[APP] Arc Lighting - Notification Light for Oneplus 8


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Apr 5, 2013
Feature seems Nice. I come from OnePlus 6T so this is a cool new gimmick for me. I would like to try it so i would really appreciate to receive a code as well.

And as asked above me, hoe much does it drain batt?


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Jun 29, 2007
send me a message as i go through all messages in bulk it may take 1-2 months to send out a code sometimes a few days but i do it when i can, i go through depression and the fact that the app is getting spammed with 1 star ratings just made me look away from it
Dude stop whining. You arent being spammed with 1 star reviews. Your app just sucks. And from what i can gather from your review responses is you didnt even write the app you paid someone else to write it. They made you a crappy app and you had to spend more money (more money then the app has made) to fix it.

Hey man thats called life.

Just take the criticism and feedback with stride and go fix it. Or if its to much money to keep developing then abandoned it.
But its not our problem the you spent money on building an app that does not work that well.

And why do you have 2 of the same app? 1 says its for OP devices and the other says its for Pixel/Samsung. Yet in different parts of the description for both apps they say they work with multiple phones including the ones listed in the others title.

But dont release a paid for app or "free" app riddled with ads and not have it be 100% and then get mad when people review it as such.

Review responses like this are pathetic. Grow up.

Symetium CorporationOctober 7, 2020
this is coming problem is people spammed the app with bad ratings to the point where noone wanted to buy it so i can't really afford supporting it

Symetium CorporationNovember 12, 2020
unfortunately people are very cruel and they never understand the work and effort that goes into an app like this i am paying more money than it makes just to keep it updated, in a few weeeks the entire app is going to be replaced with new code which should hopefully fix the bugs, for now go under cutout settings there should be a manual loc slider

Symetium CorporationAugust 5, 2020
we are working on it but you make it incredibly hard when you give 1 star because of it, we are working on it please give us time, this is a bug that only happens for a few people so it's hard to pinpoint

Symetium CorporationNovember 20, 2020
i am convinced that these bad reviews are paid for, you are using a phone that doesn't even have a notch yet along a holepunch camera, but if it's not a fake review, this app is for holepunch cameras and onlyplus 8 only

Symetium CorporationNovember 1, 2020
it is coming the dev is very busy with life and theres nothing i can do about it, he is working on remaking the code from scratch this was a substantial investment from my side more so than the app makes in 5+ months,high ratings really help the app as i am getting a lot of 1 stars theres also a workaround set color to transparent for unwanted apps
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May 8, 2010
Arc Lighting adds a highly customizable ring of light around the camera cutout of your phone. You can use this light with various indicators such as audio visualization, notification lighting, critical or low battery warnings, as well as a charge indicator. The ring can also appear on your Always-On display. (to make aod work you need to make sure you have downloaded always on amoled and activated it, you also need to make sure samsung stock aod and samsung edge lighting is disabled under samsung display settings you also need to make sure that aod is enabled under arclighting with override set to off)


- Highly customizable lighting for the Galaxy S20, S20 ultra, S10e, and Note 10. Select a variety of colors, animations, and styles.
- Always show ring with various gradient effects (add multiple colors and make them spin for a visual experience)
- An adjustable glow effect that can be turned on or off (sometimes this can cause the light to freeze to a white glow this will be fixed)
- Notification lighting both when the display is on or off (update planned for only the lockscreen or only inapp)
- Music lighting that syncs the light to your music (does not work together with other indicators so other indicators will stop working if you enable music lighting this will be fixed)
- Battery indicator lighting for charging, low and critical battery states. (note it will not work until you configure the zones you want the colors to appearm, not configuring zones can freeze the light entirely this will be fixed)
- Device overheating indicator for gamers and power users (note it will not work until you configure the zones you want the colors to appear, not configuring zones can freeze the light entirely this will be fixed)
- Arc Lighting can be configured to match the color of your wallpaper, the app you're currently in, or both! (this only works for the only show ring and only when you set it to a solid color the option is not available for gradient colors which will be added later)

This app requires certain permissions to function correctly.

Accessibility: This permission is used for the ring to appear over your lock screen, always-on display, and for accessing the color of the current app you're in. This permission is required for the app to function properly.

Draw Over Other Apps: This permission allows the ring to show on top of other apps. This permission is required for the app to function properly.

Microphone Access: This permission is used to analyze the internal device audio for the music lighting. You will not be asked for this permission unless you choose to enable the Audio Visualizer indicator for the ring.

Storage Access: This permission is used to get the color of your wallpaper. You will not be asked for this permission unless you choose to use the color of your wallpaper for the ring.

Notification access: This permission is used to change the color of the ring after notifications

Burn-in concerns: Some Android displays may suffer from mild burn-in if a single item is displayed on the screen for an extremely significant amount of time. If you are concerned about this, feel free to enable the rotation animation in ring settings. That will ensure the display is constantly changing. Alternately, you can disable the default effect to only show the ring while an indicator is being triggered. Note: Samsung Galaxy devices come with burn-in protection that moves the pixels a little each time.

Compatible Devices
- Galaxy S10+
- Galaxy S10
- Galaxy S10e
- Galaxy note 10
- Galaxy note 10+
- Galaxy note 5g
-Galaxy S20
-Galaxy S20 Ultra
-Galaxy Z Flip
-Oneplus 8
-Oneplus 8 Pro

Download (xda members get free access, will provide unlock codes to any xda member who asks when you ask please specify if you want the code for my navigationbar app or this app as they both have similar names)



how do i disable individual notifications: currently this is a planned update, you can go into custom colors and set each app you don't want notifying to 100% transparent

light is constantly flashing even if i cleared all notifications: sometimes theres forced notifications such as when you're charging it will force a notification that says you're fast charging, the light will pick up on these you need to hold on these notifications and turn them off to stop the light there should be nothing at all in the notificationpanel, if you still have a flashing light with nothing in the panel contact me.

frozen light: music lighting will disable all other indicators same with battery indicator or battery temp indicator, you need to set custom zones otherwise the light will be frozen, glow also tends to freeze the light so turn that off if it's frozen (this will be fixed in a coming update)
I would like the code for this app. Could you please send me a pm?


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Jun 13, 2010
I was excited when I read about this app and paid for it because I needed more time to try and get it working the way I want it to. I have a pretty big issue though.

I want the battery charging notification (although I hoped it would stop pulsating once fully charged) and notification for text message and voicemail. In order to see the battery charging indicator I had to enable AOD in the app, but doing this prevents the phone app from appearing when I get a call and the screen is off.

Has anyone else seen this or am I doing something wrong in the setup?