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App dedicated to enabling silent mode [Quest for a simple APK]

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Senior Member
Sep 4, 2009
Dear XDA Community,

As you know thanks to touchwiz it is still possible to turn on silent mode on Android 6.0.

I have been searching the web for hours but could not find "a simple app that when launched turns on silent mode without the need to tap anything (like a widget)".

Can you tell me where to find such an app ? or create it for me ?

I would really appreciate it and I think it help other people facing the same issue.

:confused: You must be thinking why isn't he using a widget or an app with a button to tap or something like tasker for silent mode. Well that's because I don't like Tasker and use "Smart connect" instead but Smart connect has limited sound options (ring/vibrate/Do not disturb). However Smart connect allows you to launch an app automatically, so a workaround could be to launch this simple app automatically.

Why the following solutions won't work for me :

- Do not disturb mode
On samsung phones correct me if I'm but you can't set up more that one DND profile. The problem is I need silent mode when I'm at work where I can't accept any sound. On the other hand I use DND at night where I only allow calls (in case of emergency).

- Sound mode toggle widget
I want silent mode to turn on in a certain time period on weekdays. I don't want to have to press a widget every time. I don't even need a widget for that because I could tap on the quick setting in the notification menu.

- A tasker like app for sound modes
Would work but I don't like the idea to have several tasker like apps on my phone. I believe having multiple tasker-like apps triggers wakelock that would impact battery life and/or create wakelocks.