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Apr 18, 2009
On Vanced I could see my past searches as suggestions after clicking on the search button. On ReVanced the suggestions of previous searches are empty. In settings, history is enabled. Any suggestions?


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Sep 5, 2011
Baltimore, MD
anyone know a way to hide this section? I tried to fiddle around with the hidden section and can't seem to find it?



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Oct 10, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
Anybody on Husky's 17.49.34:
No luck for me with Husky's ReVanced 17.49.34

I tested in parallel on my two phones, one with Magisk Delta (Zygisk+MagiskHide) and the other with TJW Magisk Canary 25.2

I uninstalled my Revanced.io YT 17.45.36 modules, rebooted and uninstalled YT apps on both my phones.
Then installed his non-root Revanced apk (although, since it installs with different package name, it should have not interferred with the root/official YT even if I left them installed).
But his Revanced YT 17.49.34 was force-closing on both my phones

I uninstalled that non-root apps and went to install his root ReVanced YT 17.49.34 module.
Observe that I had clean start again on both my phones, there was no root or non-root Revanced installed, neither the (official) YT app

His customize.sh script complained that I must have his Magisk Process monitor module installed to proceed.
Hence I installed the magisk-am-proc-start-tool-v1.3.zip, rebooted and then 'successfully' installed his ReVanced module.
But when I rebooted and tried to run the YT/Revanced 17.49.34, it was force-closing again

I shortly checked on the Delta TG channel and found similar reports (both for root and no-root).
Somebody mentioned that certain (YT ?) app (?) that should have posted somewhere also on the TG channel must be installed in advance

However, I didn't dig dipper (you never know on TG channels, ppl may write whatever, maybe he even thought about the Process Monitor module that I did have installed, who knows)

Anyway, IMO it doesn't make sense that certain YT app must be installed manually because his module installs itself the YT 17.49.34 app right before patching it, and I didn't see any note about on the GitHub where I was downloading his Revanced non-root apk and root zip assets

PS: It's hard to follow things from TG. Up to two weeks or so ago, there was How-To subchannel where he himself posted useful instructions about the Magisk Delta.
There was also Modules subchannel with discussions about the use of modules.
Now both subchannels are removed and searching in the remaining subchannels provides only some old and seldom posts about his Revanced non-root app and module

Anyway, I returned back to the Revanced.io 17.45.36 modules (updated last time last week when the ReVanced sources were updated)
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Oct 10, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
Not rooted anymore on my Pixel 6 but non-root YouTube ReVanced Version 17.49.37 with ReVanced MicroG Version from https://revanced.io/ works fine here.
Good to know, thanks

Just to avoid any misunderstanding among the readers, I posted above about 17.49.34 from a different source

And on Revanced.io, non-root apk is indeed 17.49.37...

PS: See the subsequent post
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Oct 10, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
And on Revanced.io, non-root apk is indeed 17.49.37...

PS: See the subsequent post
Just now, ReVanced.io module (root) updated also to 17.49.37 and it works fine (as always)

And of course, ReVanced.io installation is self-sufficient, no additional module or app is required, it does not depend on Zygisk or not, it works with TJW Magisk or Delta, and no manual installation of YT is required

For the first install, just download, make sure that no Vanced.or ReVanced root is installed and that they did not leave anything in /data/adb (they may not cleanly uninstall).
Better, make also sure that no (official) YT is installed and reboot to confirm the un-installations as above

Then install ReVanced.io module and reboot

When updating, Magisk Modules will show that there is an update for the ReVanced.io module, click on Update and follow, finish with reboot


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Feb 5, 2013
Icon is so small when screen resolution 3168x1440
When resolution 2376x1080 icon gets right size
oneplus 8 pro


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Sep 5, 2012
OnePlus 2
Search or watch history not saving
Please check if one of your VPN, DNS, or hosts module is blocking the s.youtube.com domain.
This will not work, its know problem with patched yt app. On vanced AND stock yt app search IS saved regardless of whether you are logged in or not, but on reVanced this will not work. Since my device is non rooted i have patch stock app with only microg patch since you need that on non rooted device and save search terms will not work if you are not logged in to app, if you are logged in it will work but then you are pulling that data from google servers, and not from local storage.
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Apr 26, 2013
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Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T
On Vanced I could see my past searches as suggestions after clicking on the search button. On ReVanced the suggestions of previous searches are empty. In settings, history is enabled. Any suggestions?

