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Dec 3, 2022
After the new update the charging or battery notification is taking huge space. If we want to keep the dynamic notch small then we are not able to see the battery percentage. In my opinion the older one is the best one as in that we were able to see all thing in small dynamic notch also.


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Dec 3, 2022
There is no new thing which you have updated. I have paid 500BDT i can want new things like iPhone 14pro. If possible update the app with customizable small popup so that anyone can easily customize size like that iPhone 14pro. Please update with new things ......


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Mar 5, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
After the new update the charging or battery notification is taking huge space. If we want to keep the dynamic notch small then we are not able to see the battery percentage. In my opinion the older one is the best one as in that we were able to see all thing in small dynamic notch also.
Most people requested the iPhone way. What do you mean with "not able to see the battery percentage" ??
Can you post a screenshot?


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Dec 3, 2022
Thanks alot for created this app.
I have some bug and trouble hope you fix
1. Can you make (1 setting for expand space notch/horizone/ to fit it in left position notch). Because I use android with dual camera in left position so that it can animation popup fit the notch.
2. In use app icon setting ( for left position the icon message (the right icon not the icon of the app) is so tiny when vertical <45 hope u fix it.
3. When connect a Bluetooth device ( me here is SOUNDPEATS H1 it show the text like this( SOUNDPEATS H...) while a huge space between text and the icon Bluetooth

All trouble above is in left position setting use in (dual camera notch) and I think alot android devices get it.

Btw I have some idea for you. Hope this make app better
1. Can you make rgb outline the notch and dynamic field when notification come.
2. Add time and battery in expand popup ( top right hand conner)
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Nov 27, 2016
Hi @Jawomo,

When I put the cell phone to charge with it blocked, as soon as I unlock it, the battery charging notification that I activated in the options appears, the problem is that it displays the percentage at the time the cell phone was placed to charge and not the current percentage, it is as if with the cell phone locked it does not update and shows the percentage in real time, is there a way to improve this?


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Dec 3, 2022
Can the app have an option to resize System Events so that it's not too wide when it does trigger? also making it so that when i do connect to a Bluetooth Device it doesn't show the factory name and instead goes for the name i put on my device comes up instead. Really annoying to see the factory name of my headset instead of the name i put on.

Oh and also can you find a way to not make the System randomly killing the app?
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Dec 3, 2022
Main menu > Size & position? or what do you mean?
No sir i want exactly which shows Live activities that means pill Customizable so that i can customise the pill size. Actually i want something large size pill like iPhone 14pro .
i have given picture for you easy understanding. Thanks in advance

images (26).jpeg

Like that
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Dec 3, 2022
I like the app and I ger the pro version.
I have the same problem, the app disconects every time.
I already check all the battery settings and I allow the app to work in second background but the problem continues...
Can you give me a solution?


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Feb 15, 2020
Hola excelente aplicación muy buena, pero el fondo de las animaciones en vivo no se pone igual al color preferido que uno escoge para toda las notificaciones

Mod translation: Hello, excellent application, very good, but the background of the live animations does not match the preferred color that one chooses for all notifications
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Oct 31, 2022
Uninstalled, restarted the phone, reinstalled the app.

Pill orientation and everything is fixed including music play pill disappeared when gide time is 5secs.

But now phone app (calling pill) is not at all working, I mean it appear once the call is placed and disappear in just 1 or 2 secs.


Uninstalled the app, restart the device and reinstall and reconfigured the app.
{App ver: 1.36
Device: Google Pixel 4a
Android Ver: 13}

Pill placement and everything is working fine except,
1. Google Phone dialer still works with 5 sec hide duration (whatever will be the hide duration calling pill will appear for that time period only), while music app stays as long as music is playing irrespective of the hide duration setting.
2. Calling timer is not at all working (stays on 00:00 or some random value).
3. During a working/live pill if we open the dynamic island app then pill will reappear (no problem) but once that app get minimize then pill should reappear as earlier, but it won't unless from inside dynamic island app I force a notification from the top right notification button.

I really appreciate your responses and effort to make app more and more efficient and useful for the users.
Im facing this google dialer problem too.

