[app] (BETA!!) GIMP 2.10 for Windows on ARM32

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Hey all, I've been working on more ports and one I figured you'd all be excited for is GIMP! After months of working on GTK2, I finally got it ported and.... Tada!



EVERYTHING works. It's not the fastest, but literally everything seems to work. I've not encountered a crash and I've:
Drawn using the touch screen and mouse
Exported, saved, and loaded images/projects
And played with some layers

If you want to TRY this build, you can get it on my website. Be aware that it is HUGE, and I would HEAVILY recommend extracting it on your desktop and putting it on a flash drive.
Beta build (May 29th):
https://download.pahaze.net/ARM/Applications/GIMP/Downloads/2022/May/BETA GIMP (May 29th).tar.gz
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