[APP+DRV] [Keys remapper] Raphael Keyboard Controller GSM/CDMA v1.4

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Mar 12, 2008
This is what many touch pro/fuze owners want to have - ability to get full control over their keyboards.

This is for Raphael only! Do not try to install this on other devices!
Do not ask me to make a version for other device since my remappers are driver dependent and this can be very and very complicated without real device (if possible at all).

So, what is it ? It's a modified keyboard driver with configurator application for keys setup. Any key (yeah, i mean ANY, including Home and Back keys) can be reassigned to perform desired actions. Keys on a QWERTY keyboard are not an exception, they might be remapped too.
If any key has an action configured and is defined to be processed by my driver extension, it wouldn't go into the system. That is to say no one program even like AEButton will see key events processed by my driver.
Driver extension also can vibrate on any key press.

Modified drivers were tested on many ROMs based on different OEMs, so they would work in most cases.

Thanks dcd1182 for CDMA version testing.

  • Different event types supported: single, double and triple clicks, long presses
  • Two modes of key mapping: three actions per key or direct key mapping
  • Key repeats in direct key mapping mode
  • Actions sequence repeats in actions mode
  • Key combinations using FN modifier
  • Default key behaviour action - you won't loose key's default behaviour if you just want to add double click or long press to it
  • Different key behaviour depending on foreground process/window class/window text
  • Multiple rules for each key to provide different behaviour for each application you want
  • Multiple actions for each event
  • Different predefined actions:
    • Run program
    • Key press emulation
    • Send symbol/text to active window
    • Close active window
    • Switch to window by class/text
    • Terminate data connection
    • Wi-Fi toggle
    • BT toggle
    • Screen rotation
    • Power management (screen power toggle, suspend, reset)
  • Exceptions lists which are used to deny key remapping depending on foreground process/window class/window text
  • Configurable long press and double click duration
  • Configuration import/export in configurator

Changelog is located here.
Configurator UI localization support information is located here.

- .NET CF 2.0 (for configurator app)
- WM 6.1/6.5 compatible

- Install SdkCerts.cab
- Install RaphKbdControl_XXX.cab
- Soft reset
- Check if keyboard works by pressing hardware buttons and seeing if they do their work, if not - uninstall cab, this wouldn't work on your current ROM
- If it works - go to the control panel and find "Keyboard Config" on a System page

How to define key processing:
- Run configurator (Control Panel -> System -> Keyboard Config)
- Press Menu -> Add key
- When dialog asking you to press key appears press and release desired key
- Set up needed options in key setup dialog and press OK (left softkey)
- In configurator's main window press left softkey "Update settings" to let new configuration take place (reboot is not needed, coz new settings will work immediately after saving)

What to do if keyboard doesn't work after uninstallation of this software:
- in any way stop device "KBD1:"
- for example, you can use Dotfred's TaskManager - navigate to Devices tab and find the KBD1: string, then press Stop
- delete files \Windows\keypad.dll and \Windows\kbdcntrl.dll
- soft reset

How to add new button to Buttons applet and get it working:
- add or copy existing key [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Keys\40CX], where X is 1-6
- under this key add next values:
* Name - display name of the button in list (doesn't matter what you write here, it's only for you)
* Icon - path to icon for this button
- goto configurator and define an 'emulate key press' action for any button you want and set these values here: key code - 'App X' and check 'Win' checkbox - only in this case button will work
- save settings and enjoy newly created button

- optimization
- Shift+?? key combinations support (if there would be requests on this)
- more actions
- other useful things
- your suggestions ?

Backup before installing of modified driver is strongly recommended.
Be careful when downloading the cab, make sure you choose the correct version suitable for your device.

Also, here is small collection of AltTab programs attached.
You can use any of them assigned as 'run program' action to desired key to switch between running programs.


  • RaphKbdControl_GSM_1.4.zip
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  • RaphKbdControl_CDMA_1.4.zip
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  • AltTabCollection.zip
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Jun 29, 2007
well im going to try this right now, thanks

tested and works great.

side note: under the todo list adding different key behaviours depending on active window would be great :D

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Jan 20, 2009
Glad to see something like this come along.

Curious, any plans to integrate with the Buttons applet found in Settings?


Again, excellent work!


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Sep 14, 2008
It is very cool program.
But it is not work with russian keyboard on official Rom:confused:
Or it's my mistake?

after uninstall app and soft reset do not work hardware keyboard,
and keys: on/off device (on the top side) and loudness (on left side)
What can I do?
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Apr 23, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Wow; this really does sound like the tool I was hoping for. (The hardware keyboard and the home/back etc keys? Perfect!)

Sadly, seems like the rom I am using (MightyROM5, for CDMA and Sprint) wasn't one of them... oh, well. If anyone else with CDMA has a ROM and tries this successfully, though, I'd love to know so I can try a different one. :)

For me, the hardware keys worked again after an uninstall and soft reset. (To turn the screen back on after it fell asleep while I was doing this, I had to hold the power key down as if I was going to force it to turn off, only longer than normal -- just a FYI if someone else has the same issue.)


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Mar 8, 2009
somewhere in oklahoma
is there a way to make a tab key ? i really would like one . i hate having to touch the screen to change entry feilds on the internet ,usually when i log into xda or myspace or anywhere that has a forums ..... i use it tons on my computer and thats pretty much my only complaint about the fuze keyboard ...NO TAB !


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Jul 1, 2007
OnePlus 8
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Two requests:

Please let me execute .lnk files also, not only .exe files

I cannot use arguments when calling exe files. Please support arguments when calling exe files in the next version.

Thanks for listening!


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Mar 12, 2008


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Mar 12, 2008
Will this app let me remap the Volume Up/Down to Scroll Up/Down?

i've analyzed CDMA keypad driver that mcw posted here, it's 90% similar to GSM version
i will patch it in a free time like my one, but i haven't a CDMA device to test it :) so you will need to test patched driver


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Apr 1, 2009
I have an issue with this app, dunno why but only my storage card is available to search exe from, I'm unable to search exe from main memory, how comes?


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