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Sep 23, 2010
CHTEditor: Using Softkeys


I'm trying to place the HTC People (my contacts) as one of my softkeys. However, it's not working and it's because the "HTC People" is labeled as "ManiliaShortcut". What can I do to get around this. I tried using the command-line but I'm confused on how it works. Can anyone help me out?


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    Upgrade information
    Please read carefully BEFORE upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab

    Before upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab, use the Export option in the CHTEditor menu to create an export file for your Co0kie's Home Tab settings and all your quicklinks. Then, upgrade Co0kie's Home Tab and the editor (if needed), then run the Import option in the CHTEditor menu to restore your settings. This saves you having to setup Co0kie's Home Tab again, and re-creates all your quicklinks for you. (Note - this method is only available in v1.6.0+)

    If you are upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab, you may well need to upgrade the editor as well. If so, follow the instructions above. To install a new version of CHTEditor, just run the CAB file and allow it to uninstall any previous version. Just continue the installation as normal after that.

    Once you have upgraded Co0kie's Home Tab (and the Editor, if needed), run the editor and use the import option in the menu to import all your previous home tab and associated settings (quicklinks, layout, options etc.).

    Multi-language information
    Please read carefully BEFORE changing language or asking questions about it

    If a language is not in the list then it has not been done. This is an ongoing process and new translations will appear in time.

    The language changes in the application are done by downloading a language file from a web server. When you open the menu and choose the "change language" option, the web server is queried and returns a list of the available languages. This means that the list of available languages can change without you needing to reinstall the software. Once you have chosen your language, the language changes are downloaded as a small text file and stored in the same folder as the CHTEditor application. If you ever need to refresh this downloaded language file you will need to set the language to English and then choose your language again. This causes the local language file to be deleted, as English is the default language, and then you can download your language file again. If you manually delete the language file then you will get the default English version of the application, but it will still think it is in a different language.

    If you want to translate CHTEditor into a language that does not already have a translation, please read post #3.

    Command-line import & export
    Please read for command-line help

    You can now import and export settings files using command-line instructions, rather than having to run the application. Imports were previously introduced with v1.7.1.1, but you can now also export as well. This is the format of the instructions...

    CHTEditor.exe /IMPORT "fullpath\filename.cht"

    The /IMPORT is optional, as this method already existed in v1.7.1.1, without it. I've just added it for consitency.

    CHTEditor.exe /EXPORT "fullpath\filename(.cht)" (/CREATESHORTCUT)

    The .cht on the filename is optional, as it is automatically added if you don't do it yourself. If the /CREATESHORTCUT instruction is used, a shortcut is created for the exported settings, in a folder in your start menu (handy for adding quicklinks to exports).

    If you want to use these methods with MortScript, please see this post for help.

    Known issues
    Please read BEFORE posting issues

    Anyone with v1.7 that is less than v1.7.1.1 will need to update or export settings may not work.

    Any bugs reported will be added to this list for fixing in later releases.

    • Some people are getting a version mismatch error, despite having the same version of the 2 different applications.
      Temp.Fix: Set the value in HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\Co0kie.HomeVersion to the first 3 numbers of the version number (eg. 1.5.0).

      WARNING: This suggested fix forces the editor and the home tab to work together, but there may actually be a real reason for the version mismatch error.
      If there is, you could cause problems doing this, so always try to get a version number set by Co0kie's Home Tab before trying this manual fix.
    • Export settings remembers your last folder. If this folder does not exist next time you try to export, an error will be raised.
      Temp.Fix: Clear the value in HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\CHTE.LastDialogPath to resolve this issue.
    • Importing does not always import the lockscreen layout.
      Temp.Fix: Modify the lockscreen slightly, so that it creates the registry entries, and then import your settings again.
    • The dialog windows will still show button text such as "Yes", "No", "OK" or "Cancel", despite changing the language of the application. This text is part of the Sense SDK Interface that is used to make the application look (and work) the way it does. The developer of the interface, eboelzner, is currently adding localisation to these controls, so expect this to be resolved in a future release.

    Coming soon
    Please read BEFORE posting requests

    In an upcoming version you will be able to select different types of exports, including combinations of quicklinks, home layout (both landscape and portrait) and lockscreen so that you can mix things up a little. It will mean, for example, that you can have several different visual layouts that share the same quicklinks.

