[APP][DEC-18] IMDb Mobile v0.8.2

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Unlike other IMDb apps which parse IMDb pages for information, this app uses the iPhone IMDb API to retrieve information from IMDb.com and display it on your Windows Mobile.

The Darkman has kindly offered to help with the project & do some much needed bug fixing/feature adding. All thanks go to him for keeping the project alive!

[b]v0.8.2 - Changelog[/b]
- Fixed: Changed image caching structure. Images are now stored in different folders. This is because when there are to much images in 1 folder the app crashes.

[b]v0.8.1 - Changelog[/b]
- Fixed: Gzip compression can now be disabled.
- Fixed: Trailers button now not shown when no trailers are available
- Added: Image caching + option to enable/disable it. (default:disabled)

[b]v0.8 - Changelog[/b]
- Added: Bottom Top 100.
- Added: Settings page and filmography page are now translatable.
- Added: A no image available image when no image is available for a movie or actor.
- Added: Movie covers on filmography (movies of actor) page. 
- Added: Missing android icons on movie page.
- Added: Spanish language.
- Added: A Cache folder for the cached items. (so the install folder stays clean)
- Added: Search box is cleared when returning on Home screen.
- Fixed: The images on the cast "preview" page.
- Fixed: The bug that when a movie does not have a cover not all movie information is shown.
- Fixed: If a search already exists in Recent Searches the oldest occurence is deleted.
- Fixed: It isn't possible anymore to search when no search term is entered.
- Fixed: Movie Items (goofs/episodes/quotes/etc) are now not shown when not available.
- Fixed: In the Settings screen, the keyboard automatically closes when saving or cancelling.
- Fixed: On the Coming soon page the release date is now translatable.
- Fixed: Fixed a bug on actor page, text was unreadable by actors with to long biography.
- Fixed: Trailers functionality. Removed the not working trailers (which caused the Out of Memory exception) 
Also removed the 720p trailers (these where not working either).
Trailer functionality is tested with HTC streaming media 3.10
HTC streaming media is now the default player (when available) instead of windows media player.

[b]v0.7.6 - Changelog[/b]
- Fixed the problems with QVGA resolutions.

[b]v0.7.5 - Changelog[/b]
- Fixed the "Cannot convert integer to string" error.
- Popup "Changing Skins will require a restart of the application" in settings menu was always popping up after save. now only when skin is changed.
- Added languages (Czech, Dutch, French, German)
- Added runtime on movie page.
- Add "Big image feature" as setting. This will put bigger images on the movie and actor page.
- Fixed the image not downloading for Movie page after browsing through a couple of pages.

Important Info
1. This application downloads a lot of data. Please ensure you're using an unlimited data plan
2. The "Download Thumbnails" feature is unstable. If you're experiencing a lot of errors, switch this off & soft-reset the device.
3. The application downloads data as-required. Therefore a constant data connection is preferred. Areas where signal is intermittent may cause errors

- Screen/Orientation Independant
- User Ratings/Reviews
- External Reviews
- Search Movies/TV/Video Games/Actors
- Finger-friendly interface
- DVD Covers
- Actor Headshots
- Trivia
- Quotes
- Photos
- Top 250
- Coming Soon List
- Videos/Trailers
- Goofs
- App-To-Date Support
- TV Episode Listings
- Parental Guide Info
- Movie Certificates

.NET Framework 3.5

v0.8.2 Installer
Latest Source Code (C#.NET 3.5)


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I have only tested this on WVGA, but it should work for other resolutions :)


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2008
Cool app.
I can't wait to see it with more information displayed within the app though. Like which actors played which characters and the trivia and goofs and that such.
Keep up the good work.


Jun 16, 2008


Great job..its quite simple and fast !

i was looking for something smiler, coz no app as my knowledge does that in our lovely WM, I have the reader with IMDB data base, but for the new movies what shall we do !!!

anyway, I think if will add more info, i mean every thing should be shown in the app it self will be more than perfect, and also i think the most info is this :
1-User Rating

But, dude, thanks again and may god bless you :)

see you in next version bro!


Retired Recognized Developer
Dec 5, 2006
I applaud you for releasing the source code. Have you considered creating a Google Code project for this?


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Nov 26, 2007
Blade0rz, many thanks for this really nice application to tap into IMDB's vast resources. Like shabek, I look forward to additional info especially Ratings, Plot/Sypnosis and Ratings. One comment is that I noticed the image aspect ration is distorted. WOuld be great if we can have the correct image aspect ration for posters and actors. Thanks again and I will be tracking this daily :)


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Apr 23, 2009
app runs good on my omnia i910. it would be great to have a synopsis of movie and ability to select the actor and have their info come up. also, i cannot go back once i pull up a movie. i have to close the app and reopen it again and perform another search.

this is a great idea and thanks for contributing it. i look forward to future releases :)
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Dec 21, 2007
Nice app, it works on my Rhodium WVGA, but has some problems installing.
When installed (I can't choose to put it on my phone or external memory), I can't find it in the thumbnails. To open the program, I have to search it in my Explorer (my machine / Program Files / IMDB Mobile).

It also has some minor problems with the landscape; I can type, but it doesn't respond on the 'enter' command and the pictures are stretched to halfway my screen. The text doesn't go to fullscreen either, only to halfway.

The landscape thing is not a biggy (especially since it's the first beta and you cracked the iPhone program), but am I the only one who's having the installing problem?

But besides this, a great app! It's the #1 app I've been searching for lately and I'm very thankful that you've been putting effort in making it!

I've noticed where the installing problem is. When you instal the app, it sends the shortcut to the folder "Windows / Start Menu". Maybe it's because I've got the official Dutch 6.5 ROM, but my programs are in "Windows / Startmenu".
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At the moment,its more of a proof of concept more than anything. I have implemented Plot, Tagline, Directors, Writers, Rating so far from the movie details.

The API also contains data for Quotes, Cast, Trivia, etc so all of those will eventually be implemented.

The app isnt a port of the iPhone one, it just uses the same data. Any interface issues are my fault :)

Hopefully should have a fully functional beta by the end of the week

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