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Nov 16, 2019
Hello there!
I have an old Lumia 640 LTE. Recently I decided to turn it on again and I installed an update, so my current OS is Windows 10 (v.1703, build 10.0.15063.1868). I heard about this app making backups for apps and I want to backup some of my apps, including WhatsApp. Unfortunately, it seems not to work properly.

I correctly setup everything, since other apps, like Telegram, backupped, without any problems. WhatsApp appears to be "always calculating" the size. Even if I'll press the "Backup" button, it will close itself eventually, after some time. I read about some problems with x50 devies, but mine is a 640, so it's not a problem. I read also about a problem with BIG apps, and my Whatsapp is like 800MB, described here:

But I found no answers.

I followed instructions on the app Interop Tools for unlocking device, and the only thing I I noticed is that the "checkbutton" on the Interop/Cap unlock turns off randomly.

What the problem could be so? Can I backup in some way my WhatsApp?

I had the same problem, but i found an good option:

It's ideal for big WhatsApp-datas and it works.
Now i'm really happy.

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    App Data Manage Tool is a tool for Windows 10 Mobile devices to create backups from current state of apps and games, and restore them at a later time, or to another phone, or to your phone after a factory reset.

    Although Microsoft introduced some APIs to backup apps into OneDrive, many apps still don't use it :( (Hill Climb Racing, WhatsApp, are you listening? :confused:)

    This tool helps you to create local backup archives from any of your apps and games; then you can copy them to your PC and then to any phone so you can restore that archive.

    Additionally, you can reset the state of apps, which is almost the same as reinstalling them, but is faster :) and also it can be done on some system apps (which you can't reinstall them)

    Your phone must be interop unlocked. Here's a quick how to (for Lumias except x50 series):

    • Download Interop Tools by Gustave M. (ARM version) and its Dependencies from here and copy them to your phone.
    • Set your phone to Developer Mode (from Settings, Update & security, For Developers)
    • Tap on each of Dependencies from File Explorer, then tap on Interop Tools appx.
    • Open Interop Tools from app list, go to "Interop Unlock", tap on "Restore NDTKSvc" and then reboot your phone.
    • Open Interop Tools again and go to "Interop Unlock", now tap on "Interop/Cap unlock".
    (For x50 series and non-Lumia phones, the steps might be different. search for it)

    After you Interop Unlocked your phone, installing App Data Manage Tool is easy.
    • Just get it from the download link below, extract the ZIP and copy its contents to your phone, and tap on the appx from File Explorer to install. (you might need to install Dependencies first)

    Download App Data Manage Tool Beta

    See and contribute to the source code on GitHub

    The interface is easy to use, look yourself ;)



    • Uses new version of AppListManager, which now has a better way to retrieve legacy apps info.
    • App list caching mechanism for much faster app start.
    • Added the ability to backup legacy apps on SD card.
    • You can now easily create a zip file from installation files of apps. It comes handy when you want to repack an app.
    • UI Improvements.
    • Fixed crash at startup on some devices.
    • Fixed update checker not working correctly.
    • Added link to Store for not currently installed apps.
    • UI Improvements.
    • Fixed a bug causing some apps to crash after user resets their state.
    • Added an update checker to the app.
    • Added support for legacy WP8 apps
    • App list is now grouped alphabetically
    • Initial public release

    * This tool is in Beta, malfunctions might happen, and I'm not responsible for any data loss or damage.

    * This is the first app I created for unlocked devices, and I'm excited to hear your comments and suggestions :)
    App Data Manage Tool v2.1 released with numerous improvements.

    The tool now includes a caching mechanism, so app loads much faster (after initial loading first time you open the app). I'm also releasing this as a separate open-source library, so other apps can take advantage of this method to load information about installed apps quickly.

    Other improvements are:
    • Added the ability to backup legacy apps on SD card.
    • You can now easily create a zip file from installation files of apps. It comes handy when you want to repack an app.
    • UI Improvements.
    Hi guys.
    Unfortunately I'm busy these days, so I can't continue updating this tool. I published the source code to my GitHub, so other devs can help improving the app. :)
    i have on suggetion : this app able to do backup apps on phone + sd card (app data) _ you can add a new function to the app to make file from installed apps to .Appx OR .Appxbundle .. so after uninstallation of app ...we dont need to download the app from store.. and we can share the apps..

    can this is done? if yes then i think its usefull...

    and if done than this app is mindblowing because ...its contain everything app+data...:highfive: