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Apr 13, 2008
Hi @all,
i need a little bit help please.

All _manila Files from my Touch HD i have copied to SD Card and then to my PC.
Over 2100 Files ~ 20MB
I start the nice App, selectet all QTC1 Files and extract them to a Folder as *.png

Then i mod the Files with PS (first the Colors only, i'am a Newbie and will testing)

...but then...? I found no way to switch the Files :confused:
Is it right, i must click on IMPORT PNG to QTC?
When it is right, i become a Error Message:
"Access to the Path ********** is Denied."

I use Win Vista x64 and run the Tool in Admin Mode.

Please help me... :(
most likely either path and/or images are R/O


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Apr 20, 2008
Dortmund - Germany
Hi and thanks for your help.

But it doesn't work.
I will install Win XP in VMware and test it again.

Some Times later...

Under XP it work 100% :)
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May 28, 2009

I've not used m9editor before and don't want to go blundering around breaking stuff on my first attempt.

I've installed duttys wm6.5 rom on a Touch HD and also godzson hands font, the problem is that the font size for the current temp on the Weather page is too large, the example here shows you what I mean....


Now there does exist a fontsizefix.cab which unfortunately doesn't work on duttys rom (instead it stops weather loading at all).

So if someone could point me in the right direction using m9editor to fix this problem I'd be very grateful, I suspect it's a combination of the font size and the window size I need to fix.

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 22, 2007
Possible bug/oversight in m9editor 'Scale' property

Hey 6Fg8,
Great program, thanks for your hard work.

I found what is either an oversight or a bug in the 'Scale' property. When not animated, there needs to be the capability to specify the X=, Y=, Z= scaling values.



Jun 26, 2009
hohw to fill directory path

Hi, i'm trying to use m9editor, but i really dont know where is MANILA FILES DIRECTORY, or SEARCH PATH, GRAPHIC and SCRIPT DIRECTORY :(

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Aug 22, 2007
Cologne (Köln)

an realy nice tool...
but i have an simple question...
after some try adding an image to the home tab
i only got an white square square where the png (converted to QTC CFC Compressed) should appear...

insert after line 88 original file 1c684cd8_manila
                          <Property> Name=Instance Name Value="Sense_Background"
                              <Property> Name=Instance Name Value="Clock_Sense_BG"
                              <Property> Name=Position Value="PosX=23 PosY=-135 PosZ=0"
                              <Property> Name=Texture Path Value=".\Assets\Images\Home\VGA\sense_base.qtc"
                              <Property> Name=Size Value="Width=436 Height=268"

so now i have 2 questions...

first: did i missed something?

second: how can i set visible to false when big flip clock hides (finger slides up to show all appointments)... i belive i need some lua scripting right?


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Dec 27, 2007
Not recognize well the format of image


There is some files that not recognize well the format of image.
example in the recent files of manila 2.5.19201130.0 (???)


and when the file is exported, the image is in blank

could you solve this inconvenient? :eek:

I don't see this problem report in this thread,
But if already was indicated this case. I'm sorry. and could somebody tell me where I can find this solution

Excuse me if my english is so bad


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Oct 12, 2008
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Dec 1, 2006
Windows 7 x64 Issues

Does anyone have m9editor working successfully on Windows 7 x64?

I have Win7 Ultimate x64 and I can't get m9editor to run even in compatibility mode. When I try to run it, I immediately get a popup "m9editor has stopped working". My current workaround is to run it in one of my XP virtual machines, but it would be nice if I could get it working in 7.

I do have the .net framework and C+ prerequisites on 7 as well.


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Apr 6, 2007
Just incase anybody's searching for an answer to a question like mine in this thread...

If you m9editor crashes when you try to save a file and it tells you it does't have access to the file, even though it does NOT have a read-only attribute set... clear the "system" attribute from the file. I have XP and couldnt do it from explorer, so I went to the command prompt and just did a attrib -s *.* to clear it from all files.


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Mar 19, 2008
Portland, OR
No luck with that either, but I appreciate the suggestion. I have been considering reinstalling Win7. I had the RC and upgraded it to RTM which may have caused some odd issues here and there (possibly this too).
Windows 7 RC will start rebooting ever 2 hours and nagging you starting in March, so you might not want to reinstall that. I'm running Windows 7 and mode9 editor version is running without problem


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Oct 18, 2006
One of things I've always wanted to do to Manila is remove the SMS and Email tabs in favor of having them appear on the Home tab (with notifications).

I'm trying to read up on the tools presented here, but I'm not sure if I'm heading in the correct direction. Will this tool allow me to do something like that?