Search history is stored for me with ReVanced Extended (YT 17.45.36) with over 40 patches, not rooted so with Vanced microG.
s, youtube.com whitelisted in AdBlocker.


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    Hello Friends,

    I would like to share information about the true successor to the Vanced app. It is called ReVanced.

    The project page is located on the GitHub site.

    There you have all the information to build the patcher binaries(not the patched YouTube apk). Then patch the YouTube apk(must be official original apk) from the command line (instructions are there on how to do this).

    Building the binaries on your own can be overwhelming for many so the easiest way is to download the "ReVanced Manager" (needs Android 8 and above). Link is on the homepage.

    Unlike Vanced Manager, ReVanced Manager will not download any apk and microg (for non-root devices). It will show you the installed official YouTube version on which to apply the patch. It also allow you to specify an offline YouTube apk stored on your device which you want to patch. It will then display the list of available patches. You can choose the patches as per your requirement and apply them. Once the patches are applied successfully, you will see an option to install the patched apk as a non-root user or "install as root". My device is not rooted so I could not test it.

    If you are applying patches on the installed YouTube app, then depending on the patches you choose you may get the warning saying something like "split configuration detected. The patches you choose requires resource patching, hence you may encounter some errors".

    I was not sure what to do so I choose to apply patches on the offline apk.

    Important: The ReVanced Manager doesn't seems to recognise .apks or .xapk extensions so your offline apk needs to be a single apk (you can get the apk from trusted site like apkpure or find a way to extract the split apk's from the installed app and merge them into a single apk)

    One more thing the patched apk will not install over your existing installed official apk. So you must remove it first. I am also not sure if the patched apk will install over a previously patched apk created with the ReVanced Manager (It should be possible but I came across this project just last night and haven't really tested the various scenarios).

    Note: I am neither a contributor on this project nor I am associated with them in any way. I am just sharing something useful I came across.

    Thank you 🙂

    Added 12-Oct-2022
    Link to the Project page on GitHub (Organized by ipdev)

    Added 17-Oct-2022
    ReVanced Builder - An alternative to ReVanced Manager
    ReVanced.io - Download fully patched YouTube Revanced app

    Added 25-Dec-2022
    More information on installing ReVanced app.
    Installing Revanced with Revanced manager Using official ReVanced Manager (Android)

    Installing Revanced with Revanced Builder (Note: This is forked version of ReVanced Builder mentioned earlier)
    How to use rvx builder on Android

    Something Extra
    Feature comparison of Revanced vs Revanced extended
    ReVanced.io - Download fully patched YouTube Revanced app.

    Both root and non-root versions available for download. The root versions are available in the form Magisk modules.

    The patched versions are created using ReVanced-Builder app.
    The site also has nice explanation for the various patches applied.

    Note: The official ReVanced site is still on YouTube version 17.36.37, but this site has fully patched latest YouTube version (17.40.40)

    Thank You :)
    Hi all. 🙂

    I have been following the ReVanced project since shortly after it started.
    It is a big and still a young project so, there are some glitches and issues. 🙃
    - Some patches might not work or cause issues.

    I had some issues with the ReVanced Managers between v0.0.19 and v.0.0.26.
    YT and YT Music force close after patching with manager 22, 23, 24 and 25.​

    ReVanced does not currently support split-apks.
    v.0.0.19 was the last able to patch split-apk YT​

    The ReVanced Manager will not work on arm (armv7a) devices.
    You can patch arm files on an arm64 (armv8a) device.​

    I am still working on updating a Magisk module project that I started a few years ago but, never announced.
    Vanced asked that no one release an unofficial module once they created an official module.
    Since the official module was dead, I asked for permission to release a new module.
    A few years ago, due to changes in Android.
    I was looking for an easier way to use the root 'Vanced' version of YouTube on my device(s).
    Instead of manually replacing and setting permissions, I tested an idea (on a lot of devices and Android versions) to overlay the modified version over the stock installed version.
    The Vanced team adopted the idea into their Manager root install. 🙂
    - ReVanced does the same.


