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[App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

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Mar 17, 2016
Google Pixel XL GCam v-8
- back camera portrait not working ( black screen)

- none of v8 features such as audio zoom, stabilization options, auto night mode, storage feature etc are working

- choppy slo-mo

- zoom in/out shows glitches in the view finder
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Nov 27, 2020
Doesn't work properly on Pixel 3a Xl with stock Android 11 (newest security patch). It doesn't contain any new features, only that included in 8.1 update from Google. I should be able to access things like Audio zoom right? But I can't.


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Oct 4, 2020
Good morning I installed Arnovag2 version 8.0 on my realmex2pro. 4k recording, slowm

(Mod Edit: Quote of OP removed)

---------- Post added at 09:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:07 AM ----------

I installed the Arnova8g2 gcam 8.0 version on my realme 2x for Android 10...more it does not record 4k, there is no slowmotion the camera turns off. That I can do ... help me. Thank you.

[/COLOR]Instalei a versão Arnova8g2 gcam 8.0 no meu realme 2x pro Android 10..mais ele não faz gravação 4k, não tem slowmotion a câmera desliga. Que eu posso fazer...me ajude.Obrigado.
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Nov 28, 2020
@Arnova8G2 front cam video and slow motion crashes on my Poco X3 and i can't find narrow and wide cams despite toggle them on.
running on MIUI 12 (Android 10).
I'm using "GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101".
Thanks in advance..


Aug 13, 2006
@Arnova8G2 front cam video and slow motion crashes on my Poco X3 and i can't find narrow and wide cams despite toggle them on.
running on MIUI 12 (Android 10).
I'm using "GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101".
Thanks in advance..

Poco X3 NFC user here too and I posted the same problems, except narrow and wide cam, I didnt mention that but you are right, they dont appear after toggling them ON in settings.
Could you please edit your comment to include which version of android you are running (example: MIUI Global 12.0.4 running Android 10, like in my case).

Also, could you enter the cam, try all the things you mentioned that dont work to create a log file for it, then go to your Gcam > logs folder and upload the most recent log to your edited post, as all that info is vital for the devs in troubleshooting problems.

Thanx in advance.
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Oct 2, 2016
GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101 Video not working when I open camera.narrow_cam and camera.wide_cam selections. If I close the selections It's not working again. I have to wipe data of Gcam to work video. Mi 9T Pro MIUI 12.01 Europe Global.


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Feb 5, 2011
Is the zoom working correctly on the 8 Pro cause it shows it at 2.2x. I thought it was 3x or is the OP camera app doing some digital zooming.


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Oct 28, 2014
Xiaomi Mi 9
Version 6 beta

Version 6 based on google camera 8.0.101 only devices:

List of devices activated for this version
- 1 : Oneplus8T, OneplusNord, Oneplus8Pro, Oneplus7Pro, Oneplus7tPro, S20 Ultra, Poco x3, Redmi Note 7 Pro, ZF6
- 2 : Oneplus7, Mi9TPro, Mi 10 ultra, Mi Note 10 pro, Mi Note 10 lite, Mi 10, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Oppo Find x2 Pro, Realmex2pro
- 3 : redfin Pixel5, bramble Pixel4a(5G), sunfish Pixel4a, coral Pixel4XL, flame Pixel4, bonito Pixel3aXL, sargo Pixel3a, crosshatch Pixel3XL, blueline Pixel3, taimen Pixel2XL, walleye Pixel2

What's new :
Adding additional device
- OnePlus 8, Mi9, S10 Lite, S20 plus, ROG Phone 3, Zenfone 7 Pro, Poco M2 Pro/Redmi Note 9S, Mi9T/RedmiK20
- Fix of several bug sent by log
- Added google Aux mode (camera.narrow_cam and camera.wide_cam)

For other devices that are not working, only logs from this device list will be read.

GoogleDrive : GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101.apk

Celso : GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101.apk

ApkMirror : GCam_6beta.201115.1444build-8.0.101.apk

XDA Dev : For soon....
Thank you that worked for my xiaomi mi 9, the previous I used crashed whenever I wanted to take a video.