    This is pretty basic, but missing. I'll be adding a "refresh language file" option to the language selector screen. At the moment, if you don't have automatic downloads of updates selected, you can't update the language file unless you first select English (this deletes the local language file), and then reselect your language (this downloads the latest available version of your language file). Since there is a work-round for this, I'm not too bothered about rushing to get this done. It will just be in the next release.

    ROM chef information
    Info for chefs wanting to cook the editor into a ROM

    From v1.7 onwards, Co0kie's Home Tab now includes a menu link to the editor application. This requires a registry value that is set when installing the editor. Obviously, if you're cooking the application into a ROM then the installer is not being run, so this value is not being set.

    The following value should point to the editor application to make this link work:

    for example...
    CHTE.Path = \Program Files\CHTEditor\CHTEditor.exe
    Editor for Co0kie's Home Tab



    Download v1.8.5.1 here

    See below for a list of changes

    Please read post #2 before...
    • upgrading (either the editor OR Co0kie's Home Tab)
    • changing the editor language
    • posting issues
    • posting change requests
    • cooking the editor into a ROM.
    Co0kie's Home Tab offers us a vast array of changes for our home tabs. A lot of the options are only available via registry edits, unless you use CHTEditor.

    With this application you can modify all the settings for the mod without having to open a registry editor, as well as being able to export & import all your settings and quicklinks, in case you need to hard reset or flash a new ROM. Multiple settings files can be automatically linked in the start menu, so you can switch layouts without opening the editor. You can also add these shortcuts as quicklinks to switch layouts from the home tab itself.

    This application DOES NOT make any changes to Sense. You MUST have Co0kie's Home Tab installed!!!

    You can get Co0kie's Home Tab here.

    MAKE SURE that you have the same version of the mod and the editor installed - you'll be told when starting the editor if you don't.
    (It only has to be the first 3 numbers eg. v1.7.1.0 will work with v1.7.1.1)

    This application requires .Net 3.5 to be installed on your device. You can download this for activesync installation here, or as a cab file here.

    Some people seem to be having trouble installing .Net 3.5. If you are one of them, read this post and this post for 2 different suggestions.

    The application has been tested thoroughly and found to be stable for WM6.5. There is an issue when automatically restarting manila in WM6.1, but you get a friendly error message telling you about it. If you get this message then you will need to restart manila manually.

    A BIG thanks goes to eboelzner for the Sense Interface SDK UI controls. They've made a vast improvement to the application and he's been a great help getting the latest version looking the part.

    You can find the Sense Interface SDK here.

    I have to say a MASSIVE THANKS to henklbr for his help and patience whilst he tested many debug version of the app to fix the recent export issue that was introduced with v1.7.0.0. It's thankfully gone now, hence the release of v1.7.1.1. This release DOES NOT require an update to Co0kie's Home Tab, as long as that's v1.7.1.

    Important notes
    • If in the future you upgrade Co0kie's Home Tab to a newer version, please read post #2 below.
    • This application can be installed to either the device or your storage card.
    • Finally, a lot of time goes into this application and this thread, so I'm sorry but I won't answer any questions that are answered in these first few posts. Any major issues will either be resolved as a new release, or will be mentioned at the top of the thread somewhere.

    Features list:
    • Change the settings without a registry editor
    • Export and import settings and quicklinks (can also be done via command-line - see post 2)
    • Command-line support for import and export of settings (see post 2)
    • Create shortcuts to settings files for on-the-fly quick changes from the start menu or quicklinks, without running the editor
    • Remove dead quicklinks
    • Automatically restarts manila or soft resets for immediate changes
    • Multi-language support

    To be implemented in future releases:
    • Add the option to enter application paths as free text, so that parameters can be included
    • Add the ability to import and export different parts of your settings so you can mix them (quicklinks, home layout, lock layout etc..)

    This is a work in progress and will continue to be developed in-line with Co0kieMonster's home tab mod, including any extra settings that are added along the way. With this in mind, it will only work with the correct verison of Co0kieMonster's mod, and if you try to run it against a different version then you'll be given an error telling you to check back here for a newer version of this application.

