[APP] CarWebGuru - Universal car launcher with widgets, skins and music

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Jul 28, 2019
I am looking for support about CarwebGuru. I already have a deployed instance of the app on my phone.
I wanted to setup it on a brand new samsung tab a7 and after starting the app, i cant see my application installed on my tab.

I just can see some few apps from Samsung (default installed app), but i can't see apps like waze, tune in , ...

you can have a look at the image below


All permissions are OK.
App has been uninstalled, reinstalled
Device has been rebooted many time

don't know how to do to troubleshoot ?

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    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0

    • Skins for interface
    • Widgets (internal) System widgets in the near future
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Up to 6 desktops
    • Speedometr (GPS), Odometr (GPS)
    • Clock, Time, Calendar
    • GPS logger (export tracks to KML)
    • Internal music player
    • External player control (Power Amp, Jet Audio and other)

    I am developer of CarWebGuru - this is universal car launcher with player, widgets, GPS logger and more useful functions.
    CarWebGuru is free without functional limitation. There is an opportunity to buy additional themes.

    Download 2.xx here:
    You can download from Google Market or download
    Some screenshots.
    Hi all! I have big plans for this project. Today I make new version with many new functions I hope your like it! Some new changes: new apps window (with sorting and favorites), many new options, some changes in skins, one new skin, optimization of stability and performance and more!

    Please support me! Make short review on youtube, make post on Facebook or Instagram. My project is free and I hope for good reviews and support. :)
    Hi! New skin in the next version.
    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66 - New Version

    Hi All! Good news, I have released the new version CarWebGuru Launcher 2.66

    • Weather service optimization
    • Display focused music folder (in music browser)
    • New premium 4 themes (Captain, 3 Circles, Blure Music, Bit Music)
    • Hide player control in full screen (options)
    • Some functions for android rearview mirrors
    • Bug fixes

    Download from Google Market, or APK from Yandex Disk (19 mb)

    I want to make present - special promo code for new theme "Blure Music" for all XDA users! This is nice modern theme in minimalistic flat style. Promo code: cwg-blure16 , You need to enter this code in the CWG options/about (bottom of the screen). Then this theme will be appair in the themes window.

    Demo Video for Blure Music theme

    Some screenshots:




    New version: CarWebGuru 2.65 Beta

    Good news! I make on optimization, perfomance and internal CarWebGuru API. And now you can download new beta version 2.65 Beta.
    Beta testing is public and open - you can join to beta testing on the market page (see in the bottom of the page).