[App] [Emulator] PPSSPP UWP for WINDOWS 10 Mobile

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DJ Turn Up

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May 28, 2018
I found a new updated version of 1.5.4 gold

a link and it does have the b button fix I am running this on my xbox one enjoy :)


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Sep 15, 2019

Having the same issues that have been stated previously. Games work fine* over remote disc streaming, but crash upon loading from either phone storage or sd card. <a href="https://ppsspp.ooo/">ppsspp app</a>

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    Will try soon lumia 930

    Forget about this emulator, even Lumia 950 performance isn't enough to play games, you'll get just a slideshow...

    Here is the arm/x86 build I created from the original W10 PPSSPP port author, László Perneky repo:
    (it's a standard appxbundle)

    P.S. Here is a couple of pics from the slideshow called "Need for speed - Most Wanted" :D

    Is this another stealing (like your try to steal my WPTweaker) from the https://www.ppsspp.org (source code on the guthub) ?

    @Igor Sanches, listen, if you ported/modified someone's code, don't forget to provide references to the original software creators. Otherwise this smells bad...

    P.S. Wait a minute... Hey, are you stole code from this guy https://github.com/perneky/ppsspp/tree/windows10 and trying to publish it under your name?!
    Hello, I'm bringing a Portable Playstation (PSP) emulator for Windows 10 Mobile today!
    • Only play PSP games
    • The emulator has difficulty with the CPU of the device and the games can rotate locking, this will agree with future updates
    • Available only for Windows 10 Mobile, does not run on PC / Desktop and no Xbox

    Access your blog for more content:

    Siga-me no Twitter: mobile.twitter.com/igordutra2014

    Feedback: [email protected]

    Copy link for download


    • Executes .ios and .iso formats (Playstation Vita Games)

    Install AppxManifest using the Interop tools application.
    Open the interop tools> General> Application> Development Mode> Register Package.
    Browse to the appxmanifest of PPSSPP and install.
    Warning: Never delete the folder that you extracted and extract to the internal memory and place to install in the internal memory. ;)