[APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island for android! iOS 17 notification popups!

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Mar 5, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Please bring the possibility to change the border color for each application (just as we can change the background color), in addition to being able to choose the thickness of the border. Some animations for the border (like the ones from the AOD Notify app) would also be interesting
Thanks for the input! Will take it into consideration
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Feb 8, 2023
Maximum popup width: 90%
Maximum text lines: 6

Can you fix this?
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May 15, 2023
Hi , thanks for your efforts , I notice that when make call and the popups when I press there is no information for the contac I'm calling just written call and the others buttons, please add the contact detail and photo , it will be great . Thanks
BTW, which best app I can add the contacts photos in the dialing list ??
Thanks in advance


Aug 29, 2022
I turned on the visualizer and it's not shown what can I do


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Dec 21, 2022
alaways thanks @Jawomo
sound/mute/vibration system alram works well at firat time however, if the Bluetooth alarm is triggered, it will not function normally


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May 30, 2023
I bought the pro version, i got to change some things but after a few days the pro version is not enabled anymore. All the pro features are locked again. I selected the right google account and switcht everything on and off, still nothing. Plz help.


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May 30, 2023
Also, when a notification pops up, it overlaps other symbols such as wifi, battery level, signal symbols and also time. Normally as in ios those symbols dissapear for as long the notification pops up to have more space. Now the length is limited otherwise is overlaps which is not nice to see


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Nov 27, 2016

After the last update, when I receive a voice call, the DynamicSpot notification appears to answer or deny the call, but the default WhatsApp notification also appears behind to answer or deny the call. I've already tried disabling this priority notification to stay only in DynamicSpot, it appears as disabled, but as soon as I receive a call, Whatsapp itself enables it again in notifications, is there any way to solve this? Or to disable this DynamicSpot notification for Whatsapp calls?


May 9, 2018
Since the last update, the auto expand popup doesn't work with any app. I tried disabling it and enabling again, but it didn't fix it. Galaxy S22+ android 13


Dec 3, 2022
Have any idea why the pop-up still shows up at landscape even though i don't have "Show in landscape" in the settings turned on?

resetted my calibration parameters (since i figured that was the problem) and it works fine now.
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Mar 16, 2006
I have. Nest Speaker and when playing music on it I get this notification: how can I enable dynamic spot for this as well, to show a permanent pill on top?


Also, for those paying, I stead of having is download popup control, why not add next to apps allowed a checkbox to also choose if to disable popup? This would be very handy.

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Mar 16, 2006
Also, even if enabled, I do not see the pill on the screen lock

Edit: solved

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    [IDEA] A new kind of feature where the pill works as a progress bar for some apps (defined in settings). Would work great for browsers and the native download manager to monitor the progress. I can create a mock up if you need more context.
    that would be possible, but unfortunately some apps report complete bulls* progress values.

    Samsung Internet works perfectly whereas Playstore made by Google doesnt...
    Cant implement it therefore
    Hi Jawomo I have a idea for better UI of dynamic spot add some shadow in border line of dynamic spot
    Then it would look muchh great
    There is a shadow already. If you make background color white you can see it. On black its not visible because of the contrast
    Please make the animations smooth like the iphone and make if you close the app the app goes to the dynamic island
    its system/ launcher animation not app animation.
    1. When using landscape mode, please make sure that live activities are not displayed in a reduced state.
    2. When using this app, there is an error where the screen turns on when a notification comes from the Korean app 'KakaoTalk'.
    3. Since the camera position is different for each smartphone, it would be a good idea to create a preset for each smartphone.
    Hi Man!
    First of all thank you for this app. I like it and ı have some suggestions for you..

    Here it is :

    -When using the application at the same time android notifications come and i get 2 notifications at the same time it would be much nicer if you can fix this

    - I think thats app verry good but have some upgrade maybe is face ıd symbol abd charge symbol when charged or when face ıd used
    On samsung devices you can hide notification icons. Unfortunately not all manufacturers offer such an option
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    Hi there,

    with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island.

    As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island.

    In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So that's when dynamicSpot was born :)

    With dynamicSpot you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your device! dynamicSpot gives you Dynamic Island's mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone events.

    Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, long press the popup to expand it and view more details.

    iPhone's Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.

    As dynamicSpot uses Android's notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notification, timer apps and even music apps!
    So if you e.g. start a timer, dynamicSpot will show you the running time.

    The app is in a public beta currently and will be further optimized. Animations may not be super smooth and not all apps be compatible currently.
    But im working on it :)

    • iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island feature
    • Mini multitasking for your phone
    • Support for timer apps
    • Support for music apps
    • Customizable interaction

    • Play / Pause
    • Next / Prev
    • Touchable seekbar

    • Timer aps: Show running timer
    • Battery: Show percentage
    • Maps: Show distance
    • Music apps: Music controls
    • More to come soon!

    Coming soon...

    dynamicSpot 1.20 XDA exclusive preview:

    Like? Did you spot the new feature?
    Just pushed another update dynamicSpot 1.10
    Recoded the whole animation system. No it looks way better.
    Added lots of bugfixes and optimizations


    Bye bye old animations, hello smoooooth animations :)

    • Added display settings category
    • Added optional iOS pop effect
    • Added smooth animations
    • Icon style now selectable
    • Fixed clear notifications
    • Lots of bugfixes
    • Translations updated
    • Fixes & optimizations

    More to come soon!

    Do you like the new animations?
    Thanks for all the feedback! Will take all feature requests into consideration. Have a long roadmap already :)
    Will do my best to fix all the bugs asap.

    If you have any question or suggestions just let me know.