suggestions for new features! Excited about your ideas :)