New member
Dec 9, 2020
Congrats, amazing job once again.
Working just fine on my Xiaomi Mi 9, however I've got 2 questions:
-Will the 'switching between lenses' experience improve over Gcam7.X versions? (app reboots when switcing lenses)
-Will the distortion on ultra-wide shots be corrected as Pixel phones finally have these lenses?

Thank you.


Oct 30, 2020
Mi Note 10 Lite not working, locks up after booting. Arnova, in previous versions there was a problem with the light sensor on the Mi Note 10 Lite, which caused it to start up incorrectly, once dark and other times normally, turn off this sensor at startup.

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    Google Camera Port
    by @Arnova8G2

    This is a support thread for apks created by Arnova8G2. Here you'll find basic instructions on how to use this port and how to properly report bugs.

    - The camera2 api needs to be enabled;
    - Most versions only work on Snapdragon SoCs, but some work on Kirin and Exynos processors;
    - 64 bit ROMs are a requirement;
    - Doesn't work on phones without RAW support (eg: some Sony devices);
    - Newer versions may work only on new Android versions. Old versions might be better for old Android versions;

    Known issues:
    - FAQs and troubleshooting

    - Slow motion is broken on some phones and Android versions;
    - Some devices have issues with their front cameras (eg: OnePlus 3/3T, 5/5T). You may have to install a fix (if available for your phone) or disable HDR+ on the front camera (setting only available on some apks);
    - Features on new Google Camera versions may take some time to be ported;

    - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-arnova8g2s-google-camera-port.3862448/post-78054159

    ARCore and Playground:
    - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-arnova8g2s-google-camera-port.3862448/post-78054162

    If you want to say "thanks" to Arnova8G2, use his donation link:
    - https://www.paypal.me/fofy

    How to report bugs:
    If possible, post on a thread for your phone (check this list or your phone's forum) or here if you can't find a thread for your phone. Please describe the issue and give details about your setup:

    - Phone, ROM, any fixes installed;
    - Name of the apk you're using;
    - Screenshots or video recordings of the bug if you're able to;
    - A logcat if there's a crash (How to save a logcat: video guide, advanced guide);
    - Steps to reproduce the bug/crash;
    - Mention @Arnova8G2 username;

    - Your report will be ignored if no logs or a good explanation is provided.
    - Arnova8G2 will do his best to fix bugs, but keep in mind that this is a free port and he also has his personal life.

    Example of a report:
    @Arnova8G2 Portrait mode crashes on my OnePlus 3 running LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1). I'm using "GCam_Pixel3Mod_1.1_build.6.1.013.apk".
    To reproduce, open the app, go to portrait mode using the front camera, and take a picture.
    Here's the crash log: <google drive link>
    Stable version

    Update from the latest version of BSG and TlnNeun
    - Add a toggle to choose Portrait Mode or Lens Blur
    - SlowMotion works on Pie (test on OP6/OP5/Mi5)
    - And other improvements

    Stable version on the devices I tested, made tests to find the right setting for your device and share these settings with other users.


    Many thanks to @Tolyan009 for this version and to BSG

    Many thanks to @S4turno for this thread, his website and all the time and works make a donation to maintain are website : Here
    Many thanks to the users who made donations.

    * Share and add xml files in /sdcard/GCam/Configs, To use the settings, double tap bottombar "the area around the shutter button" and select
    The settings I share only work for the named devices.

    Edit :
    @matzeZe a telegram user shares these settings for OP6t ( with the settings of Google lib + denoise )

    Changelog :
    - Fixed motion focus
    - Fixed Motion photo
    - Night Sight and Photobooth Works on Oreo
    - Faster than previous versions

    If your viewfinder is slow, disable "dirty lens"
    For this version now must be compatible with many devices checks the image formats ( RAW_SENSOR ) with the Camera2 Info app

    Output formats: [RAW_SENSOR, JPEG, PRIVATE, YUV_420_888, RAW_PRIVATE, RAW10]

