[APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island for android! iOS Heads-up / peek notifications!

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Feb 3, 2023
is there possible to add new option to hide dynamic island in landscape mode ?


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Durlob Mahesh

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Feb 3, 2023
I think its a bug. Whenever I call someone and after the call the dynamic island popup remains over the screen continues the call timer although I have cut the call.
Phone model- Realme GT master edition


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May 4, 2008
Hello, since the last update (I have the impression that it was at that time) the auto expand does not work anymore :(

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    Hey there, the app is fantastic. I tried it when it first came out and took a break from it. Coming back you've added so many useful features that make it feel way more natural.

    For additional appearance options, would it be possible to add the ability to customize the small popup vs the expanded popup. For example, I'm on an S22U that has pretty squared off corners of the screen. When I'm small popup, the more rounded corners look great but when it expands it doesn't match the radius of the screen so it looks weird.

    It would be great to adjust the radius of the smaller popup and the expanded popup separately to match the screen design more closely. I could also see it being beneficial to allow adjusting the spacing on the sides of the expanded to allow more room between the popup and the bezels when expanded.

    Great work and thanks for an amazing feature!
    Hello, is there any solution so the dynamic spot can stay at the camera hole when the phone is in horizontally?
    If there isn't, can you make it possible?
    Like, keep the dynamic spot in the camera place and rotate icons and so depending on which side of the phone is facing to the ground or something. Nice work by the way :)
    I have another suggestion idea, albeit likely more complex to develop, it could be very useful... Since basically every app can be put in the Live Activities drawer, there could be a separate page in that drawer that shows the most recently used/closed apps, kind-of like how it works on a modern iPad/MacOS dock, and you could swipe the existing app row to the left or right to reveal that page. This isn't an actual iPhone 14 Pro feature, but it would make going through recent apps a lot faster than using many gestures to type the app name in
    here's some feture request.!

    I didn't write most of these and they are copy paste from the requests you missed, i i edited the copy pastes for easier to understand. 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 are writen by me

    1) when playing music, a waveform animation would be great.

    2) Ignore silent notifications

    3) a mix between your style of notification and classic One Ui popup, to keep a preview of the message.

    4) Snooze Button for notifications in expanded view.

    5) Option to automatically disable Dynamic Island when an app is in full screen, e.g. YouTube.

    6) tapping opens the app and holding expands, dobule tapping should hide or live activites or more...

    7) silent/vibrate/sound event.

    8) visualization like you did for music, for voice recording, waveform better

    9) i want small circle smaller because it's still a little big for me

    10) support for Monet (Material You) for the background and perhaps background that changes based on Dark and Light mode

    11) Dark mode, i really want it, light mode hurts my eyes on dark places...

    12) tapping on Live Activites opens apps list and holding screen shot, what about if we double tap it shows the shutdown options?

    13) when power saving mode is enabled then animations should be disabled, would be better if we choose when it should enable (must be an option because some people don't want animations to stop)

    14) animations on visualizer are way too smooth, it looks like visualizer is 1 second away from the song (correct me if it doesn't make any sense because i'm bad at english)

    15) camera hole should stay aligned when the phone is horizontal (top liked request in this past 30 days {today is 2023 14 mars} )

    FIXES :

    1) i want to switch apps to another app with live activites but apps that are on SD Card cannot be on the list and it causes bugs, would be better if fixed in the future.

    2) Show as notch still expands and unexpands like the circle front camera, fixing that makes this app better for notch users.

    Edit: I edited this post to fix my mistakes SORRY. because two of these requests was the same thing.

    EDIT: New requests added (2023 Mar 14)

    EDIT: One more request added literally 35 minutes later😂
    Add this feature please
    In case of multiple notification and/or events
    Add option:-
    * Show letest
    *Show them all
    Swipe left or right will remove the preview of notification . and in case there is more notifications next one will be displayed
    multi notification support may get added in a future release, but as the app is used on the fly you will normally no have too many paralles notification
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    Hi there,

    with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island.

    As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island.

    In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So that's when dynamicSpot was born :)

    With dynamicSpot you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your device! dynamicSpot gives you Dynamic Island's mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone events.

    Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, long press the popup to expand it and view more details.

    iPhone's Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.

    As dynamicSpot uses Android's notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notification, timer apps and even music apps!
    So if you e.g. start a timer, dynamicSpot will show you the running time.

    The app is in a public beta currently and will be further optimized. Animations may not be super smooth and not all apps be compatible currently.
    But im working on it :)

    • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature
    • Mini multitasking for your phone
    • Support for timer apps
    • Support for music apps
    • Customizable interaction

    • Play / Pause
    • Next / Prev
    • Touchable seekbar

    • Timer aps: Show running timer
    • Battery: Show percentage
    • Maps: Show distance
    • Music apps: Music controls
    • More to come soon!

    Coming soon...

    dynamicSpot 1.20 XDA exclusive preview:

    Like? Did you spot the new feature?
    Thanks for all the feedback! Will take all feature requests into consideration. Have a long roadmap already :)
    Will do my best to fix all the bugs asap.

    If you have any question or suggestions just let me know.

    Just pushed another update dynamicSpot 1.10
    Recoded the whole animation system. No it looks way better.
    Added lots of bugfixes and optimizations


    Bye bye old animations, hello smoooooth animations :)

    • Added display settings category
    • Added optional iOS pop effect
    • Added smooth animations
    • Icon style now selectable
    • Fixed clear notifications
    • Lots of bugfixes
    • Translations updated
    • Fixes & optimizations

    More to come soon!

    Do you like the new animations?