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Mar 24, 2008
If you are using sense 2.5 you could try co0kiemonsters hometab thread. He is currently rebuilding the entire home tab and might be inclined to add such a feature :)

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    6Fg8 proudly presents:
    development discontinued

    m9editor is your little helper when it comes to editing manila files. It lets you edit nearly all aspects of a mode9 file. Additionally it will assist you with graphics, allowing import, export and CFC compression. And It includes a directory viewer with information specific to manila files.

    m9editor is written in .net, so .netCF3.5 (currently SP1) must be installed (usually its already there). It has been developed and tested using Windows XP x64, but should run on any Windows platform.

    see the manual contained in the download package (PDF)

    making of / credits:
    thanks to: D-MAN666, sztupy, nixx-X1, Chainfire, pcarvalho, showaco, guap, 12aon, xboxmod, NisseDILLIGAF, smotrs, for contributing knowledge, ideas, testing. Thank you guys (& gals of course) !

    version history:
    2009-03-10 - v3.3.0.1
    BUGFIX: crashed when using selections
    2009-03-09 - v3.3.0.0
    - LuaConv is now included in the m9editor download package
    - CHG: all sourcecode related functions use ".lua" as default extension
    - NEW: compile and import function for lua script sourcefiles:

    for mode9 files (embedded scripts):
    m9editor remembers the filename of the source on a per-node basis and lets you subsequently edit the recently used file from the particular node. You may also attach/detach such a link manually. If a link is established, you may edit the sourcefile (check if you set the "SourceCodeViewer" option in m9editor.cfg) and recompile/import in a single step. When saving the mode9 file the links are saved too (mode9file.ann) and reloaded on next open.

    for standalone scripts:
    m9editor checks if a correspondig xxxxxxxx_manila.lua exists in the script directory. If yes, you are offered edit and compile options.

    - NEW: editor context menu: view source for embedded scripts
    - NEW: search previous button
    - FIX: editing characterreference threw exception
    - NEW: dirviewer context menu for mode9 files: compare with: compare two mode9 files without loading it first
    - NEW: dirviewer context menu for all files: hex compare with: compare two files with hexview.
    Only available if AptDiff is installed. Edit m9editor.cfg and insert the following line (use the path on your system):
    AptDiffPath=c:\Program Files (x86)\Brother Technology\AptDiff 1.5\aptdiff.exe

    If AptDiff is installed and configured in m9editor.cfg, text compares are done with AptDiff instead of ExamDiff

    during directory analyze, if a lua script is found, m9editor checks for existence of <filename>.luac.lua. If its found it will be renamed to <filename>.lua. In directory viewer the line will be shown blue colored to indicate the presence of a sourcecode file.

    during mode9 file load, if a embedded script is found, m9editor checks for existence of <filename>_<bytepos>.luac.lua. If its found it will be renamed to <filename>_<bytepos>.lua. In mode9 editor you will notice the link to the script sourcecode. Dont forget to save the mode9 file to make the link permanent (otherwise if you modify the structure, links might be lost due to changing byteposition).

    The pdf attached doesnt reflect the latest changes to m9editor, update follows.

    2009-02-22 - v3.2.0.1
    - fixed definitions for weather.mode9 and landscape.mode9 which rendered them unusable after modifying
    I removed the QtcConv and LuaConv tools because they lack of syntactical checks and the same functionality is available in m9editor.
    EDIT: added the old LuaConv again, seems to work not that bad i thought it would :)
    2009-02-21 - v3.2.0.0
    - font changes for various fields to avoid overlapping
    - if "manila files dir" is changed in settings, directoryview will be reloaded
    - new: directory viewer context menu option for mode9 files: "extract embedded scripts", writes them to script directory
    - changed interpretation of UV property (16.16 instead of INT32)
    - picture view: new "save as PNG" and "save as QTC" buttons will save your graphic to a selectable directory
    2009-02-19 - v3.1.0.1
    bugfix for "save tree to file" function
    2009-02-19 - v3.1.0.0
    time for a new version :)
    - m9editor now remembers last window/splitter positions and restores them on start and returning from minimize
    - HOT compare feature: if a mode9 file is loaded, rightclick on the toplevel node to compare with another mode9 file, or save the treeview as a textfile. Compares are done with a freeware tool named "ExamDiff" from PrestoSoft.
    2009-02-18 - v3.0.5.0
    new context menu functions in directory viewer: delete, copy to
    2009-02-17 - v3.0.4.0
    content of XML, HTML displayed in lower right panel
    evaluation of XML locales in directory viewer
    manual is complete, and now a part of the package
    2009-02-16 - v3.0.3.1
    annotations now work for new tags as well, and will be copied between instances (+corrected a few flaws during display)
    new: search within decompiled lua scripts
    new: copy annotations between instances of m9editor
    2009-02-11 - v3.0.2.0
    bugfix: empty value crash
    minor improvements
    2009-02-10 - v3.0.1.0
    some little improvements:
    - sourcecode of embedded scripts and .luac files is shown whenever possible
    - zoom percentage display for graphics display
    2009-02-09 - v3.0.0.0
    I've made a lot of changes to improve m9editor. The most important are:
    - integration with sztupy's luadec (thanks and credits to sztupy for great decompiler and permission to use, and of course once again to D-MAN666 for providing knowledge)
    - import of compiled lua scripts (ANSI or Unicode, autodetected)
    - UI reworked: editor, directory viewer, image viewer combined in one window

    planned for next releases of m9editor:
    - copy files to/from PDA if connected via ActiveSync
    - smart-select referenced graphic files in a mode9 file
    - selfcheck for consistent mode9 writing
    - analysis of lua script "require"'s for valid manila names

    download stats:
    v. 1554 views (wow! impressed!)