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    Just wanted to give an update. It works smooth. Just that when expands and close little bit freezing is there for micro secs
    this is by purpose to make to expand or collapse smooth
    The popup has a stutter right after expanding and collapsing for like 0.5 seconds. Expanded popup doesn't respond to swipe to clear immediately after expanding a small popup, it takes a bit of time to respond. This also happens when I try to expand a small popup right after collapsing it. There is a response lag in between.
    Yes a little bit response lag in between collapse and expand mainly
    So I'm probably doing something wrong but how do I get the music controls to work? I'm using YT Music. My settings are

    Show always as circle. So I can still enjoy AoDNotify.
    YT Music is a selected app for Live Activities.

    Version is v1.55 (101136).


    No idea what I did but now it's working.
    @Jawomo Nice app always useful used
    Each time the music changes, the second pop-up automatically expands. I hope the option to turn off and turn on the second pop-up automatically expanding when playing music or videos
    View attachment 5825647
    Should be fixed in latest beta now
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    I just love this app. There are many others now and somehow, they're just not as good as this one, even it being still in beta.
    I do have some ideas and suggestions after using the premium version almost since it was released on the playstore:

    - Progress bar/circle would be useful. Copying files shows the app icon and a message icon on the right. Instead of having the message icon, a progress circle that turns into a bar upon expanding the island, would be very useful.
    - Adding some bounce to the animation when closing the island would improve looks and remeble iOS even more.
    - Silent and mute events animations would be a nice addition, since Android has a shortcut to silence instead of using a physical switch as the iPhone.
    - Track name on music collapsed island next to the album art, as an option, would be useful and dope. Perhaps not permanent, but only when the song changes and displaying its name for a few seconss. And it would be the perfect way of showcasing the island animations, just for the flex.
    - A toggle for switching output media device would be top. Not even iOS has one. It could be located on the expanded music island.
    - As a suggestion, a higher refresh rate/sample rate for the music visualizer would look very dope. Somewhere along 40 to 60 fps just to have a smoother animation, or even better, let the user choose said rate according to its preference. 24, 45 or 60 would be a nice range of options.

    Of course everything is easier said than done, but this is by far one of my favourite apps and I've been using it non stop for months. I'll love to see it keep that #1 spot.
    I have a suggestion for the app. Regarding the music visualizer, the animation should be smoother and add a spinning animation to the album cover. That would be quite similar to the original :)
    Dear devs,
    I absolutely adore your app and have bought the full version. Could you please add a feature? Sliding the small popup to clear the notification, would be great.
    Thanks for your time! :)
    Thanks for the input. This may get added in a future release.

    For now you can clear notif on single tap or long press if you like.
    Hi, first of all thanks for this awesome app.
    Since the 1.55, it won't launch anymore it seems the accessibility services force crash the app.

    I'm on Nothing Phone (1) and restarted twice and reinstall the app on playstore.
    fix is on the way
    Got this text issue when adjusting the spot to the same size as the camera hole, is text kinda broken when adjusting to small sizes? Or is a problem in my end?

    View attachment 5809701
    Will be optimized in next beta
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    Hi there,

    with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island.

    As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island.

    In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So that's when dynamicSpot was born :)

    With dynamicSpot you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your device! dynamicSpot gives you Dynamic Island's mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone events.

    Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, long press the popup to expand it and view more details.

    iPhone's Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.

    As dynamicSpot uses Android's notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notification, timer apps and even music apps!
    So if you e.g. start a timer, dynamicSpot will show you the running time.

    The app is in a public beta currently and will be further optimized. Animations may not be super smooth and not all apps be compatible currently.
    But im working on it :)

    • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature
    • Mini multitasking for your phone
    • Support for timer apps
    • Support for music apps
    • Customizable interaction

    • Play / Pause
    • Next / Prev
    • Touchable seekbar

    • Timer aps: Show running timer
    • Battery: Show percentage
    • Maps: Show distance
    • Music apps: Music controls
    • More to come soon!

    Coming soon...

    dynamicSpot 1.20 XDA exclusive preview:

    Like? Did you spot the new feature?
    Thanks for all the feedback! Will take all feature requests into consideration. Have a long roadmap already :)
    Will do my best to fix all the bugs asap.

    If you have any question or suggestions just let me know.

    Just pushed another update dynamicSpot 1.10
    Recoded the whole animation system. No it looks way better.
    Added lots of bugfixes and optimizations


    Bye bye old animations, hello smoooooth animations :)

    • Added display settings category
    • Added optional iOS pop effect
    • Added smooth animations
    • Icon style now selectable
    • Fixed clear notifications
    • Lots of bugfixes
    • Translations updated
    • Fixes & optimizations

    More to come soon!

    Do you like the new animations?