Question App crashing--developer blaming numerous Pixel users

Does it crash on you?

  • Does crash (rooted & unlocked bootloader)

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • No crash (rooted & unlocked bootloader)

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Does crash (NOT rooted or unlocked bootloader)

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • No crash (NOT rooted or unlocked bootloader)

    Votes: 4 50.0%

  • Total voters
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Apr 3, 2010

Would some of you Pixel 6 users mind installing and seeing if it crashes on you, please?

Because it's not 100% of users encountering the issue, they blame some Pixel users due to a "classnotfound" error within their application.

Since we've all seen people copy & paste code and other silly things they shouldn't do, which cause crashes, I asked them if they used a root checker:
Yes, and we also have our test team both in China and the U.S. using a couple of problematic models which are reported by users too. But nothing more is found and none of the trails show the problem. And according to the feedback situation, not all users using these phone models are having issues, so we assume it is related to a specific user environment.

But they didn't expand on it beyond "yes", unfortunately.

Other than Play Store app updates and automatic Google-pushed Play/Services updates, all I've done in the past 10-14 days is update Lsposed. I've disabled and rebooted without it, and the issue remains. I've also used a stock boot.img and the app still crashes, which makes me think it's detecting an unlocked bootloader or some similar and unnecessary check(s), and moving forward with its checks which then fails due to Google no longer supporting whatever methods the app is using, and they don't know how to figure it out since it's probably copied & pasted code from many months ago and they're unwilling to suspect that old code is the cause, even though Google normally rolls out subtle security changes like this, very gradually.

Is it really just me and 5-8 other users in the entire world with this issue, or does it crash on some of you as well? I can't imagine it being such bad code that it's only rooted/unlocked bootloaders with the issue. It must be non-rooted and stock Pixel users with the issue as well, and those devices just haven't been pushed the Play Store/Services update yet.

I'd like to know if I'm just getting older and dumber or not, and if I'm truly the cause for the crash, haha. I'm open to being entirely to blame for this, but I don't want to wipe my phone and relock the bootloader for testing quite yet. Thanks for testing and voting in the poll!


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Apr 3, 2010
Huh? If you've got a "class not found" it seems like it would be pretty easy to determine where the problem lies.
Is it some esoteric Kotlin thing or java.util.boring?
Yeah, I figured something like that should be pretty simple, unless they have zero failures in their own testing. there some new background auto-report for crashes on Android, which ties in to the email address, that I'm unaware of?

I never said anything to them other than email them my phone model, Android build, and posted a google app review (under the same name & email address) with no information other than it crashing. And they repllied, via email, with this:
Due to the uniqueness of this bug, no more code trace can be reported as you received only a line of error indicating "classnotfound". normally there will be at least a few lines more which helps with debugging.


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Feb 3, 2012
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Moto E5
Well, there could easily be conditional code for almost anything.
If you can repeatedly bomb this, why don't you get a logcat and see where the problem is?
$ logcat
The logcat should say what the class is and where it's called from.
Heck, it could even be in JNI code.


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I just tested it, opened but due I am not registered and have no compatible AC, I didn't processed further. My cast vote is given, but not sure whether this is helpful, due not sure whether the app crashes when you open it or after login.
Pixel 6, A13, rooted and unlocked bootloader.



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Jul 17, 2018
So.... they have test teams in... China? You want to give CHINA control of your air conditioner? And access to data on your phone?