[App] Ariel Battery Monitor v2.1 WM6 + Source Code

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Oct 8, 2007
This is Ariel Battery Monitor v2.1 2009 Official site


Short description:
-Ariel taskbar battery charge monitor/indicator/gauge/meter replaces the "Start" button Icon at the taskbar with battery info icon.
It is a freeware and will remain so.

Just delete the old ArielBatteryX.exe if present and copy the new one.

Main features:
-Makes good use of the unused space of the "Start" button icon.
-Battery power is always visible, because it is on the taskbar.
-Very low CPU consumption (Only about 0.001% !!! Much less than any other battery monitoring program !!!)
-Tiny memory usage, Much smaller than kBattery, pBar, magicbutton, batmon or xbutton.
-Just put it on StartUp folder or link to it, and it will do the job!
-WM2003, WM2005 (WM5) , WM6 .
-Full control of all displayed colors.
-The gauge can be moved to replace any icon on the taskbar
-Landscape mode is supported
-VGA screens are supported ( Drag the "pick color" window by it's title to see it all )
-HTC Diamond supported
-HTC Touch HD supported ( Some small graphic representation issues of free space in memory cards , that will be fixed). Please tell me if you have any problems.
-Compatible with QuickMenu ( Just go to QuickMenu options and check "Replace system's start-menu" checkbox ).


What's new in version 2.1 :
-Ariel Battery Icon can now be alligned to both right and left, to support people who frequently change from portrait mode to landscape, and chose to put the icon on top of some other icon, and not the start icon.
-Performance improvement

What's new in version 2.0 :
-WM6 gradient color compatibility
-Full control of all displayed colors

The Ariel Battery meter is dedicated to my son, Ariel :)


Watch Ariel's impersonation of Dr. Evil on YouTube ( 3 month old ):


*If you can, please comment if you like the proggie ;-) Thanks


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Dec 18, 2007
heh.. that's a sweet little guy there :)

The battery app is great, but, it's a bit hard to see with the red and blue.. sorry, I might be slightly color blind.


Jan 31, 2007
Works Great! I have alway hated the wasted start menu icon space. This is a wonderful idea. Nice healthy looking baby too, congratulations.:D


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Jan 1, 2008
Great job and cute little baby(remember my 2 kids when they were a baby)
Easy to install.extract it to my pc and copy it to my sd card and it automatically ask for installation.click yes and it appears on the Start icon.Best thing i can move it left and right.


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Jan 5, 2008
congrats on the little guy. there's nothing like being a parent! can't wait to try this out. thanks.


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Oct 27, 2007
After u replace in the start
When we clcik it does it show Start menu or ?
& how do ur move it to the Right side ?
Thanks in Adv :)


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Oct 8, 2007
After u replace in the start
When we clcik it does it show Start menu or ?
& how do ur move it to the Right side ?
Thanks in Adv :)
You click on the battery icon ( where the start icon used to be ) and a menu opens downwads. Go to "setup" and there you will find how to move it to replace any other icon in the taskbar :)


Feb 2, 2008
Great application!

Great application! At last a battery indicator I can see while I am on the phone!
Keep on the good work :)

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    This app is so amazing that I am using it until now, having changed 2-3 WM devices. I am still using it in an HTC Touch HD (WM 6.5, HTC Sense 2.5). I never liked the original windows battery-bar and I have never found a better alternative to Ariel Battery.

    I was wondering about the calibration of the battery meter. It initially says 350, so I suppose it uses the windows battery gauge and transform it to a corresponding percentage. Is there a way to calibrate the meter by changing the value 350?

    Thank you again for this wonderful app!

    Thanks a lot for the nice post :) So many people downloaded Ariel battery from this site and many other sites over the years. Now I have a baby girl as well, maybe I'll write an app at her name for Android or something :)

    As to your question, the 350 number is only for calculating the remaining time in minutes until the battery is drained. It is really not accurate, cause in some modes the phone spends a lot of battery juce , more than in other modes. It was something experimental. Don't recommend it.
    Hi all.
    I've now added the source code of Ariel battery 2.1 in the downloads section.
    Many things have changed since I wrote this app back in 2008.
    I now have a new baby girl. Maybe she will want one day an app of her own, but looks I'll be writing it on Android :)
    BTW , I have an android phone and hate it, cause I just can't sync my outlook with the Android Callendar, contacts and tasks. So now I carry arround two huge phones ... My XDA II and Samsung Galaxy S I9000, using the old XDA II for callendar and contacts, and samsung for Angry birds.
    Another thing that has changed is that I am going thrue a divorce, and live seperated from my wife for a year now :(
    At least I get to see the kids twice a week for a couple of hours each time.
    Hope everything will be good one day.
    Enjoy the source code guys.