    If you find any problems, please post and let me know, unless it's one of the above mentioned issues that I'm already planning on fixing.

    Other than that, go enjoy your newly modded home tab :)

    Here's a great how-to vid on YouTube

    Here's a video of the mod and editor on pocketnow.com

    Here's a write-up of the mod and editor on htcsoftware.org

    Update 19-Jun-2010
    Fixed issue where getting default wallpaper folder caused an error.

    Update 19-Jun-2010
    Added support for new features in Co0kie's Home Tab, and some minor bug fixes.

    Update 06-Jun-2010
    Added support for new features in Co0kie's Home Tab, and some minor bug fixes.

    Update 10-May-2010
    Added multi-language support and import and export can now be done from command-line.

    Update 19-Apr-2010
    Fixed the export problem, so you can now export settings and create quicklinks for quick changes of your layouts.

    Update 18-Apr-2010
    A few options were added & removed from Co0kie's Home Tab, so the same options have been added/removed from the editor. Some logic has been put in place to make some of the controls context sensitive (you can't select too many pages for the different quicklink layouts, and you can't set a default page higher than the number of pages). I've also completely rewritten the import/export dialog, and have added the ability to run settings files directly, without opening the editor. This means you can have multiple layouts and switch between them by either running the settings files from a file explorer, running them from the start menu, or adding them as quicklinks.

    Update 13-Apr-2010
    The main changes have been in 2 parts. They have been driven by the big changes made to Co0kie's Home Tab, and I've switched the control set from the original Manila SDK controls to the new and improved Sense Interface SDK controls. There were also some minor bug-fixes and groundwork laid for future changes.

    Update 04-Mar-2010

    Fixed issues with exporting and importing settings and quicklinks and added support for new features in Co0kie's Home Tab v1.6. Exports from an earlier version will not be able to be imported into this version, but this will not be the case with later version of this application. I know it's a pain, and I'm sorry, but the problem has been resolved for future versions.

    Update 21-Feb-2010
    Fixed a problem where selecting an app from the application list did not assign it correctly.

    Update 21-Feb-2010
    I've added a folder treeview for exporting and importing settings, rather than saving them to the root of the storage card, which didn't always work.

    Update 20-Feb-2010
    I've changed the application picker for the alarm, calendar and call history applications.
    It's now a list of everything in your start menu, rather than the standard .Net open file dialog, which is somewhat lacking.

    I've also fixed the "Number of days to look ahead", which wasn't updating, despite the value being changed and stored succesfully.

    See this post if you want an app to restart Sense

    See this post for the nocert cab file

    first of all i want to thank you for the app and your great work.
    do you plan to make any translations as well?
    if yes...i could translate into german.
    thanks a lot.

    best regards

    Multi-language is coming soon. If I need a German translator, you'll be the first to know ;)

    Thanks mate.
    CHTEditor Translations
    Please read if you are interested in changing the language of CHTEditor or wish to translate it

    If you want to translate for a language that is not already available in the editor then download the language file from the first post and follow the instructions at the top. Once you've completed the translation, attach the language.txt file to a new post on this thread, stating clearly what language you have translated to (the actual language name, not the CultureInfo string).

    People can then freely share these files. You simply place the language.txt file in the application folder and the changes take effect next time you start the editor.

    Whenever there are updates to the application, the language files will need to be updated to include the new values. Anyone who does this, please post them, as described in above and they can be manually downloaded by people, as well as being uploaded to the application server by me.

    I will also do my best to keep on top of new files and updates and post them to the application server so that they will become available within the application, but don't expect this to happen quickly, and please don't message me about this unless it's been at least a week since you posted it.

    Incidentally, you can change the values in the language files to anything you like. I may not upload them to the application server, but if Google can have translations to languages like Elmer Fudd and Klingon, then there's no reason you can't have it too ;)

    "Apply changes" does this the Manila Restart?

    If possible please allow a Manila restart without making any changes.

    It would be great to start the Editor application with an attribute to restart manila to be able to make a shortcut for this.

    The reason therefore is that I want to restart Manila even without made any modification within HomeTab.


    I was getting reg key junky allready ...

    Best regards,


    I don't want to add that functionality to this app, but have this instead :)