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Jul 28, 2019
I am looking for support about CarwebGuru. I already have a deployed instance of the app on my phone.
I wanted to setup it on a brand new samsung tab a7 and after starting the app, i cant see my application installed on my tab.

I just can see some few apps from Samsung (default installed app), but i can't see apps like waze, tune in , ...

you can have a look at the image below


All permissions are OK.
App has been uninstalled, reinstalled
Device has been rebooted many time

don't know how to do to troubleshoot ?


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Sep 3, 2011
I've bounced around from FCC to Agama to Car Launcher Pro before deciding to give CWG a try. Initially I thought it was pretty decent, however two things really annoyed me:

The time display: I still don't understand the lack of AM/PM and displaying a mix of 12/24HR times even when the system is set to 12HR. I started looking for different widgets to use, and of the six or so that I tried, this is the best one so far. Install the app, modify settings if needed (I disabled weather for better formatting on the Map theme) then add it as a system widget. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonyericsson.digitalclockwidget2&hl=en_US&gl=US

The other annoyance was paying for Pro only to find the weather widgets display a message "Service unavailable". Google refunded my purchase and I added the 1x1 widget from AccuWeather instead.

Now that I have a proper time display and working weather widget, I'll keep CWG installed for a while and see how things go. It's sad to see after 40 pages the developer stopped replying long ago, and similarly seems to ignore email requests for assistance.
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Sep 3, 2011
Has anyone running Android 11 or 12 gotten the custom logo option to work? When I add my custom logo to the specified folder (storage/emulated/0/Download/CarWebGuru/logo) I get the message in CWG that "logo images not found". Testing on an older tablet running 7.1.1 and one with 10 works.

EDIT: After doing some more research, this appears to be a restriction that Android put in place starting with 11 that prevents apps from accessing local storage. I was able to decompile the apk, replace an existing logo with mine, then recompile the apk. However, I don't like how my logo is formatted against the background (the circle), and I couldn't find that in the list of png's to try to delete it. So for now I'll live with the default CWG logo until maybe I hear back from the DEV team.
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Ankur _kc

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Aug 10, 2022
My weather widget is not working .
It shows "download weather "
What to do.
Anybody can help me?


Jul 31, 2022
I reset my tablet and now I can’t install a specific theme that I paid for earlier. Anyone that knows how to fix this?



Feb 11, 2009
Greetings Everyone,
I recently got an 12.3in Android Screen fitted to my Audi A5 (2014) coz I wanted to have Google maps & Waze for Navigation & Spotify for music. I say "Android screen" & not Android head unit is because it
1) does not have radio antennae connection (only GPS & 4G anenaes along with SIM slot)
2) It still connects to the Original MMI multimedia head to receive FM radio & car systems info/settings.
All google maps/Waze Navigation & Spotify audio comes through the original head via "AUX" input. So whenever I select FM radio which is only available from the original head unit it automatically disconnects from AUX input & plays audio from the MMI head unit. Likewise, if I selected Spotify from the app drawer from the "Default Launcher", it automatically connects to AUX in the MMI head unit to receive the audio input. Not the cleanest setup but it works. What I'm not too happy about is the Default launcher. I cannot customise it, hence why I'm kinda leaning towards CarWebGuru (checked a few others out but like the skins on CWG)
So after reading all 40 pages on this, I am needing some guidance. My Android screen runs Android 9.
From my understanding,

1) Google "MAPS" navigation is not possible within intergrated CWG interface (something to do with breach of TOS under Gmaps navigation imbedded into 3rd party app I believe), only turn by turn navigation is allowed?
Somehow this feature is available in FCC using your own API key. How is this possible? Can this be done with CWG as well? I have added my own API key to CWG but cannot find how to get navigation map to work. Also, why does map in some themes keep zooming in & out continously? Quite disorientating at times.

2) Why are some installed apps not showing up in CWG app drawer?

3) In the customise section where you can choose what apps or widgets to insert, there is this "API widgets". There are 5 of them but adding them seems to do nothing. I cannot find any documentation with regards to this. How do we go about using these?

