[APP] Device ID Changer for Oreo (16/Apr)(v0.9.3-stable)


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Jun 5, 2012
Hi Guys.
I have a MECOOL KM9 TV box. DSTV does not work on it ( its a TV streaming app)
Its works on my older TV box and smart TV. It used to work , but I played around with ROMs and now it does not work anymore.
The app needs a google certified device ( Fixed that with Magisk and Props config module) , but the app keeps seeing the same "old" device. I want the app to see my TV box as a new/other device.
In the DSTV app I can see the " registered device ID" ,witch is a long number and not the same as the ID number I see and changed in this ID Change app.

So my question is , HOW do I change the ID the DSTV app sees? I used the ID change app , but the ID in DSTV app stays the same.
I am running android 8.1

PS. I see its a 32 bit hex number

Thanx all
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Jun 19, 2010
Just wanted to see if the v0.9.2-stable is stable enough to flash and run until the developer picks this project or another dev takes over.

If anyone could let me know, this is a business phone that actually needs this feature so I don't want to do anything to drastic as it is a Nexus 6p and last thing I want to do is throw it into infinite boot loop. It's running 8.1 Oreo right now. Any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
I've been using it on my Nexus 6P running Android 8.1.0 for well over a year, and I have had ZERO problems with it. I only use it to change the ID of a select few apps, but in every case I have used it on thus far, it has worked perfectly. The core concept of what it is doing under the hood is relatively simple, and it appears that most of the UI problems, experienced by any early-release app, have been resolved by v0.9.3. Just thought I'd share my experience. :good:


Jul 15, 2011
Hello there,,

Can someone explain for me what's the purpose of changing the device ID plz?

Thank u

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Another question & it's not related to the main subject,, i just want to know regarding the VOLTE service, i think it depends on carrier provider to enable or disable it for you on ur number, but also & after research i found that it needs that ur device model should be added to their white-list to show up the VOLTE mark on the notification bar, so the question is as long as they need only to add the device model to their list since my model is not added yet, is it possible to let my mobile shown for them as samsung s10+ or any flagship model to get the service to my mobile or not?

the mobile what im using is Xiaomi Poco F1,,

sorry for my long message but i really hope someone helping me plzzzz

Thank you all ;)


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Sep 11, 2012
Hello there,,

Can someone explain for me what's the purpose of changing the device ID plz?

Thank u
I used this back in the Oreo days to backup and restore my ID. TitaniumBackup creates magnificent backups but when hopping ROMs, device ID is changed every single time. This is mainly a problem with banking and security apps. Restoring these apps combined with restoring the device's ID allowed to fool these apps as if nothing changed and business went back to usual within seconds. Otherwise, setting up all these accounts back up after every clean flash was tedious. Shame it doesn't work anymore on later Android versions.

You're welcome [emoji846]

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Oct 6, 2006
Is there any way to change the device ID of my RMN7? Android PIE
Have you tried this app on pie? Does it work on pie?

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A simple and elegant App that help you monitor Android IDs on Oreo devices.
Man, great app, searched for a kind of it for restoring viber without a need to reactivate it with sms (don't have the sim) on Q - hope, viber checks android id only to identify the device..