    A big thanks to B-S-G for the night mode for Oreo

    For GCam_Pixel3Mod_1.3_build.6.1.021

    - HDR+ : ( HDR+ Off since version 5.3 it doesn't work)
    --- Back : Enhanced, ON ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Enhanced, ON ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Portrait Mode :
    --- Back : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - RAW files :
    --- Back : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Video :
    --- Back : 1080P/AUTO/30FPS/60FPS, 4K/30FPS ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : 1080P/AUTO/30FPS/60FPS ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Flash :
    --- Back : OFF, Auto, Forced ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : OFF, Auto, Forced ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Night Sight :
    --- Back : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Motion photo :
    --- Back : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Top Shot :
    --- Back : Works on custom rom with GooglePhotos (Daydream) ( Oreo /Pie )
    --- Front : Works with GooglePhotos (Daydream) ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Timer : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Face retouching : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Motion Auto Focus : Works ( Pie )
    - Google Lens suggestions : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Panorama : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Photo Sphere : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Super Res Zoom : Works ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Slow motion : Works on some device. ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Photobooth : Works. ( Oreo /Pie )
    - Burst : Not available
    - Lens blur : Not available

    Google drive :

    Xda mirror :
    All GCam_Pixel3Mod
    @S4turno's mirror :
    All GCam_Pixel3Mod

    Bug with the front camera for OP6.
    I don't forget the samsung users, I received a lot of messages to fix this version.
    @Tolyan009 I will work on this version because it is faster on a device with a little RAM would add B-S-G setting and miniuser123 setting.

    Many thanks to @S4turno for this thread, his website and all the time and works make a donation to maintain are website : Here
    Many thanks to the users who made donations.
    News GCam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.4.032219.1950

    ChangeLog :
    - Fixed SlowMotion
    - Fixed normal/tele/wide angle/super wide/dualcamera mod by @fu24 ( If the aux camera is off long press is open setting)
    - Added in the Samsung CameraAPI2 menu, Fix ISO Limit ( OFF, Medium, High)
    - Added shortcuts by @back.rider555
    - Fixed shortcut crashes when Photobooth
    - Fixed crashes when switching portrait to camera or Night sight
    - Added lens blur resolution
    - Now new devices are compatible
    - Fixed some bugs in the logcat received
    - And some code cleaning

    Stable version for tested devices


    Name change for dev who want to work on this version.
    If possible, keep the codes so that other devices can benefit from your improvements.

    Many thanks to @S4turno for this thread, his website and all the time and works make a donation to maintain are website : Here
    Many thanks to the users who made donations.

    Changelog :
    - Fixed green tint on front camera for some device.
    - Fixed crash instantly when open the app on some device.
    - Fixed focus in Night
    - Deleting the folder for portrait mode
    - Fixed Touch focus on some device.
    - Fixed black viewfinder in Night on android 8.1 works on some device ( by B-S-G )
    - And some stability correction.

    - For Night Sight on android 8.1 :
    -- the viewfinder is green but it works

    - For the device on viewfinder lags
    -- select HDR off after HDR +Enhanced

    For GCam_Pixel3Mod_1.1_build.6.1.013
    - HDR+ : ( HDR+ Off since version 5.3 it doesn't work)
    --- Back : Enhanced, ON
    --- Front : Enhanced, ON
    - Portrait Mode :
    --- Back : Works
    --- Front : Works
    - RAW files :
    --- Back : Works
    --- Front : Works
    - Video :
    --- Back : 1080P/AUTO/30FPS/60FPS, 4K/30FPS
    --- Front : 1080P/AUTO/30FPS/60FPS
    - Flash :
    --- Back : OFF, Auto, Forced
    --- Front : OFF, Auto, Forced
    - Night Sight :
    --- Back : Works
    --- Front : Works
    - Timer : Works
    - Face retouching : Works
    - Motion Auto Focus : Works
    - Google Lens suggestions : Works
    - Panorama : Works
    - Photo Sphere : Works
    - Zoom : Works
    - Top Shot :
    --- Back : Works on custom rom with GooglePhotos(Daydream)
    --- Front : Works with GooglePhotos(Daydream)
    - Super Res Zoom : Broken
    - Slow motion : Works on some device.
    - Photobooth : Works on some device.
    - Burst : Broken
    - Group Selfie : Not available
    - Lens blur : Not available


    Xda mirror

    *Sorry for the reports and logcat of today's.

    For the next version
    I will work on fixing bugs on OP5/OP5T for the donors.
    There will be 2 versions, one similar of Google and the other with the additional B-S-G setting and miniuser123 setting.

    Many thanks to @S4turno for this thread, his website and all the time and works make a donation to maintain are website : Here
    Many thanks to the users who made donations.