I apologize for the long post & if some of the information I am seeking has been addressed in earlier postings that I may have forgotten but hope some of you who have better knowledge can shed some light.

Thank you.
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Mar 8, 2023
Buenas tardes familia soy nuevo con esta app y me parece una pasada, la tengo instalada en mi coche BMW en una erisn 10.25Pulgadas y me interesaría conocer como descarar bibliotecas de fondos y mascaras y demás muchas gracias


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Aug 17, 2009
Buenas tardes.
Funciona en android 12???
No deja cambiar las funciones cuando pulso prolongadamente en alguna.


Jan 11, 2012
I have a 13.6" Android 11 head unit (GT6-CAR / GT6-EAU) and I have purchased CWG Premium as well as the Road 2 theme.

All works well, very good job! Thank you, but I do have 1 or 2 issues that I hope I can get rectified with some advice.

Issue 1#
Default audio player that comes with CWG starts playing a song for 1 second then just stops, I can skip and go to previous track but all tracks do this. I have also attempted to create playlists but still no joy.
Issue 2#
If I do install different music players and I make them the default audio player the play / previous / next track buttons do not work and just continue to function as if the factory music player is still default.
Issue 3#
Many of my installed apps ie: default android music player is not seen on the apps screen of CWG and also long pressing the default music player of CWG and changing the action does not show me the default android music player. Is there anyway I can get all my original home screen apps menu apps to display in CWG apps menu?

Would appreciate any help I can get


Jan 10, 2023
NSW Australia
Why all apps don't show in CWG is a pain and the only reason I can't use this launcher.
I use Android Auto alot but because it's missing I don't use CWG.
Car Launcher Pro & Agama both show all my apps.
I use an AAWireless dongle that launches Android Auto on startup but if I return to CWG home page I then cannot go back to Android Auto.
I contacted the developer through email in Play Store and explained the problem only to receive a reply stating they did not understand, no effort to try and correct the situation even though others here have mentioned missing apps.
Sticking with Agama launcher.
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Dec 5, 2011
The Garden State
I've been setting up my home screen on my HU and can someone tell me what the API Widgets are used for? TIA


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    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0

    • Skins for interface
    • Widgets (internal) System widgets in the near future
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Up to 6 desktops
    • Speedometr (GPS), Odometr (GPS)
    • Clock, Time, Calendar
    • GPS logger (export tracks to KML)
    • Internal music player
    • External player control (Power Amp, Jet Audio and other)

    I am developer of CarWebGuru - this is universal car launcher with player, widgets, GPS logger and more useful functions.
    CarWebGuru is free without functional limitation. There is an opportunity to buy additional themes.

    Download 2.xx here:
    You can download from Google Market or download
    Some screenshots.
    Hi all! I have big plans for this project. Today I make new version with many new functions I hope your like it! Some new changes: new apps window (with sorting and favorites), many new options, some changes in skins, one new skin, optimization of stability and performance and more!

    Please support me! Make short review on youtube, make post on Facebook or Instagram. My project is free and I hope for good reviews and support. :)
    Hi! New skin in the next version.
    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66 - New Version

    Hi All! Good news, I have released the new version CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66

    • Weather service optimization
    • Display focused music folder (in music browser)
    • New premium 4 themes (Captain, 3 Circles, Blure Music, Bit Music)
    • Hide player control in full screen (options)
    • Some functions for android rearview mirrors
    • Bug fixes

    Download from Google Market, or APK from Yandex Disk (19 mb)

    I want to make present - special promo code for new theme "Blure Music" for all XDA users! This is nice modern theme in minimalistic flat style. Promo code: cwg-blure16 , You need to enter this code in the CWG options/about (bottom of the screen). Then this theme will be appair in the themes window.

    Demo Video for Blure Music theme

    Some screenshots:




    New version: CarWebGuru 2.65 Beta

    Good news! I make on optimization, perfomance and internal CarWebGuru API. And now you can download new beta version 2.65 Beta.
    Beta testing is public and open - you can join to beta testing on the market page (see in the bottom of the page).