[APP] CameraNext from the One Plus One (CM11S)

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Here are the camera app from the new oneplus one and the gallery

Working roms:
CM 11
Mahdi rom
Vanir rom

It doesn´t work with:
Stock rom
Pa 4.3
Purity rom

Video review

Latest changes camera
[FONT="Arial"]a9c06a5 CameraNext: Update to use newer slow-shutter parameter
2029cd6 CameraNext: Sign the apk when not using test-keys
01c2a97 CameraNext : Reduce leaks
b15ea07 CameraNext : Set cyanogen-camera parameter in the holder
2e4724c Revert "CameraNext: Set cyanogen-camera parameter"
2cf9f4e CameraNext : Set cyanogen-camera parameter in the holder
db126b4 CameraNext : Don't override visibility onfocus
4a7a7bb CameraNext : Don't override visibility onfocus
8078507 CameraNext : Show spinner for snapshot mode zsl
b50e392 CameraNext: move ModeView show it draws behind shutter buttons
4c250e0 CameraNext: disable gestures when review image is displayed
26e2311 CameraNext: change default auto exposure to center-weighted at Francois' recco
69a12b3 CameraNext : Ensure state is set properly
bf67998 CameraNext: Set cyanogen-camera parameter
a89285c CameraNext : IF video codec is not supported, return back to photo module
1954385 CameraNext: delay shutter clicks that are fired in the middle of a mode change
2024c27 CameraNext: set focus mode to correct default on first run
769f0a0 CameraNext : Only hide the menu renderer, not all overlays
74705fb CameraNext : Show spinner while in burst mode
96c6180 CameraNext: make darn sure flash is off when mode is supposed to disable flash
7ee065b CameraNext : Rename legacy pierenderer and remove old references
7f2bb87 CameraNext : Hide visual items when pausing, and show when resuming
401f673 CameraNext: expose HFR video support in UI
d31f93c CameraNext: no reason that countdown timer should disable burst mode
f6661af Rename SuperZoom to Magnify per Creative (Asher)
d378962 CameraNext: better handling of when Burst preference is disabled[/FONT]

Latest changes Gallery
bf20042 GalleryNext: Sign the apk when not using test-keys[HIDE][/HIDE]
485a8cb GalleryNext: change namespace
9d3061a GalleryNext : Add trim video editor
425a113 Limit some of the group queries to avoid breakage.
1d54c56 Don't blow up if we get insane lat/long values.
a1db5d3 Dates can't be null. Bad things happen
3eddea5 Disallow removing/adding gallery account.
d21d793 Add delete/share to group viewer.
46a0813 Revert "Disable Gallery2 activities."
ad9d3d3 Alternate layouts for groups.
ef3acef GalleryNext : Add launcher crop/wallpaper editor
b37f09e Comment out log spam.
e5445c8 Filter mime types we can't support
72e358e Sometimes pager adpater can be null.
b63ae4d Bail from sync loop if network errors.
daf1169 GalleryNext : Remove custom typeface
1ae1b0b GalleryNext : Reduce moments/albums image count to 3
a1298c6 GalleryNext : Add ability to create a filtered chooser
1c86c44 GalleryNext : ActionBarAutoHide check first child
credits to Hammer_Of_The_Gods , ts1506 ,eliho and zephiK


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  • CameraNext.zip
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  • GalleryNext.zip
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  • CameraNext_30O.apk
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  • CameraNext_30O.zip
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The camera apps from the oppo n7 and the oneplus one are different

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So we have to wait until the phone will be release. I think it will be release in June

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I can install the apk but effects like sepia don't work

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