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Nov 8, 2018
Hello guys! Thanks for having me here :)

I just got this great app and would love some insights on what to do: I need to set two shortcuts for different full screen web pages (both my home and work Home Assistant automation system). What would be the best approach for that?

I've tried using Fully Kiosk Browser but I need more than one browser so I can choose what shortcut I want to open from carWebGuru.

Home Assistant runs entirely from an HTML interface, so I just need two separate shortcuts for both my instances.

Thank you!


May 15, 2009
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Sep 19, 2008
Hi Please my Car is a Chevrolet Trooper Wagoon 2002, is same model of Isuzu Monterey but in my country out with this brand..! how i put this exactly Model in panel or options, some way to edit or add my model of vehicle please-..?
Chevrolet Trooper Wagoon 2002
Thank you


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Sep 20, 2010
Queens Village, NY
Anyone know how to change the car image in the "controller" theme?

I see it can be done with some other themes. Tried that method but it seems the file name for the car image in this theme is different.


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Apr 30, 2016
Latest CWG 3.2.8.R1 on Alps ac8257 Model YT5760B.

Bluetooth and AM/FM app playing music will stop a couple of seconds after returning to CWG home screen IF CWG music player is enabled (even though I stopped the CWG player from playing flash stored music before starting BT/Radio app to play music) If CWG music player is disabled, BT/Radio will remain playing after returning to CGW home screen.

Enable/disabling CWG player in background doesn't make any difference.

Seems like a better music source focus behavior for CWG is not to take over focus automatically when on home screen. Rather, takes over focus when user touch play. Furthermore, If CWG music player is meant to handle multiple sources, then it would need an action for user to select the sources to control.

Unable to turn off microphone permission to CWG (not sure of this is related). Will automatically turn back on after leaving and coming back to CWG app permission screen.
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Apr 24, 2008

I just upgraded to the Pro or Premium version and have two issues or questions:

1) When trying to install a premium theme, I watch the ad video but then it's stuck. Whenever I touch the screen after the advertisement it tries to load the app that's being advertised from Play Store. Nothing I can do will get out of this. Even going back to Menu just brings me back to the end of the ad which then takes me to the play store. I have to go into settings, and reload my original launcher to get back to a useable screen.

Restarting the car will eventually take me back to the CWG homescreen but to the default theme and no premium theme is installed.

2) Even bigger issue. My head units default radio app isn't visible to chose as an app to add to a home screen. Other launchers like FCC, AGAMA, etc will see the OEM radio app.

Question, is there an app or utility I can run that will show me the location of the radio executable? I could load my OEM launcher, start the "finder" app then launch the radio app and hopefully it gives me the full path so I can then add that manually to CWG??

Thanks everyone!


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Sep 20, 2015
Still problems with radio, when i press home button after couple of seconds radio stops to work, auto brightness seems that not working ok...


Feb 10, 2015
My CWG home screen (default) won't stay up on the screen,. After a couple of seconds it will fade out. I made a video to demonstrate - it is still there, I know, as I can stop and start music playing functions if I hit where the Play/Pause button is, but nothing else will make the screen display again except double swiping down from the top. I made a video to demonstrate my problem:

This is on a new Joying Snapdragon-based 8".

Obviously it seems something to do with dimming, I guess, but I can't find any setting that lets me adjust or stop this. It happens after multiple reboots and whether headlights are on or off - it does pop up the screen for a second when turning headlights on and off, but it fades right back out? Obviously this is unusable as this is.


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Dec 24, 2010
How to add map from Google Maps here?


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Nov 25, 2009
hello, I need a little help on the analog Speed Km / h how do you change the scale from 100 to 240 kmh? How to change the setting? Thank you
I don't think there is a setting that you can change. This widget works dynamically, so when your speed gets close to or over 100 km/h the scale updates automatically to a higher maximum. When you slow down to under 100 km/h it goes back to the lower maximum shown.


Apr 13, 2022
Hi guys,
I'm new to CWG and it's really nice

For me there is still few widget missing:
- ext temperature
- rpm
- average consumption
- range km left

Someone knows how to use the custom widget api ?


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Apr 18, 2022
Howdy y'all!
I just downloaded and installed the CWG free version. Its working great except for a couple of glitches -
1. Not able to play using the play button on the home screen
2. Not able to increase or decrease the volume
3. Compass starts spinning at random
4. Not able to add any external widgets like YouTube or Netflix - app works but I would like to add a widget to preview videos before launching the app
5. Can't find a way to pause or turn off the OEM radio once its turned on

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Mar 1, 2011
I was going to buy this apk, but I detected something that doesn't work as I like, when I restart the radio, the launcher does not start the radio automatically and override other applications


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Dec 30, 2008
Good morning.
I have installed CWG on my Android Head Unit Dasaita and the problem I have is that if I press the phone button, the phone application does not appear to link it there. How can I do it? Do I have to do it to the Bluetooth app?
Thank you

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    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0

    • Skins for interface
    • Widgets (internal) System widgets in the near future
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Up to 6 desktops
    • Speedometr (GPS), Odometr (GPS)
    • Clock, Time, Calendar
    • GPS logger (export tracks to KML)
    • Internal music player
    • External player control (Power Amp, Jet Audio and other)

    I am developer of CarWebGuru - this is universal car launcher with player, widgets, GPS logger and more useful functions.
    CarWebGuru is free without functional limitation. There is an opportunity to buy additional themes.

    Download 2.xx here:
    You can download from Google Market or download
    Some screenshots.
    Hi all! I have big plans for this project. Today I make new version with many new functions I hope your like it! Some new changes: new apps window (with sorting and favorites), many new options, some changes in skins, one new skin, optimization of stability and performance and more!

    Please support me! Make short review on youtube, make post on Facebook or Instagram. My project is free and I hope for good reviews and support. :)
    Hi! New skin in the next version.
    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66 - New Version

    Hi All! Good news, I have released the new version CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66

    • Weather service optimization
    • Display focused music folder (in music browser)
    • New premium 4 themes (Captain, 3 Circles, Blure Music, Bit Music)
    • Hide player control in full screen (options)
    • Some functions for android rearview mirrors
    • Bug fixes

    Download from Google Market, or APK from Yandex Disk (19 mb)

    I want to make present - special promo code for new theme "Blure Music" for all XDA users! This is nice modern theme in minimalistic flat style. Promo code: cwg-blure16 , You need to enter this code in the CWG options/about (bottom of the screen). Then this theme will be appair in the themes window.

    Demo Video for Blure Music theme

    Some screenshots:




    New version: CarWebGuru 2.65 Beta

    Good news! I make on optimization, perfomance and internal CarWebGuru API. And now you can download new beta version 2.65 Beta.
    Beta testing is public and open - you can join to beta testing on the market page (see in the bottom of the page).