    The YT, YT Music patches that work for me using ReVanced Manager v.0.0.26.
    - YouTube
    • Client Spoof
      Spoofs the YouTube or Vanced client to prevent playback issues.​
    • Disable Auto Captions
      Disable forced captions from being automatically enabled.​
    • Disable Auto Player Popup Panels
      Disable automatic popup panels (playlist or live chat) on video player.​
    • Disable Fullscreen Panels
      Disables video description and comments panel in fullscreen view.​
    • General Ads
      Removes general ads.​
    • Hide Infocard Suggestions
      Hides infocards in videos.​
    • Hide Watermark
      Hides creator's watermarks on videos.​
    • Minimized Playback
      Enables minimized and background playback.​
    • Remember Video Quality
      Adds the ability to remember the video quality you chose in the video quality flyout.​
    • Return Youtube Dislike
      Shows the dislike count of videos using the Return YouTube Dislike API.​
    • Sponsorblock
      Integrate SponsorBlock.​
    • Video Ads
      Removes ads in the video player.​
    - YouTube Music
    • Background Play
      Enables playing music in the background.​
    • Codecs Unlocked
      Adds more audio codec options. The new audio codecs usually result in better audio quality.​
    • Exclusive Audio Playback
      Enables the option to play music without video.​
    • Hide Get Premium
      Removes all "Get Premium" evidences from the avatar menu.​
    • Minimized Playback Music
      Enablers minimized playback on Kids music.​
    • Music Video Ads
      Removes ads in the music player.​
    • Upgrade Button Remover
      Removes the upgrade tab from the pivot bar.​

    Base stock versions from APKMirror.
    YouTube (full APK) v17.36.37 (arm and arm64).
    - APKMirror - [WebSite] - Link

    YouTube Music v5.23.50 (arm)
    - APKMirror - [WebSite] - Link

    YouTube Music v5.23.50 (arm64)
    - APKMirror - [WebSite] - Link

    Cheers all. :cowboy:

    Once finish cleaning up iYT, I will start a Magisk Module thread for it. 🙃
    Archived original iYTv. - [GitHub] - Link

    WIP updated iYT. - [GitHub] - Link
    WIP iYTm. - [GitHub] - Link

    Edit: (12.OCT.2022)
    Fix list of YT patches I use (accidentally posted the YTM patches I use instead of YT patches).
    Clean up a bit since posts have been moved into a new thread.

    Edit: (03.NOV.2022)
    [MODULE] Inject YouTube - [xdaThread] - Link
    Continuing the legacy of Vanced

    • ReVanced Main project.
    • ReVanced Manager Releases.
    • List of ReVanced patches.

    The ReVanced team.
    All who contribute and support this project.
    Hi all. 🙂

    Quick PSA.

    To explain what actually happens when you install ReVanced using the manager.
    Note: the file path might be different if you use the extended repo.
    I have not tried yet but, I think the extended repo used /data/adb/ instead of /data/local/tmp/

    When you open the manager you see the installed apps that are suported for patching.
    When you select one (YouTube for this example) for patching, the manager copies the stock installed apk file to a working directory.
    The copy is then patched with the patches you select and a patched apk file is created.

    When you choose to install it, the patched apk file is moved to /data/local/tmp/revanced-manager/com.google.android.youtube/.
    The permissions of the modified apk file needs to be set correctly.
    This can not be done in a normal user level like /sdcard/ so /data/local/tmp/ is used since it has heighten permission levels.​

    Two boot scripts are created, and placed in Magisk's boot script directories.
    One placed in post-fs-data.d (early boot) and the other placed in service.d (late start).
    This is different than a module.
    A module (if scripts are needed), include their post-fs and service script within it's own module directory instead of the main directories.

    Then the mount command is used to overlay the patched version on top of the stock installed version.
    When you open the app, Android is pointed to the patched version instead of the installed version.​

    Since the mount overlay will not survive a reboot, the boot scripts that were created (post-fs and service) run the mount overlay on boot.
    Otherwise you would have to mount the patched version over the stock version manually after every boot. ;)
    Magisk's Overlay does not extent out to user data. That is why we use the mount command to overlay the modified apk.​


    There is still an issue with ReVanced not replacing the previous patched apk file and/or scripts when you update or re-patch an app.
    In a previous post I gave instructions on how to clear ReVanced YouTube for updating.
    Post #182

    Still an open issue.
    ReVancedManager - [ GitHub ] - Issue #425
    I happened to comment in the above issue what and why we use boot scripts and the mount command. ;)


    Hope it helps more than confuse. 🙃

    Cheers. :cowboy: