[APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island for android!

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Oct 3, 2022
Hello sir,
can you add artist and song title in pop up notification? And add a quick reply?
Thank you before


Oct 3, 2022
Unfortunately the visualizer isn't working, its the same as before even when I turn it on



Oct 3, 2022
Unfortunately the visualizer isn't working, its the same as before even when I turn it on

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I managed to troubleshoot it. If anyone else is having issues with the visualizer appearing, try the following steps:

1. Apps > Dynamic Spot > Battery > set to Unrestricted
2. Appear on Top > Allow permission
3. Force stop the app
4. Open the app and turn it on again (enable notifications)
5. Turn on music and it should appear now


Jan 31, 2012
If the app is deactivated, the maximum FPS reaches 120hz but when it is activated it drops to 60hz.


This stays at 60hz the entire time.
If the app is deactivated, the maximum FPS reaches 120hz but when it is activated it drops to 60hz.


This stays at 60hz the entire time.
Sorry I can't reproduce on my device...they worked as expected...

Note: Device Pixel4XL A13 Stock Non Rooted (don't laugh at me since P4XL don't have camera cutout but I still bought this app becoz I like the concept/idea of new notifications should behaves)



Nov 13, 2013
I don't have that issue on a Galaxy Fold 4 on Android 12L:
Screenshot_20221003_120808_Action Launcher.png

Same with album art instead of app icon:
Screenshot_20221003_121414_Action Launcher.png
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Aug 7, 2010
San Jose, CA
Cool idea.

I tried it last night on my Fold4 and it works well on the front display, but the inner display still has it in the middle of the screen. I hope there's a way to turn it off for just the inner screen since there's no cutout due to the under display camera.

But overall a great cop of an Apple feature.

Cypher - V

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Apr 21, 2013
Awesome app. I have got premium too.

But as mentioned before by others an inner display mode for fold devices would be really cool. Thanks either ways!
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Oct 3, 2022
Any way to make it so the expanded popup shape and size follows the shape of the screen like it does on iOS? Right now it looks off on my Flip 4. Also any plans to add more app interactions like on iOS, such as answering and viewing calls, timer display, silent mode on/off, accessories connect, etc?


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Jan 14, 2014
I can confirm the refresh rate issue on my Galaxy S21 Ultra: as soon as the island is active, my refresh rate goes down to 60Hz inside any app. Only on home screen I get 120Hz. If I swipe the island away, I get 120Hz everywhere.
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    Thanks for the input.

    1. maybe in a future release. need to keep the app as simple as possible
    2. do you have any example video?
    3. already tested this, but was not satisfied. Maybe in a future release
    4. no problems here, but as it expands from an edge position it may not look as smooth as from center
    5. the lock icon is only there because you can unlock with face id on iOS and stay on lockscreen. On android you will directly unlock the phone. Dont know if this would make sense?

    Thanks for response, I have example video for no 2 and 5 maybe you can understand what i mean.

    I also attach the link for your reference, i think information about dynamic island like animation and interaction etc from that video very complete and helpful for your development
    Thanks for Your creation, it very awesome and different than the other apps i try, respect and keep it good work 👍🙏👏
    I found all of the UI for the dynamic island

    Full-quality svgs:
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    Thank you for clarification and how amateur I am that I haven't read the instructions clearly stated in the app.
    No problem. I dont collect any data in any of my apps. And i have no ads even in free version.

    If some people buy me a coffe im happy. So im not interested in selling data.

    But many other apps do. So its always good to ask first.
    Short teaser :cool:
    Something awesome is coming soon :LOL:

    New notification smoothly blend like on iOS. What do you think?

    Sorry for bad video quality.

    Uploaded dynamicSpot 1.26 #62

    You can now show images from notifications directly in the popup and use custom colors for the popup!

    • Custom color
    • Show images
    • App name auto color
    • Music popup optimized
    • Translations updated
    • Fixes & optimizations
    Found a cool idea, thought it might be original and useful
    Great app btw. Well after a month of usage I came with a problem. the color of the popup is pitch black and when u keep it on always, it harms the pixels of the screen if the screen ain't amoled. Had faced this issue and the pixels around my camera cut out had turned bit dull. Well it's manageable but on long term it might harm the display which aren't amoled. So maybe make the popup bit grey. Ik it would be bad but only solution to this issue ig?
    Custom colors may get added in a future release. Maybe soon :)

    Normally, as the overlay is only visible when the screen is on it shouldn't react on the display.
    But if you experience problems, maybe you should disable the always on option.
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    Hi there,

    with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island.

    As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island.

    In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So that's when dynamicSpot was born :)

    With dynamicSpot you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your device! dynamicSpot gives you Dynamic Island's mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone events.

    Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, long press the popup to expand it and view more details.

    iPhone's Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.

    As dynamicSpot uses Android's notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notification, timer apps and even music apps!
    So if you e.g. start a timer, dynamicSpot will show you the running time.

    The app is in a public beta currently and will be further optimized. Animations may not be super smooth and not all apps be compatible currently.
    But im working on it :)

    • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature
    • Mini multitasking for your phone
    • Support for timer apps
    • Support for music apps
    • Customizable interaction

    • Play / Pause
    • Next / Prev
    • Touchable seekbar

    • Timer aps: Show running timer
    • Battery: Show percentage
    • Maps: Show distance
    • Music apps: Music controls
    • More to come soon!

    Coming soon...

    dynamicSpot 1.20 XDA exclusive preview:

    Like? Did you spot the new feature?
    Coming soon...

    Thanks for all the feedback! Will take all feature requests into consideration. Have a long roadmap already :)
    Will do my best to fix all the bugs asap.

    If you have any question or suggestions just let me know.